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Alan Wake Returns in New Control DLC

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  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 07:59 AM

A new trailer premiering during Sony's recent State of Play confirms Alan Wake will star in the next Control DLC, with AWE debuting very soon.

p>Following the release of The Foundation DLC earlier this year, a new trailer has confirmed that Control will be getting its second dose of additional content later this month through a new expansion called AWE. Not only did the announcement for the next chapter of Control's story share a lot about what players can expect from Jesse Faden's newest adventure, but it also confirmed the rampant speculation that Alan Wake will make his grand return.

Debuting during PlayStation's recent State of Play stream, the trailer teases a haunting new story set in the world of Control, flaunting more of the eerie horror and science-fiction strangeness that made the original game so special. It also reveals to viewers that the DLC will be available very soon, dropping officially in just a few weeks' time on August 27.

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The first glimpse at the game begins in the Oceanview Motel which, for those unfamiliar with Control, acts as the bridge between various different dimensions. Moving through the motel, the camera focuses on a strange door with a spiral pattern etched onto it, with the image being followed by a familiar, raspy voice warning viewers to "stay in the light."

It seems the eerie nature of the spiral door and the ominous warnings of the trailer's narrator isn't enough to phase Jesse, who decides to peek through the Oceanview Motel's newest entryway. The trailer then cuts to the silhouette of a new monster not before seen in the world of Control, with the entity bathed in a demonic red light and sporting what appears to be long antlers.

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The appearance of the creature sparks off a more action-orientated second half of the trailer, with the footage showing Jesse engaging some intense combat encounters with Control's central antagonists, the Hiss. It seems pretty apparent that fans will be visiting some new areas throughout AWE's runtime, with a train yard and what appears to be new areas of the Oceanview Motel getting the spotlight.

Of course, the real kicker comes right at the end, with a seemingly older, more grizzled Alan Wake appearing on screen for a brief tease. His presence was hinted at numerous times throughout the campaign of Control - to the point where he even made a brief on-screen cameo - so fans will be happy to see he's finally going to share the screen with Jesse Faden.

Fans have been clamoring to see Wake return in his own game, with the original Alan Wake and its expansion American Nightmare growing a cult-fandom over the years. While Remedy has been somewhat tight-lipped about the idea in the past, they did acquire the rights to the series last year, so it's not out of the question to imagine AWE could be setting up a new story for Alan Wake at some point down the line.

Control: AWE will be available on August 27 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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