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8 Unresolved Mysteries & Plot Holes Left Hanging In The Lost City

8 Unresolved Mysteries & Plot Holes Left Hanging In The Lost City Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:55 PM

Not everything makes sense in The Lost City, although it is all in good fun.

p>The Lost City is all about the journey. Does it make sense? A vast majority of the plot does not. Sandra Bullock plays a romance novelist who gets kidnaped by Danielle Radcliffe who is trying to find a lost civilization and in turn, a secret treasure. He believes she is the key to unlocking it all.

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What happens after that is a goofy romp through the jungle. There are indeed senseless things about The Lost City but that doesn't mean it isn't a fun ride. The same is true for the Uncharted movie which is another odd but amusing ride. The Lost City leaves enough open plot lines that there could even be a sequel. Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen; for now, let's discuss some spoilers.

8 Why Wasn’t Loretta’s Watch Removed?

When Abigail, played by Daniel Radcliffe, kidnaps Loretta, he should have searched her body for anything that would lead her friends to her location. A phone for example. Maybe his henchmen did search her for a phone, didn’t find one because Beth had it, and just gave up.

What about the watch though? Smartwatches have been around for almost a decade now. People should know that they can be used to track movements just as much as phones.

7 No One Uses Weapons When Jack Enters The Compound

Jack Trainer, played by Brad Pitt, is one of the most badass characters in The Lost City. He enters Abigail's compound like it was a brief jog around a sleepy cul-de-sac. No one in the compound decides to use guns against Jack even though they have enough time to do this. It’s a problem found in a lot of action movies.

Bad guys seemingly love to fight bare-fisted as if they know they are being filmed since hand-to-hand combat scenes look cooler than gunfights. That is a movie fact.

6 Why Did Beth Go With?

Beth, played by Da'Vine Joy Randolph, deserves an award as the best PR manager of all time. She bends over backward for Loretta throughout the story. After she gets kidnaped and the police are less than helpful, Beth decides to travel to find Loretta herself. What other manager would do that?

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The only other character in a comedy film that comes to mind is Matthew McConaughey’s in Tropic Thunder, aka Rick Peck. It’s noble of Beth, but it doesn’t make sense that she would go to such lengths for Loretta. She could have gone about it several other ways like going to the coastguard or the FBI. She could have at least hired another bodyguard.

5 No One Discovering The Temple

One of the most illogical moments in The Lost City is where the hidden temple is located. It is on an island surrounded by a volcano, which means some people may have been wary to land there. However, there is a giant hole leading into the temple’s inner circle that someone must have seen from the air at some point in history.

This is reminiscent of the ending of the Uncharted movie, so it seems like obvious secret locations are just a theme of adventure films released in 2022.

4 What Happened To Rafi?

Rafi, played by Hector Anibal, makes one of the smartest decisions in The Lost City. Throughout the movie, he disagrees with plenty of Abigail’s choices. Rafi thinks Abigail goes too far too many times that by the end, he decides to take off in the boat, thus leaving Abigail stranded. He also decides to leave his crowbar behind so that Loretta and Alan can escape their tomb.

What happens to Rafi after this? It would make sense to show him in a post-credits scene or something, but maybe The Lost City will get a sequel that follows up on this plot thread. Hopefully, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum can reunite to make that happen.

3 What Happened To Abigail?

What happens to Abigail is an even bigger mystery than Rafi. He gets tackled on the boat and restrained. After that, there is a flash-forward. In this time-lapse, what happens to Abigail is never revealed. It is safe to assume he is in jail. For how long though? He is said to belong to a rich family.

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The sequel could have his family break him out easily with a flock of lawyers. Even though no one else in his family is seen, they could be just as crooked. This is a dream scenario, but it would be funny if Rupert Grint came on to play his brother in the sequel.

2 How Long Did It Take To Write The New Book?

Let’s go back to the time skip again. How long did it take Loretta to write her new book detailing her and Alan’s adventure? It seems like no time passes at all since the two of them haven’t kissed yet. Writing a book is no simple feat. Maybe a prototype could be put together in a month, but there is the editing process, not to mention the whole book tour set up with various agencies.

This finale should take place a year later, or at least 6 months later at the earliest. It’s hard to believe that Alan and Loretta never hooked up before that since their kiss on the beach is treated like their first time.

1 Jack Trainer Surviving

One of the most unbelievable revelations in The Lost City happens in the mid-credits scene which shows Alan and Loretta doing some yoga together. Then, out of the blue, the camera pans to the back of the room to reveal Jack Trainer is still alive. At first, viewers may think that Alan is seeing a ghost, but Loretta sees Jack as well.

Jack says some line about how he only lost 10% of his brain, so he was able to survive by switching to another 10%. The idea that humans only use 10% of their brains is not true, making this scene very odd (and pretty funny). How did Jack get out of the jungle with a leaky head? Maybe he needs a spinoff movie to explore his adventures.

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