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9 Best Anime To Watch If You Love Tokyo Ghoul

9 Best Anime To Watch If You Love Tokyo Ghoul Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:55 PM

For fans of dark, gory anime like Tokyo Ghoul, these shows are perfect to add to your watch list.

p>Over the past decade, anime has become more and more popular because people now realize that it is a legitimate form of entertainment. Most anime may cater to teenagers and young adults, but there are plenty of series for more mature audiences, and Tokyo Ghoul is definitely not intended for children. The series takes place in an alternate world where humans live alongside Ghouls, creatures that appear to be human, but who feed on human flesh.

The story centers around Ken Kaneki, a young student who becomes half-ghoul after being attacked by a female Ghoul. When he realizes what has happened to him, he must learn to live with his new diet and abilities. He gets involved in several battles, and he joins various groups along the way until he finds himself living a peaceful life.Tokyo Ghoul is a great example of gothic anime, and there are other series with similar themes and visuals that fans would likely enjoy.

9 Another

There are a number of great horror anime to choose from, and Another is one of them. Another starts in 1998, and it deals with a student's unexpected death. Her classmates cope by pretending she is still alive, but doing so causes them to summon an evil spirit that goes on a killing spree.

The series features a surprising amount of gore, which Tokyo Ghoul fans will be accustomed to. Another may be a gruesome series that centers around a mystery, but it explores dark themes just like Tokyo Ghoul.

8 Terra Formars

When Ghouls fight, they activate their Kagune, which alters their bodies in some way. This type of body transformation occurs in Terra Formars as well, which is why Tokyo Ghoul fans will find it interesting. The anime also features a good amount of violence and action.

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Terra Formars is a great science fantasy anime which centers around a conflict on Mars. Unfortunately, the planet is filled with mutated cockroaches who all look like massive humans. Two manned missions are sent to Mars, and they consist of humans who survived a special operation which allows them to transform into animal and insect hybrids.

7 Claymore

Claymore may not be the best anime for newcomers, but it shares a lot of similarities with Tokyo Ghoul and is great for seasoned anime fans. The story focuses on a female warrior named Clare, who underwent a procedure to become a claymore. These warriors are part Yokai, and they are tasked with eliminating man-eating monsters and other warriors with their Yokai powers.

Clare and Kaneki share similar personalities, and they both have to fight monsters who appear to be human. Both series fit into the horror, mystery, and action genres, and they deal with romance in similar ways as well.

6 Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist deals with the ongoing conflict between demons and the various classes of demon hunters. The main character is Rin Okumura, who happens to be the son of Satan, which explains why he is capable of producing and manipulating intense blue flames.

Like Tokyo Ghoul, Blue Exorcist features a group tasked with trying to maintain peace despite the existence of powerful non-human entities, and both main characters are forced to deal with major life changes. Blue Exorcist may not be as violent, but it still tells a decent story.

5 Gantz

Some consider Tokyo Ghoul to be edgy, and if that is a good thing, then Gantz is another anime that is worth seeing. Gantz is as edgy as an anime can be. It contains a great deal of introspection, action, gore, and intimate moments.

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Like Tokyo Ghoul, the main character gains abilities after his world is turned upside down. Gantz focuses on a high school boy who dies and gets resurrected. When he comes back, he is given an alien suit, and is then forced to fight monsters in an intense game of death. The series tries to delve into the terror that dwells within society and the human heart.

4 Shiki

Shiki is another great horror series. It takes place in the small rural town of Sotoba, which is being plagued by strange deaths. The story focuses on the town's doctor, as well as a teenage boy who is dealing with the death of his friend. Together, they try to uncover the cause of the deaths.

It turns out that the town has a vampire problem, which explains the series' gore. Like Tokyo Ghoul, Shiki tries to humanize monsters who feed on human flesh, but it also forces the audience to question how to deal with non-human family members.

3 Kabanari Of The Iron Fortress

Wit Studio's big break came with Attack On Titan, and they used that newfound fame to create Kabanari of the Iron Fortress. This 12-episode series is set in a world where a mysterious virus surfaces during the Industrial Revolution. This virus transforms humans into zombie-like creatures, which can only be killed if their glowing heart is destroyed.

The main character is Ikoma, a young steamsmith who manages to survive being infected by a zombie. Like Kaneki, Ikoma gains abilities after surviving his ordeal, and he is then forced to live in a world that sees him as nothing more than a monster.

2 Parasyte -The Maxim-

When it comes to psychological anime, Parasyte -the maxim- ranks near the top. Shinichi was a shy and kindhearted high school student, but that all changed on the night alien parasites descended upon Earth. One of these parasites entered his body, but he stopped it before it could devour his head.

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The parasite took control of Shinichi's right arm instead, and the two become unwilling partners in order to survive encounters with other parasites. Shinichi gradually becomes less empathetic as the series goes on, while the parasite, Mogi, gains empathy. Like Kaneki, Shinichi has this new life thrown at him, and he is forced to deal with monsters who want him dead.

1 Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland may be a Shonen series, but Seinen anime fans will likely enjoy it as well. The series focuses on Ganta Igarashi, a high school student who is framed for killing his entire class. He is sentenced to Deadman Wonderland, a prison that also serves as an amusement park.

While there, he gains his Branch of Sin, an ability that allows certain people to freely control and manipulate their blood. Tokyo Ghoul and Deadman Wonderland have protagonists who are quite similar, as they are both trying to survive in a new world that was thrust upon them. Both series also feature similar abilities and combat.

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