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15 Best Romance Manga That Have No Anime

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:15 AM

There are many fantastic romance anime, but there are plenty of romance manga with no adaptation.

p>The romance genre is vast and has been a part of a lot of shows. From popular titles like Yona of the Dawn, Maid Sama!, and Kamisama Kiss to smaller hits like Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku and The Duke of Death and His Maid. Romance just adds a little something to the story and the characters.

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While there is plenty of romance anime shows to watch, there is even more manga that has yet to receive an adaptation. Some have had live-action adaptations or stage plays, but for some reason, they still haven't received their time as an anime show. Even if the day never comes for them, readers might find some of these mangas entertaining to read.

Updated April 6, 2022 by Sarah Prado: There is plenty of romance manga that are coming out with anime adaptations, but there is still some manga that hasn't gotten one yet. It’s understandable that not all manga can have an anime show, but there are some popular titles that deserve one. Most of these titles are pretty well-known in the romance genre and range from being dramatic to comedic.

They would be great to watch as a show since they have more than enough great material to work with. While most take place in a school setting, there are a few that take place in more grown-up settings that would be great for older viewers to watch.

15 Hana Kimi

This manga is about a girl named Mizuki Ashiya who disguises herself as a boy to attend an all-boys school to be closer to Izumi Sano. He’s a high jumper that Mizuki would watch on TV until he stopped for personal reasons. Mizuki plans to get closer to Sano and encourage him to high jump again. From here, it's hilarious shenanigans and encounters with other classmates that she must survive. Mizuki finds out very quickly just how tough living as the lone female in a male-dominated world is.

This manga has had plenty of live-action adaptations, but it has yet to receive an anime adaptation. With 23 volumes, there is a lot of material to work with that the live-action shows couldn’t do. While the buildup between Sano and Mizuki is slow and steady, the interactions and side stories of the supporting characters make this manga a great and hilarious read.

14 Sweat And Soap

Asako Yaeshima is a woman who works at her favorite toiletry company. She suffers from excess sweat and body odor (because of the sweat) and the company’s products are the only things that help her control it. One day, Kotaro Natori, the company’s lead product developer, catches her scent and tells her he loves it. He asks if he can sniff her since it gives him inspiration. She nervously agrees to it and the two of them begin a relationship that starts off weird but becomes very sweet.

The title might sound a bit strange, but readers shouldn’t let that stop them from trying out this manga. Despite the odd start, Yaeshima and Natori develop a pretty healthy relationship. They talk their problems out like mature adults, aren’t toxic, and are very loving towards one another. It would be nice to see a relationship like this come to life with an anime adaptation.

13 Waiting For Spring

Waiting for Spring is about a shy girl named Mitsuki Haruno. She just started high school and is having a hard time making friends, but is still determined to do just that. Mitsuki ends up forming a friendship with the four most popular boys in the school when they visit her at her job.

Mitsuki develops feelings for Towa, but he’s not allowed to date due to being a part of the basketball team. To make matters a little more complicated, Mitsuki’s childhood friend Aya returns and Towa has had feelings for her for years.

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This manga is a sweet read that is reminiscent of Kimi ni Todoke and Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers. With a perfect blend of romance, drama, and the reverse-harem trope, this manga has a lot going for it. Waiting for Spring has a really great story and characters that would be perfect for an anime.

12 Perfect World

This manga is about a 26-year-old woman named Tsugumi Kawana who reunites with her high school crush Itsuki Ayukawa. Her feelings for him are still there, but there is something she must be willing to accept: he’s disabled and has to get around in a wheelchair. It’s not going to be easy, but Tsugumi and Itsuki work through the challenges that come up in their relationship. From helping him with everyday things that most people don’t think about to discussing heavy subjects, Tsugumi has to figure out how to make things work as smoothly as possible if she wants to keep Itsuki in her life.

It’s not every day that there are disabled characters in manga or anime. Perfect World tackles the real-life issues head-on and doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges that Itsuki and Tsugumi face. Making an anime adaptation to this would not only be great, but it would be a progressive move for the industry.

11 Lovesick Ellie

Eriko Ichimura is a high school girl that isn’t popular at all among her classmates. However, thanks to Twitter, she is known as “Lovesick Ellie” a girl who shares her daily fantasies on Twitter, mostly revolving around Akira “Ohmi-kun” Ohmi. Things turn upside down for her when she witnesses Ohmi-kun’s true self, which is the complete opposite of her fantasy. Plus, Ohmi-kun finds her phone and discovers her Twitter account.

Lovesick Ellie is a strange love story, but an entertaining one nonetheless. The manga doesn’t have too much drama and overall keeps things between the two characters pretty lighthearted. It’s more a rom-com read and would be pretty entertaining if it were to ever get an anime adaptation.

10 An Incurable Case Of Love

If readers are looking for a little medical drama, this manga might be it. An Incurable Case of Love is about Nanase Sakura, a young woman who became a nurse after seeing a young and handsome doctor save someone’s life. By chance, she works at the same hospital as him, but it turns out he’s less than charming. However, Nanase doesn’t let this stop her from doing her job and genuinely loves being a nurse to her patients.

There are not many anime or manga that take place in a hospital, so this changes up the setting a little. An Incurable Case of Love has some typical romance tropes like the “demon-king” male lead being harsh to the female lead to hide his feelings, but it's a fantastic read. It has a live-action version, but it hasn’t received an anime yet. An adaptation would offer a nice change from the typical high school setting.

9 Love In Focus

After losing someone dear to her, Mako decides to attend a high school and live in its dormitory which was recommended by her childhood friend Kei. As she has a passion for photography, Mako joins the school's prestigious photography club where she meets a boy who hates having his picture taken. A love triangle forms and a short but sweet story plays out.

