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5 Actresses Who Could Play Thor's Enchantress In The MCU

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:55 PM

If the rumored Enchantress makes it to MCU screens, these actresses could bring Amora to life.

p>Because the Marvel Cinematic Universe employs so much secrecy when filming its projects, rumors tend to run rampant about just what (or who) will be involved in future projects. Sometimes, those rumors turn out to be pretty accurate, as is the case for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Other times, the rumors are pure speculation that go nowhere, which was true for a lot of the rumors that persisted about Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

One of the rumors that has cropped up is that the Enchantress, or Amora, was set to be the villain in Thor: Ragnarok, but with DC's Enchantress as Suicide Squad’s villain, Marvel decided on Hela instead. While Thor: Love And Thunder continues its long process of filming, the rumor of Amora being on her way to the MCU has resurfaced with her being floated as one of the characters in the upcoming movie.

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Amora is an Asgardian who made her comic book debut in 1964 (created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) when Thor’s stories were still part of the Journey Into Mystery anthology series instead of released as a solo title. Initially, Amora was employed to get rid of Thor’s “human distraction” of Jane Foster, but she intended to seduce him. That method became par for the course in Amora getting her way. She was a trained sorceress, but once banished, she seduced more powerful magic users to learn their skills, which slowly made her one of the most powerful magic users in all of Asgard. Whether the rumors of her introduction to the MCU during Thor: Love And Thunder are true, as magic becomes a larger part of the MCU with Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, Amora would certainly be a fun villain for either of them to go up against now that New Asgard is on Earth, and these actresses would really sink their teeth into the role.

Natalie Dormer

Fans have been fan-casting Natalie Dormer into MCU roles since the MCU formed. That’s largely because she’s so talented, and has been underutilized in roles like that in Game Of Thrones. She was a fan favorite for the role of Captain Marvel, much like Katee Sakchoff was, before Brie Larson was cast. Dormer has, technically, already appeared in the MCU once before. She played one of the few female members of the army that Steve Rogers crosses paths with in Captain America: The First Avenger. There, she even attempts to gain his attention, briefly making Peggy Carter jealous.

That role could easily be retconned to demonstrate that Asgardians have been present on Earth for much longer than Thor’s trip to the planet in his first movie would indicate. After all, Amora used many aliases during her own trips to Earth in the comics and joined several teams of villains to battle the Avengers. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for her to have been on Earth during World War I. Norse and Asgardian mythology are heavily intertwined, so Amora could have taken advantage of that and lived on Earth for a long time. Perhaps the next Thor movie could show the audience just that.

Thandiwe Newton

There seems to be no role that Thandiwe Newton can’t play. She’s had a huge variety of projects in her career, from science fiction to comedy, and played nearly every role imaginable. She rarely, however, takes on the role of the villain. Newton also hasn’t been a player in major franchises, other than her turn in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which really underserved her massive talent. Westworld has more recently allowed her to shine.

Newton could easily flip from a cold and calculating Amora to a more playful one. The only downside to this bit of fantasy casting is that she does have several projects on the way, including a commitment to Westworld, which might make it more difficult for her to take on a large Marvel project.

Jodie Turner-Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith has been steadily working in Hollywood projects for the last decade, but it wasn’t until her turn in Queen & Slim opposite Daniel Kaluuya that audiences really stood up and took notice. The movie has opened doors to a lot of other projects for her, including being cast as the titular Anne Boleyn for a 2021 miniseries.

Smith, like Newton and Dormer, is an incredibly versatile actress who has taken on project after project without always getting her due. Also like Newton, however, she’s got a slew of projects on the way, including a television series, which might make signing a large Marvel contract more difficult.

Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley has been steadily working in UK productions for the last few years, but thanks to the success of Netflix series like Sex Education and Bridgerton, she’s getting a lot more worldwide attention from an audience. Ashley recently turned heads as Kate Sharma in the second season of Bridgerton.

She showcases a range of skill in the series as someone who can appear aloof, even cold, while still playing completely charming and passionate in the next moment. Her ability to quickly flip emotions like that would certainly serve a villain like Amora well, and it would be a huge boost to her resume to have a Marvel movie or two.

Elena Satine

Elena Satine has her fair share of experience playing comic book characters. She appeared as Mera in an episode of Smallville, brought Dreamer to life for The Gifted, work shopped Mary Jane in the planned Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, and played Lorelei for an episode of Agents of SHIELD. Lorelei is actually the younger sister of Amora in the comics.

If the MCU continuity ever decides to acknowledge Agents Of SHIELD as part of its primary timeline, however, Satine’s Lorelei could simply be the MCU’s version of the Enchantress. The power set employed by the character for the series was limited to her being able to manipulate men to do her bidding, but it could always be expanded if Satine was given another shot at playing the character. Her episode ended with Lorelei being taken back to Asgard by Lady Sif to see what Odin would do as punishment for a woman looking to rule Earth, but at the time, Loki was actually masquerading as Odin in the story’s continuity. With Asgard destroyed, it would certainly be interesting to revisit the character.

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