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7 Gaming Clowns That Are Not Evil

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 23:15 PM

From Sweet Tooth to Kefka, there have been plenty of evil video game clowns over the years, but that's not to say that all clowns in gaming are bad.

p>Fear of clowns is a pretty common thing, and video games have done little to alleviate this. Between Sweet Tooth of Twisted Metal, the clown zombies of Left 4 Dead, and the Joker in the Batman: Arkham series, there has been no shortage of evil clowns across the video game landscape.

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However, there are good clowns out there too. The profession has always been about bringing joy and humor into people's lives, and this has been reflected through a fair few clowns in gaming. They may be hard to find, but good video game clowns are out there if one looks hard enough.

7 Sylvando Of Dragon Quest Is A Man Who Genuinely Loves Entertaining

Sylvando is a playable character from Dragon Quest XI. He is a Luminary (generally meaning a support character) who joins the party after they defeat the Slayer of Sands in Gallopolis. He is still wary of them at this point, but he believes that they have good intentions.

Sylvando is a performer through and through. He participated in a circus in Gallopolis before joining the hero's party, and he entertains others as an act of generosity. He wants to bring joy to those around him, and giving them entertainment is the best way he can think to do so.

6 Mr. Do Is A Forgotten Gaming Icon From The 1980s

Mr. Do! is a Dig Dug-inspired arcade maze game published by Taito and Universal Entertainment. It has the interesting honor of being the first arcade game sold as a conversion kit that can be installed into existing arcade machines. The protagonist of these games, Mr. Do, is a circus clown who is searching for cherries underground while being chased by creatures called Creeps.

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All Mr. Do wants is the cherries and to stop being chased by Creeps, and he doesn't have a malicious bone in his body (except for Creeps). This character was featured in Mr. Do!, Mr. Do's Castle, Mr. Do's Wild Ride, and Do! Run Run. He never received much love from the 1990s onward, which is likely due to the 1983 gaming crash.

5 Lola Pop Is The Most Endearing Fighter In ARMS

Lola Pop is one of the fighters in the ARMS game by Nintendo. She is a traveling clown who aims to win the ARMS tournament to get the money to start her own circus in the city. She is an overall good-natured and cheery person; she just so happens to also be a fighter.

Lola Pop doesn't fight out of anger or any evil intent. For her, it's just a sport and a means to an end to getting her very own circus off the ground. Though her fists can be quite frightening, she herself is anything but.

4 NiGHTS Is A Trickster Who Went Against The Evil For Which They Were Created

Many gamers know the character of NiGHTS (aka Nights) from their cameo appearances in Sonic games. Nights is a Nightmaren trickster who was created to serve the evil will of Wizeman the Wicked. Instead, Nights steals dreams for fun and defends people from Wizeman.

All of that said, Nights still likes to play tricks on others and doesn't seem to have a very strong moral code. Nights enjoys toying with others, but Nights also recognizes that Wizeman and his Nightmarens are evil. As a result, Nights fights back against them.

3 Mr. Mime And His Evolutionary Tree Isn't Innately Evil

Mr. Mime is a Psychic and Fairy-Type Pokemon that was introduced as a part of Generation I. Since then, Mr. Mime has received a baby form called Mime Jr., and it has been given an Ice and Psychic-Type Galarian Form which evolves into Mr. Rime.

Mr. Mime, despite being somewhat unsettling to look at, isn't an innately malicious Pokemon. In the anime, Ash's mom has a Mr. Mime that helps her around the house and later joins Ash's battle party. Mr. Mime, Mime Jr., and Mr. Rime all seem to be fun-loving if somewhat mischievous Pokemon and have no intention of harming others.

2 Harley Quinn Has Turned Things Around In More Recent Years

Harley Quinn is known as the Joker's partner who partakes in many of his violent schemes. However, recent years have found Harley Quinn taking a new perspective on life. She has been press-ganged into serving on the Suicide Squad and found love with fellow Gotham City rogue, Poison Ivy.

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She was uniformly a villainous figure in the Batman: Arkham series, but Injustice: Gods Among Us showed Harley fighting on the side of the angels. She helps Batman and the Insurgency to fight back against Superman's Regime. While she still longs for the Joker to return, she is still able to recognize that the Clown Prince was a cruel and evil man.

1 Dropsy The Clown Is A Tragic Figure Looking For Love And Friendship

Dropsy the Clown is a fairly new character and stars in the self-titled Dropsy game. The game was developed by A Jolly Corpse and published by Devolver Digital. Funnily enough, Dropsy got its start on Something Awful and developed into a fully-fleshed-out video game over time.

Dropsy is a point-and-click adventure game about Dropsy the Clown in the aftermath of their circus burning down. Dropsy is blamed, but they intend to clear their name. Dropsy is quite terrifying to look at. However, over time, Dropsy makes friends and learns of the importance of human connection. Dropsy still seeks to bring joy to others, even if their circus is now gone. The game is overall quite surreal, but there is a kind heart inside it that makes you come to love Dropsy.

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