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10 Roblox Memes That Will Have You Laughing

10 Roblox Memes That Will Have You Laughing Image
  • Posted on 03rd Jul, 2022 16:42 PM

From "Ugh" to "How do I type," Roblox is filled with hilarious memes that you should check out.

p>There are very few games with as much 'memeable' content as Roblox. Over the years, both genuine fans of the game and those playing it as a joke have made more than a few cursed memes with their in-game characters. Roblox memes have become some of the most popular kinds of memes to find and create on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Although several of these memes are considered "cursed," they've become some of the funniest and most beloved forms of media on the internet.

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Roblox memes are the purest form of Gen-Z's online humor, as many of these memes could come off as nonsensical to an older audience. That said, many Roblox memes are just out-of-pocket enough that they could elicit a chuckle from just about anyone who sees them.

11 "If Being Too Handsome Was A Crime..."

A popular trope in Roblox memes is purposefully using bad grammar and spelling mistakes for comedic effect. This meme is certainly no exception, as it depicts a completely nude Roblox character saying; "if being too handsome was a crime, then I am the arrest."

There's something to be said about the confidence of this particular Roblox character. Even though he's completely nude and still donning one of the classic default skins, he still flaunts how handsome he is in this well-put-together Roblox meme.

10 "My Mom Said If I Don't Stop Playing Roblox..."

Gen-Z often makes light of heavy subjects, such as violence and sometimes death, in their memes. This type of "dark" meme culture can be found in all corners of the internet, but it's predominantly seen in the memes made in Roblox.

This particular meme depicts an in-game character laying on the ground with a speech bubble above his head saying; "my mom said if I won't stop playing Roblox she will beat my head in [with] the keyboard." This text bubble is followed by some key-smash, implying that the character has met his fate for not taking a break from Roblox.

9 "Why Everyone Sleeping?"

Another Roblox meme playing on dark humor, this particular meme depicts an all-too-innocent Roblox player happening upon a room full of other players' corpses. He looks around and innocently asks, "why [is] everyone sleeping?"


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It's likely that this meme was created on one of the several mini-games servers that Roblox has to offer. Normally, there are certain servers and mini-games where players are unable to die and lose their items (some of which can be purchased with Robux) on the server. Regardless, let's hope this meme was staged and that this instance wasn't this young player's first brush with death.

8 "I Am Dead"

One of the most widely recognized Roblox memes depicts two bread-shaped characters standing next to each other. One of them is lying face-down on the ground, stating that he "is dead." The other replies in an aloof manner, simply responding with "ok."

The completely unimpressed expression of the bread-shaped character that is standing beside the "dead" one is truly what makes this Roblox meme so memorable to all that see it. Readers can hear the lack of emotion behind seeing that his fellow bread-shaped player has met his fate.

7 "Ugh"

A distinct powerful feeling comes with getting a cool-looking weapon in a game. This is no exception in Roblox, as there are several cool items and weapons that players can collect on different fighting mini-game servers.

This Roblox meme depicts that feeling perfectly, as it shows an in-game character holding up a weapon similar in shape to a bo staff. He holds up the weapon and states, "this is going in someone's neck." However, the character standing next to him seems significantly less enthused about this weapon, as he responds to this statement with a blunt "ugh."

6 "How Do I Type?"

Roblox is marketed as a game for younger audiences, so naturally many of these memes play on the innocence and intelligence of this target audience.

This particular meme depicts a new player, donning one of the default skins, sitting beside a couple of other in-game characters using the same default skin. The new player asks in the chat, "how do I type?" This Roblox meme could make anyone chuckle, as the juxtaposition of this character simultaneously asking and answering his own question is too funny.

5 "Charge, My Army!"

Roleplaying is a practice that's very common in Roblox. There are whole servers that are dedicated to specific types of roleplay, including different fandoms and characters.

This meme depicts a few characters that seem to be engaging in some kind of royal/fantasy roleplay, except all three players are roleplaying as kings/queens. When one of the characters playing the role of royalty commands an army of non-existent players to "charge," it's a bit laughable. Hopefully, more players join this player's roleplay and assume the role of his army, so he'll have players to give commands to instead of speaking out into blank space.

4 "We Had To Put Him Down"

Fortnite and Roblox are both immensely popular games, yet fans of either game will take every chance they can get to make fun of the other. This particular Roblox meme does just that, as it pokes fun at the Fortnite dances that have become infamous in today's media and culture.

It depicts a spaghetti-noodle-looking Roblox character telling another, off-screen, player that their "child was healthy, but he did a Fortnite dance, so he had to be put down." It's almost guaranteed that there's a Fortnite version of this meme made, with fans of the former game poking fun at the infamy of Roblox. Despite this, both games are worth checking out.

3 "Takis Are Seriously Intense"

The meme depicts the titular deuteragonist, Omori, from the multi-ending psychological horror game of the name same as a character in Roblox. He states to the reader, "the pain of my never-ending guilt is intense, but takis are seriously intense."

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The meme almost sounds like an advertisement for Takis (which, honestly, would be pretty effective marketing), but it's simply playing off the intensity of the themes in the horror game and juxtaposing them with the "intensity" of snack foods like Takis.

2 "Despacito"

An image that was floating around the internet around 2017-2018 (around the height of the meme "Despacito") was of this spider-like character in Roblox. The meme depicted a spider-like character with an empty, emotionless smile simply saying the word, "Despacito."

This meme is one of the more nonsensical ones, as those who truly found this meme funny were those who experienced the meme culture of the song Despacito by Luis Fonsi after its release in 2017. That said, it's an interesting image to look at regardless of whether the viewer was around to experience the plethora of "Despacito" memes that circled the internet or not.

1 "Melony"

Word puns are funny to any and all audiences that come across them, and this Roblox meme is certainly no exception. Depicting an in-game character donning a watermelon skin, this Roblox character holds up a gun and prompts the statement, "don't make me commit a melony."

The play on words takes the word "felony" and meshes it with the melon skin that the player has on. This Roblox meme is sure to get a chuckle out of anyone who views it, since the play on words is so unique.


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