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14 Best Fights In The Naruto Series, Ranked

14 Best Fights In The Naruto Series, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:35 PM

The Naruto series is filled with amazing fights. These stand out as the absolute best ones shown throughout its run.

p>There is no denying that Naruto is an epic, action-filled anime series that has been responsible for producing some of the most incredible fights in anime history. Most of the fight scenes in Naruto are excellently directed, which is sufficient to keep the eyes of the fans fixated on the screen.

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There are all types of fights in the series, ranging from intense hand-to-hand combat to fights involving a variety of jutsu. Due to the heterogeneity of the fights, it is extremely difficult to choose a favorite, but some of them are better than the rest.

UPDATED on March 8, 2022, by Suzail Ahmad: In a battle shonen, there is a lot of expectation from the fights that take place in the series, and suffice to say, the fights in Naruto didn't disappoint. There isn't a lack of fights in the series, but not all of them are of the same high quality as there are other factors, which are responsible for accentuating the quality of a fight. We have added four more high-intensity fights to the list.


14 Shikamaru vs Hidan

After witnessing Asuma's death, Shikamaru was in a state of extreme sadness, and it was only due to the efforts of his father that Shikamaru was able to let out his frustrations. Then Shikamaru began to formulate a strategy that would allow him to defeat Hidan and Kakuzu. Shikamaru's plan was extremely cunning and with some help from his teammates, plus Kakashi and Naruto, he managed to separate Hidan and Kakuzu. Hidan was arrogant about his inability to die, so he happily followed Shikamaru, but little did the Akatsuki member know that a fate worse than death awaited him. Shikamaru managed to trap Hidan with his jutsu and used multiple explosive tags to blow up the latter and seal him beneath the ground forever.

13 Rock Lee, Gaara vs Kimimaro

It was interesting to see Rock Lee and Gaara team up to beat Kimimaro especially after Gaara nearly ended Lee's career as a ninja. Nonetheless, the fight between the two parties was immense and despite their numbers, Gaara and Lee were struggling. Kimimaro managed to overwhelm them quite easily. Luckily for the protagonists, Kimimaro's disease was in its final stage, and he died before he could dispose of them.

12 Hashirama vs Madara

They are two of the greatest ever ninjas in history. Hashirama and Madara were responsible for creating the Hidden Leaf and giving another twist to the story of Asura and Indra Otsutsuki. The final battle between the two Hidden Leaf ninjas is an all-time epic, and it resulted in Madara's "death." It took place at the Valley of End, which also served as the battleground for Naruto and Sasuke's final fight.

11 Obito vs Minato

Rin's death completely changed Obito. The once kind boy, who would help the elderly turned into a monster, who caused the deaths of thousands of people. Obito returned to the Hidden Leaf to unleash the Nine-Tails, however, his plan was foiled by Minato. The Hokage stopped Obito in his tracks with a powerful Rasengan, and then he sacrificed himself to stop the Nine-Tails' rampage.

10 Madara vs the Five Kage

After breaking free from Kabuto's command, Madara was free to do whatever he pleased. The Five Kage intervened and tried to stop Madara from wreaking further havoc. The legendary Uchiha decided to use this moment to test his power.

He made several clones of himself and armed them with the susanoo. The Five Kage struggled to deal with Madara's clones and they would have died if not for Tsunade. The disparity in power was astounding and left the fans bamboozled.


9 Team 7 vs Zabuza and Haku

The first real mission of Team 7 was in the Land of Waves. Tazuna lied to them about the severity of the mission and endangered their lives. It wasn't until later that Kakashi realized that the mission was extremely difficult.

Team 7 had to face Zabuza and Haku, who were working for Gato. After a fierce battle, Haku sacrificed himself to save Zabuza from Kakashi's Chidori. The sacrifice wasn't enough to move the apathetic Zabuza, however, when Naruto began to speak about how much Haku cared for Zabuza, the Demon of the Mist broke down.

8 Shikamaru vs Temari

It is one of the most iconic fights in the Naruto series. The fight took place in the Chunin Exams. It was a must-win fight for both Shikamaru and Temari. Temari had the upper hand for the majority of the fight, and it seemed that she was destined to win it.

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However, Shikamaru had other plans. He formulated a brilliant strategy and made his opponent believe that she was in control. When she was finally within his range, Shikamaru trapped her with his shadow release.

7 Jiraiya vs Six Paths of Pain

Jiraiya infiltrated the Hidden Rain to gain more intel about the country's ruler. He was flabbergasted after he found out the truth behind the leader of the Akatsuki.

Jiraiya fought the Six Paths of Pain without any prior information, and as he fought his former student, Jiraiya went through a rollercoaster of emotions. The fight ended with Jiraiya sacrificing himself in order to provide information to the Hidden Leaf and uphold his reputation to his student, Naruto.

6 Itachi vs Sasuke

For a long time, Itachi's reputation remained that of a bad guy. He killed his parents, clan members, and tortured his little brother. Sasuke spent all his life detesting Itachi and he had only one goal mind, which was to kill his older brother at any cost.

The fight between the two Sharingan masters held a lot of significance; emotions were running high. Once Itachi used his Susanoo, it was clear that Sasuke would lose, but it paved way for one of the biggest plot twists. Instead of taking Sasuke's eyes, Itachi poked him once again on his forehead. The incident left Sasuke perplexed and with a lot of questions.

5 Rock Lee vs Gaara

In the Chunin Exam, Rock Lee was facing an uphill task of beating Gaara, who was the favorite for winning. At the beginning of the fight, Gaara was undaunted by Lee's continuous attacking, however, things rapidly changed when the latter dropped his ankle weights.

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The change in plan allowed Lee to completely dominate Gaara. Gaara's sand couldn't keep up with Lee's pace, and it seemed that the prodigy from the Hidden Sand would be going back. However, Gaara managed to save his skin by cushioning the impact from Lee's Reverse Lotus. Then he crushed Lee's left arm and leg. After seeing Lee's dire condition, the match was stopped and Gaara was declared the winner.

4 Naruto vs Pain

Naruto vs Pain carries a lot of emotional weight as it involves two of Jiraiya's students fighting for their respective ideals. It was more than a clash of fists, it was a clash of philosophies, and it was Jiraiya's past vs present.

The level of animation in this fight was outstanding, and it's among the best-animated fights in the series. Naruto's entry atop the toad remains an iconic scene even after several years.

3 Obito vs Kakashi

The entire Naruto community was shocked when it was revealed that the Masked Man was none other than Obito Uchiha. The revelation left Kakashi stupified as he realized that his best friend was responsible for starting the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Obito vs Kakashi was a simple yet extremely engrossing fight. It has taijutsu of the highest level as the two fighters tried to get the better of each other constantly.

2 Madara vs Might Guy

When Madara emerged as the Ten-Tails jinchuriki, the Shinobi Alliance lost all hope. With his ridiculous chakra reserves, he easily managed to overwhelm both Naruto and Sasuke. In this time of peril, Might Guy stepped up and took the center stage.

He opened the eighth and final gate of Death, which granted him a temporary power boost. Madara struggled to deal with Guy's power and he would have died if not for his incredible healing techniques.

1 Sasuke vs Naruto

Naruto vs Sasuke was the perfect way of bringing the series to a close. It is by far the best fight in the series. The animation is on an entirely different level in comparison to the other fights.

Naruto had to defeat Sasuke to bring the latter back to his senses. Naruto was holding back for the entirety of the fight, but Sasuke was out for blood. The fight ended with Naruto and Sasuke using their signature attacks and blowing off each other's arms.

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