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10 Video Game Soundtracks To Study To

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:46 PM

Certain video game soundtracks can be soothing. These OSTs are perfect when looking to get some studying done.

p>Between homework, studying, and class, it can be hard to find time to play video games. But many games have great soundtracks perfect for putting in the background during studying or to get people through tough homework. Whether the songs are relaxing or help people get pumped up, music is something many people turn to when doing work.

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Soundtracks need to not be distracting during schoolwork or other tasks. That's why many people listen to piano covers of their favorite songs while doing things like writing essays. But some scores are better than others when it comes to playing the entire OST.

10 Gris

Gris is a relaxing platform game where a girl named Gris travels through levels that symbolize the stages of grief. The music reflects this, moving from sad songs to more passionate ones. Along with powers associated with her dress, later in the game she finds her voice and can use it in the environment.

The songs from this game don't need piano covers to be relaxing as the majority of the songs are entirely instrumental. Only a few songs have voices and even those have no lyrics to them. Gris is subtle when put in the background of tasks.

Example songs from Gris: "Mae" & "Meridian" & "Descent"

9 The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda franchise spans many games. The plot generally follows the commoner, Link, as he tries to save Princess Zelda from some form of evil. Throughout the games, there are options for more upbeat music during travel or combat as well as relaxing melodies triggered by Link's musical instrument, the ocarina. Legend of Zelda is perfect for people that want a variety of song styles.

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Example songs from The Wind Waker: "Grandma" & "Aryll's Theme"

Example songs from Breath of the Wild: "Korok Forest (Night)" & "Temple of Time"

Example songs from Ocarina of Time: "Great Fairy Fountain" & "Zelda's Lullaby"

8 Unravel

The Unravel games are puzzle platformers where characters made of thread must use their one strand to traverse the world around them. The main character, Yarny, represents the ties that hold loved ones together, and that is represented not only through the visuals of them unraveling, but through the soundtracks as well. As Yarny soars through the trees, so does the music of Unravel.

Example songs from Unravel: "Rusted Apart" & "The Red Thread"

Example songs from Unravel Two: "Hiding from Monsters" & "Grind Down"

7 Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game where players can mine, craft, build, battle, and explore. Different songs accompany the many biomes in the game. In addition, some discs can be found around the world and played using a jukebox.

The music in Minecraft has no lyrics, making it ideal for people that can't read or write with words playing in the background. Some are even nice to fall asleep to depending on the song picked since not all the tracks are mellow.

Example songs from Minecraft: "Wet Hands" & "Sweden" & "Cat"

6 Final Fantasy

With everything from calm instrumentals to beautiful lyrical songs and upbeat battle music, the Final Fantasy games give people a variety of music to fit their mood. The plots vary between games, but the majority are story-based, include cinematic cutscenes, and have turn-based combat.

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There are many Final Fantasy games, which means tons of options for characters and music. This is a soundtrack that does have songs with lyrics and several energetic songs but mixes those throughout with slower and gentler ones.

Example songs from Final Fantasy 9: "You Are Not Alone" & "Loss of Me"

Example songs from Final Fantasy 10: "To Zanarkand" & "Via Purifico"

5 Journey

Journey is an indie adventure game where the character walks and glides through the desert. The story is told through the environment, giving players a very immersive and atmospheric experience. The character sweeps across the landscape and the music swells in time. The Journey soundtrack only has one song with words, and it is the last track on the album.

Example songs from Journey: "Second Confluence" & "Temptations"

4 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D adventure platformer. Players go through a ruined kingdom of insects, battling foes and befriending bugs. The music of Hollow Knight lends itself well to the unique art style. The strings in the orchestra make the game that much more enjoyable.

Some songs fit battles and others fit sections of platforming, but all of them would be an excellent choice while doing homework because of their instrumental nature.

Example songs from Hollow Knight: "Hornet" & "Greenpath"

3 Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing games simulate village life and focus on socializing, exploring, collecting items, and decorating. The majority of the game music comes from a character within Animal Crossing, a dog named K.K. Slider. These songs play within villagers' houses and can also be bought by players to have in their own homes.

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The songs vary widely and cover many genres of music. The songs with words are sung in the jumbled indistinguishable language of the villagers, which allows people to not worry about trying to understand the lyrics.

Example songs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons: "K.K. Chorale" & "Soulful K.K."

2 Ori

The Ori games are platform adventure games based around a small white spirit named Ori. Players must traverse platforms and solve puzzles. It consists of a fully orchestrated score that ebbs and flows with the emotional tale unfolding through the gameplay. Flowing music brings to mind the exotic and colorful landscape even without the visuals, a calming thought if someone may be reviewing for exams.

Example songs from Ori and the Will of the Wisps: "Resolution in Paradise" & "Separated by the Storm"

Example songs from Ori and the Blind Forest: "First Steps Into Sunken Glades" & "Riding the Wind (feat. Rachel Mellis)"

1 Abzu

Abzû is an indie game about a diver going on a beautiful underwater adventure. The music is as vibrant as the colorful levels. As players dive deeper into the ocean, the songs gain depth too. Very few of the tracks have voices or lyrics, making the OST very atmospheric. The soundtrack is ideal for people who want something relaxing to listen to.

Example songs from Abzû: "Elasmosaurus Platyurus" & "Balaenoptera Musculus"

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