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Amazon Luna: Every Free Game With Prime (April 2022)

Amazon Luna: Every Free Game With Prime (April 2022) Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:00 PM

Each month, Amazon Luna provides Prime subscribers with an array of free games. Here are all the titles that are currently available.

p>Originally revealed in 2020 and made available to a select group of people, Amazon Luna officially launched on March 1, 2022 in the United States. A cloud-based service, Amazon Luna offers subscribers an opportunity to stream a curated selection of games, with its library being divided into channels that each come with their own monthly price.

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Besides the channels, Amazon Luna also grants Prime subscribers access to a handful of free games per month; at the moment, it looks like four titles will be the standard, although some temporary surprises might be included. Since Amazon Luna requires a stable internet connection to work, with 10 Mbps being the recommended speed, Prime owners can test out the service using these titles before looking into the platform's channels. It also helps that Amazon Luna's free games lineup is pretty good.

These games are also part of Amazon Luna's channels.

Free With Prime Until April 30

The King Of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Final Edition

Release Date December 16, 2014
Developer SNK, Code Mystics
Genre Fighting
Metacritic PC Score N/A
Amazon Luna Channel Retro

With decades of stellar titles under the company's belt, SNK is firmly established as one of the fighting genre's best developers. In a portfolio that includes many all-time great titles, The King of Fighters '98 sticks out as being something extra special. The 2014 version supports online bouts, and the package also rebalances the gameplay while adding new features like the "Ultimate Mode".

Packed with more than 60 fighters, the Final Edition does a stellar job of balancing its extensive roster while paying tribute to the franchise and SNK's history. Time has done very little to dull KOF '98's combat, and this version offers players their pick of three systems (Advance, Extra, and Ultimate) that promote wildly different gameplay styles. Even the pixilated visuals are still charming.

Amnesia Rebirth

Release Date October 20, 2020
Developer Frictional Games
Genre Horror
Metacritic PC Score 80
Amazon Luna Channel Luna+

Although not as celebrated as 2010's Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Rebirth is nevertheless an effective survival horror game in its own right. Set in underground caves and tombs, Rebirth expertly uses (a lack of) light and sound design to compose an intense dread that permeates every step of this story. While some other aspects of the package tend to be polarizing, when it comes to the game's horror element, Rebirth knocks it out of the park and maintains the high standard set by both of its predecessors.

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A plane crash over the Sahara desert leaves Tasi Trianon alone, confused, and weirdly sick; attempting to escape the heat, she makes her way to a cave, a decision that brings a lot more than just shade to her life. In the terrifying journey that follows, Tasi will find herself immersed in darkness as she traverses an array of brilliantly crafted locations soaked in lore.

Tracks – Toybox Edition

Release Date November 14, 2019
Developer Whoop Group
Genre Management
Metacritic PC Score N/A
Amazon Luna Channel Family

Adapting the art of train track-building into video game form, Tracks – Toybox Edition is a sim that captures the quiet satisfaction of meticulously laying down a path to safely usher passengers from one stop to the next. The management genre is not the most approachable for newcomers, but Tracks – Toybox Edition's relaxed tone and straightforward mechanics make it a solid option for those looking to try out these types of games. Its gameplay also complements a streaming platform, so Tracks should work well on Amazon Luna.

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While there is a Challenge Mode to provide structure for those who desire it, Tracks – Toybox Edition is otherwise a sandbox game that gives players the space and tools to build to their hearts' content. This is a toy train simulator that knows exactly what it wants to be, and while the package does have a few rough edges, the overall experience is relentlessly charming.

Mortal Shell

Release Date August 18, 2020
Developer Cold Symmetry
Genre Action RPG
Metacritic PC Score 76
Amazon Luna Channel Luna+

Mortal Shell takes the Souls formula and gives it a unique flavor through a hardening mechanic. With this addition, Mortal Shell sets itself completely apart from The Surges and Ashens of the world; consequently, even veterans of FromSoftware's epics might initially struggle to adapt to the rhythm of the combat, particularly against Mortal Shell's bosses. However, it is worth the effort.

Another feature unique to Mortal Shell are the titular "shells." Rather than equipping armor pieces, the player will gradually unlock shells that come with their own stats, basically serving as classes. Although these bodies cannot be swapped on the fly, players can try on different skins at the game's equivalent of bonfires, and switching between these shells is generally advised.

Luna Games That Were Previously Free With Prime

This section maintains a record of all the Amazon Luna games that have been free with Prime since the service's launch on March 1, 2022. Assuming repeats are avoided, these upcoming titles are unlikely to be free again in the future:

Month Free Games
March 2022
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Phogs!
  • Flashback: 25th Anniversary
  • Observer: System Redux
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition (March 8 – 14)

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