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17 Scary Horror Games You Can Play On Roblox (For Free)

17 Scary Horror Games You Can Play On Roblox (For Free) Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 21:45 PM

A fantastic creation tool, Roblox's library is packed with awesome free-to-play games. What are some of the best horror titles on the service?

p>The Roblox online platform has taken creative gaming by storm. Players can enjoy a seemingly endless variety of games and also create anything if they want to. It also has great potential for multiplayer gaming with new or old friends all around the world.

Millions of people are exploring the world of Roblox that offers all sorts of game types from simulators, to combat, adorable animal games, and much more. It also has a variety of horror and thriller games that are highly trending right now, being one of the most common types of games as creators are experimenting with the effects of the perfect scare.

Updated February 28, 2022 by Mark Sammut: Roblox's library is constantly growing; at this point, there are probably thousands of games available on the platform. Naturally, these titles are not all born equal, and there are certainly some releases that are more memorable than others. Horror is one of the most oversaturated genres on Roblox, but it is also one of the better fits for the service. If executed well, all a horror game needs is a touch of atmosphere, a haunting villain, and a vulnerable protagonist. A few more of the scariest horror games on Roblox have been added to this article.

17 Kampong

Kampong is in many ways a prototypical Roblox horror game. The experience drops players in a creepy area, gives them something akin to a flashlight, and politely asks them to roam around looking for clues while avoiding creatures determined to trigger a jump scare or two. As basic of an experience as this is, there is a reason this formula has proven so successful: it is perfect for short play sessions.

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Kampong does not re-invent the wheel, but it does represent this style of horror well. The setting is sparse but unsettling, while the Jinn are frightening and used sparingly enough so they do not lose their fear factor quickly. If someone new to Roblox wants to test whether the platform's standard horror game is for them, Kampong is a solid pick.

16 3008

Not every horror game needs to be overwhelmingly scary, sometimes, they can just be fun and creative. Inspired by SCP-3008, this Roblox game drops players into a massive furniture store that resembles IKEA. At first glance, things might seem ordinary enough, but in reality, players are trapped within this neverending store. Along with building bases, survival entails withstanding the threat imposed by SCP-3008-2, Employees who come out at night or when it happens to be a foggy day.

A popular multiplayer game with a dedicated fan base, 3008 showcases Roblox's versatility along with the imagination of its creators.

15 Dead Silence

Advertising itself as the "scariest game on Roblox," Dead Silence presents a surprisingly convincing case that this claim is justified. Played from a first-person perspective, Dead Silence has a rather cinematic feel to it as the game makes great use of lighting and misdirection. Starting in the sewers, players investigate what appears to be a cultist ritual, leading them on a surreal trip that frequently introduces new locations.

Dead Silence seems to take inspiration from games like Amnesia as a lot of its scares blossom from its willingness to challenge the player's perception of reality. Dead Silence does generally follow a linear path, so it does not have as much replay value as some other horror games on Roblox; that said, it is a tense ride while it lasts.

14 The Asylum

Creepy from its first frame, The Ayslum is split into two chapters and utilizes many tried and tested mechanics synonymous with horror games. For one, players are not provided much information beyond a recommendation to explore the Asylum (in chapter 1) and the occasional hint of what an immediate objective could be.

The Asylum is also a pretty attractive game, one that makes effective use of dim lighting and shadows to create an eerie atmosphere. Although only lightly sprinkled throughout the experience, the story does well to complement the gameplay.

13 Geisha

A significant portion of the horror games on Roblox revolve around exploring spooky houses while waiting for jump scares. It is a tried and tested formula, but due to the sheer volume of games that stick to this basic blueprint, a release has to be of extra high quality to stand out. Geisha is one such game.

Set in a beautiful but also unsettling Japanese home, the player explores their surroundings while trying to stay out of reach of the Geisha, a terrifying entity that roams the house. This horror game has decent puzzles, effective sound design, and a number of memorable scares.

12 Scary Elevator!

Scary Elevator! almost feels like a celebration of everything horror. After spawning in a lobby, players are directed to enter an elevator that will randomly lead them to one of the dozens of floors in the game, each of which comes with a unique aesthetic and threat.

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The goal is to outlast other players, collecting coins while avoiding whatever menace or jump scare happens to be haunting the floor. Like most Roblox games, Scary Elevator! is perfect for a quick session, as it doesn't waste any time to get to the fun scares and movie references.