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Love In Focus only has three volumes but it has quality over quantity. The chances of this story being made into anime are low, but the manga could also be expanded.

8 Living Room Matsunaga-San

Miko Sonoda is a high school student who has to live with her uncle at a boarding house. She finds herself falling for Matsunaga, a hot-tempered designer. The two of them have a very rocky start and it seems like Miko’s living situation might be very uncomfortable. However, as time goes on, the two of them get closer and a romance starts to blossom.

The manga just wrapped up this year, so an anime adaptation could be just on the horizon. It’s a small chance of it happening, but if anyone is looking for an endearing romance manga to read, this one is worth checking out.

7 Honey So Sweet

This sweet manga teaches not to judge a book by its cover. High schooler Nao Kogure is asked out by Taiga Onise. Sounds simple, but she says "yes" mostly because she’s scared of him thanks to his looks. However, she quickly finds out that Onise is actually a very kind boy who is not at all what she first thought. Despite his tough exterior, Onise is very kind to others, formal to his teachers and elders, and only fights when he is left with no other choice.

The two of them start off as friends and slowly build a loving relationship while befriending other students along the way and helping them with their issues.

6 Honnou Switch

After her boyfriend of two and a half years ends their relationship, Koyori Hoshi is heartbroken and feels miserable from it. While out with her childhood friend Hijiri Akiyama, she vents to him and drinks a little too much. The next morning, they wake up next to each other and Koyori has to question if this is a rebound or the real thing.

The two of them agree to start a relationship, but it has its awkward moments after being platonic for so long. With only eight volumes, there is enough material to work with. If it’s ever made into anime, it could even be expanded and add on to the story.

5 House Of The Sun

As a child, Mao Motomiya would go to the Nakamura home for sanctuary while her parents more or less neglected her. However, after Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura pass away, her sanctuary with them is taken away. Now a teen in high school, Mao’s parents have divorced, her father has remarried, and is neglected. When Hiro Nakamura moves back home, he offers her sanctuary much like his parents did until Mao and her father make up. Mao agrees and helps make the home a home again so Hiro’s siblings will return and live with them. While this is happening, a relationship blooms between Hiro and Mao.

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This manga was a pretty well-known one back in the 2010s, but it might’ve fallen under the radar because of more popular titles like Kiss Him, Not Me!, Ao Haru Ride, and Wolf Girl and Black Prince. It deals with some heavy topics like child neglect, children dealing with parents’ divorce and losing them at a rather early age, and growing up in high school. The closest to an adaptation House of the Sun has is a CD drama, but it would be great to see this come to life on a TV screen.

4 Cheeky Brat

Yuki Machida is a second-year high school student who is the manager of the boy's basketball team. She is usually cool-headed and hides her true emotions, which she learned so she can take care of her five younger siblings. After the welcoming ceremony, she meets Sho Naruse, a male student who is in the grade below her. He usually makes suggestive comments to test her patience and tease her. After learning that Yuki has feelings for the basketball captain (who recently got a girlfriend), Sho becomes her support whenever she gets upset and feelings grow between the two of them.

This manga had a short live-action movie that was released back in 2018 to promote the 12th volume, but no other adaptations have happened. However, it just ended in 2021 so an anime could happen in the future, but nothing has been announced as of right now.

3 Black Bird

Ever since she was born, Misao Harada has been able to see demons. She grew up having only one friend, a boy named Kyou Usui. Despite her ability to see demons, the demons themselves were harmless until she turned sixteen. Once she did, the demons started attacking her and would possess her classmates to do so. Kyou rescues her from this and reveals his demon heritage along with a prophecy in which Misao is at the center.

If fans of Vampire Knight are looking for something similar to it, this manga is a good read and pretty close to it. Black Bird does have a CD drama, a light novel, and a stage play, but it has yet to receive an anime adaptation. It was released back in the mid-2000s and finished in the early 2010s during the time when vampire romance was top-tier. Though vampires aren’t as popular as they were back then, this manga has a good story that would be great to see on-screen.

2 Love So Life

High school student Shiharu Nakamura works at a daycare school and is particularly attached to twins Aoi and Akane Matsunaga. They live with their uncle Seiji, who has custody of them after their father abandoned them after their mother’s death. Seeing how attached his niece and nephew are to Shiharu, he hires her as a personal babysitter since he’s usually busy with work, which has unpredictable hours.

This manga handles the potential romance between Shiharu and Seiji a little differently with both of them. They decide to wait until Shiharu is older and graduates before deciding to pursue a relationship. It is a pretty popular manga that also has a sequel series called Life So Happy, which follows the twins. Despite plenty of great material to work with, the only thing Love So Life has is a CD drama.

1 Dengeki Daisy

Teru Kurebayashi is left with a cellphone given to her by her brother after he dies. All she knows about it is that it has the address of a mysterious man named “Daisy.” Daisy sends her messages of encouragement while Teru navigates through life by herself. She comes to rely on Daisy for support. After she accidentally breaks a window, she is forced to work for the school janitor, Tasuku Kurosaki. Their relationship starts a little rocky, but they form a friendship and both of them start getting feelings for each other. However, Tasuku is more than just a grumpy janitor and knew her brother before his death.

Dengeki Daisy was one of the most popular manga in the late 2000s to early 2010s. Even now, it’s one of the best romance manga and somehow it still doesn’t have an anime adaptation. It doesn’t have any adaptation of any kind which has left fans frustrated and wondering why not. It has a great story and characters that would be amazing to watch come to life on the screen. All fans can do at this point is cross their fingers and hope it’ll come to life on-screen one day.

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