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Amusing Skyrim Clip Shows Windhelm Guard Swimming in the Air

Amusing Skyrim Clip Shows Windhelm Guard Swimming in the Air Image
  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:00 AM

At this point, glitches in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim are not only meme-worthy, but also expected, though it's still mirthful when they do happen.

p>Over the years, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has gained something of a reputation as being a buggy mess, and while some are harmless or even quite funny, others can cause an inconvenience. With even last year's Anniversary Edition of Skyrim containing game-breaking glitches, it seems clear that after more than a decade this epic open-world RPG will forever be a source of graphical and gameplay issues. However, that's partly the reason why the game has remained in the limelight all this time, and it's often the more amusing examples that players like to show off.

In a short clip uploaded to the Skyrim subreddit recently, user jessamars happened upon a guard in Whiterun going about their business. Only their business does not appear to involve walking like a normal guard, as they seem to be floating as though in water. Indeed, the last part of the video shows them "swimming" off in another direction, despite there being no water in the immediate vicinity.

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This is just one of many reasons why the game is known for its litany of mirthful glitches. As much as it calls into question the quality assurance that Bethesda put into Skyrim, it does make for some fun conversations online. It's not just this game in the series that's known for issues involving NPCs, though. With a user recently spotting an Imperial Legion soldier floating in the air in Oblivion, it's apparently not uncommon for players to be traveling the vast open landscape of Tamriel only to find that some of the city protectors are ascending above ground seemingly without the use of magic.

At this point, it's difficult to even get through a discussion without mentioning all of the craziest bugs and glitches that exist in Skyrim. That's obviously not to take away from the game being highly praised in general. Its expansive world, in-depth lore, and the dedicated modding community that keeps the game alive with new ideas make it one of the most popular games of the last 10 years or so, but its reputation for visual issues is certainly warranted.

As for the continuation of the franchise, talk of the Elder Scrolls 6 is now rampant, with many wondering when Bethesda will actually announce it, let alone release the game. With the studio launching Starfield this year, TES fans are left in the dark wondering when the next installment in the epic fantasy series will see the light of day and also whether it will be just as buggy as the previous games.

Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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