11 School History

If anyone is afraid of the dark, they should steer clear of this game...or not. School History counts on players' fear of the dark, as they explore an old, abandoned school with nothing other than a dim candle.

Darkness becomes the companion and enemy of the player, and as they progress deeper into the school, they discover some hidden gory secrets about the past. The only upside is that it's a multiplayer game, so they mostly don't have to go it alone.

10 The Apartment

In this really creepy game, players have one goal only: get to room 705. The contents of this room are the only mystery in the game, but starting on the ground floor, players have a long journey ahead of them. And each of the floors players need to get through has some creepy surprise waiting for them, and the further someone gets, the scarier the game becomes.

Each player has to get to the seventh floor, to discover one of the two endings awaiting. After playing this truly unsettling game, players will wonder which is the better: the good, or the bad ending?

9 Piggy

Piggy is like Among Us, but with a twist. One traitor is chosen, and they're paired with a computer-controlled pig.

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When an innocent player is killed, they too turn into a pig, and when every player is transformed, the traitor wins the game. It's a great game to play with friends, relying on the ability to read the other players and communicate with the survivors.

8 The True Backrooms

In this ordinary-looking place, players must rely on their flashlights to navigate through the darkness where evil lurks. The True Backrooms will give people the creeps because of its simple horror style. The mission is to escape the building and get out alive, but only a few can manage to achieve this goal.

The ground in which the game takes place is enormous, so escaping will not be easy, and each of the four stages introduces a new being to defeat.

7 Finders Keepers

Another haunted house horror game, Finders Keepers does not do anything particularly original, but it offers a short and intense experience with solid production values for a Roblox release. A paranormal investigator becomes stuck in a house that is home to an evil presence. Along with trying to figure out what happened to the inhabitants of this house, players must discover a few disks to make their way out of dodge.

Finders Keepers gets straight to the point, delivering crowd-pleasing scares and a chilling atmosphere. Even if this game does blend a bit in with some other stuff on Roblox, Finders Keepers is still a good time.

6 Light Bulb: Reillumination

Light Bulb: Reillumitation is a remake of the Roblox game Light Bulb, and reintroduces the main antagonist, The Seeker. The perspective in which the game is designed is totally unique to Roblox, making this game a true experience.

The Seeker kidnaps two (known) people, the Hider (who's the main player), and the Phone Caller (his real name isn't mentioned), and they are forced to play the chilling game of "Hide & Seek" with The Seeker. If they win, they escape. If they don't, they'll die in the facility. It's a low-light game, with some jump scares along the way, so players should prepare for the worse.

5 Horror Elevator

Horror Elevator is one of the most creative horror games on the platform. Players enter an elevator, and on each floor, they face new challenges and monsters.

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It's definitely one of the scarier games, where players sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what comes next. For those who are looking for a chilling night, they should try this horror game.

4 It Lurks

It Lurks and They Lurk introduce a lot of characters and monsters. This single-player horror game has six chapters, and an extra chapter that can be unlocked after playing the first six.

It Lurks features a series of nightmares that players must escape in order to live and win the game. The game starts out quite normal, but after the player wakes up and realizes that their family is nowhere to be found, things go downhill fast. Buckle up for some jump scares, and navigate through this nightmare.

3 The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel is an exciting game where players explore just that: a haunted hotel. Arguably the creepiest thing the horror genre can use.

Although this game has its best effect on first-timers, players who are intrigued by the thrill of the subject should definitely try it with some friends. But maybe while it's still sunny outside.

2 Nightmare Mines

Imagine the mix of Minecraft with COD Nazi Zombies. In this horror-survival game, players are trapped in a mine with zombies after them in every corner.

Perfect for a chilling night with friends, this game can host up to eight players at a time, as they try to escape the hell that is Nightmare Mines. While the game is relatively old as it launched in 2010, Nightmare Mines is still a lot of fun to play more than a decade later.

1 The Mirror

This single-player horror game doesn't disappoint. The Mirror will certainly leave a mark on any player, as it is truly an unforgettable horror experience.

Full of creepy sounds and grotesque images, players have to solve an obstacle course by looking at only their own reflection and finding clues in the mirror. For those who already have a tough relationship with the sometimes creepy nature of mirrors, this game will definitely keep them on the edge of their seats.

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