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Amanda Bynes Loves Her New Freedom After Being Released From Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes Loves Her New Freedom After Being Released From Conservatorship Image
  • Posted on 10th Apr, 2022 13:05 PM

Finally back in control of her own life decisions, Amanda Bynes has quickly begun working on her studies and even releasing a new fragrance.

p>For those unaware, actress Amanda Bynes was just recently released from her conservatorship after 9 years, giving the All That alum newfound freedom in life that she now fully intends to enjoy. Considering all the everything going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to find solace for lots of people. Not exactly easy to smile when the face muscles hurt from grimacing so much. But there's something to be said about feeling genuinely happy on behalf of someone else, and this is one recent success story that could easily serve as some nice fluffy escapism.

Much like the case with Britney Spears, who also enjoyed a highly-publicized emancipation from her own conservatorship last year, Bynes spent years unable to make most of her own decisions about how to spend her money or even just live her life. So the end of that restriction is certainly something worth celebrating.

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Now, Bynes has come out to both thank her fans for their support as well as update everyone on how she's choosing to live her life now that she's able to make such choices. In an inspirational turn, it looks as though she's making the most of it, with a focus on both her studies and a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit. "I am continuing with my Bachelor’s Degree at FIDM, majoring in Creative Industry Studies with a core in Beauty Marketing and Product Development," she said when speaking with E! News. "I am traveling to New York in June to work on developing a fragrance which will be ready to launch near the holidays."

In 2013, Bynes' mother was essentially put in charge of her daughter's life as her conservator in order to combat the actress' recent (at the time) substance abuse issues. While her mother, Lynn, had control over Bynes' health and personal matters, that didn't stop the ambitious star from continuing towards her own goals. She even got her Associate's Degree in 2019 after enrolling only a year after her conservatorship began (that's probably a record somewhere), and has been going for her Bachelor's Degree since 2020. Surprisingly, and thankfully, her parents are in full support of her move to independence, which is a nice change compared to the far less amicable situation involving Spears and her father.

Bynes' parents and fans aren't the only ones voicing their support for the Big Fat Liar star. Actor Josh Peck, who has dealt with his own substance abuse issues, also offered his own words of encouragement. "My only thoughts are that over the last few years, Amanda and I have stayed friends and we see each other here and there and I'm just such a fan of hers," he said to Insider. "I want her to do whatever makes her happy." The two have been friends for a long time, stretching back to when they both starred on Bynes' Nickelodeon series The Amanda Show.

It's inspiring to see Bynes apparently hitting the ground running. It puts things into perspective for some folks out there who may or may not have spent their entire lives of freedom playing video games and downing entire pints of frozen custard at a time (no, that's not oddly specific, shut up). But on a serious note, good on her for going for it and staying true to herself. Bynes deserves all the happiness she can find. It's not often that a story comes along where everything about it is just unambiguously wonderful, so this one is worth treasuring.

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Source: E! News, Insider

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