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5 Sci-Fi Games You Might Not Know Have A Show Or Movie

5 Sci-Fi Games You Might Not Know Have A Show Or Movie Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:15 PM

Science fiction games are incredibly popular. So much so that the franchises are expanding the story through movies or television series.

p>The science fiction genre has given fans amazing worlds and adventures using several mediums throughout the years and has even taken on pieces of work and created something similar in another medium. Games are no exception. Sci-fi is one of the largest genres of video games and has told many stories, yet some have been made into a movie or show to create an even more immersive and developed storyline.

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On the big screen, familiar stories like The Witcher and Star Wars can dive deeper into certain characters and highlight certain areas of the game that players might have missed out on. But unlike the familiar games mentioned, what are some games that have an associated show or movie that fans might not know about?

5 Halo

There are now two shows that have been made in Halos honor. The first was a series made by Roosterteeth in 2003 called Red vs. Blue, where fans watch two teams try to kill each other while sharing hilarious dialogue that even those who haven’t played the game can enjoy.

And now, more recently, there has been a new series joining the ranks. March 2022 was the premiere of a $200m show, Halo, starring Pablo Schrieber as Master Chief. After two years of Covid holding the show back, it has finally been aired to the public. And so far the episodes are meeting fans' standards.

4 The Last of Us

It may come as no surprise to some that this franchise is receiving its own TV show. The Last of Us took the internet by storm from the first game and gave fans a great sequel with Part Two. HBO is taking some of Game of Thrones actors and placing them in this live adaptation of the show, which fans are excitedly waiting for.

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The show is set to premiere in 2023, which may be a long wait, but it should be worth it to watch this amazing ‘father and daughter’ duo come together again.

3 Assassin's Creed

Fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise might have been aware that there was a movie back in 2016, however, it did not represent the games like fans imagined it would. It came out with poor ratings and most of the fans either opted out of seeing it, or wished they never did.

That being said, while Assassin’s Creed has a bad history of putting their game on the big screen, Netflix has announced that they will be making a live-action series based on the game. While fans are speculating if this live-action series will be tied with the film in any way, it is still exciting to see a possible redemption for this amazing gaming franchise.

2 Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a well-known title in both the gaming and movie franchise. With over 20 games and seven movies, the franchise has spread its story to many platforms. However, for the fans who still can’t get enough of this science fiction horror, Netflix has announced a premier date for the Resident Evil live-action series.

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Coming the summer of 2022, fans will be able to experience the story of Jade Wesker. The show will go between two different timelines of her life, back when she was young, and in the future where the world is overrun by zombies. And if this wasn’t enough for the fans, there is also an animated series that is available on Netflix as well.

1 Fallout

There can never be enough post-apocalyptic series on television. And Fallout would make a perfect addition to the category. Thankfully, there is a TV series in the works to put Fallout’s gruesome world into peoples homes.

The creators of Westworld have taken the job of recreating one of Bethesda’s popular titles for Amazon. While there is very little information out now about the series, and no targeted timeframe on when it will be ready, this is an exciting series that all Fallout fans should watch out for.

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