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Amy Schumer Wasn't Allowed To Make Joke About Alec Baldwin's Gun Accident At Oscars

Amy Schumer Wasn't Allowed To Make Joke About Alec Baldwin's Gun Accident At Oscars Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 17:45 PM

Oscars host Amy Schumer voiced her displeasure over not using the joke in light of Will Smith's slap that later occurred that same night.

p>When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, it sent shockwaves throughout both Hollywood and social media. Amy Schumer, who currently stars in the new series Life & Beth and co-hosted the Oscars, had some feelings on the matter in light of having to cut a joke about Alec Baldwin's gun accident on the set of Rust.

Before hosting the Oscars, Schumer had some comedic material that her lawyer advised her not to use while hosting the Oscars. Most notably, she had a joke regarding Baldwin's accidental shooting incident on the Rust set last October. Although Schumer adhered to her lawyer's advice, she was put off that while her joke may have potentially offended a few, Smith's actions were met with applause.

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Schumer told the cut joke to a crowd at Las Vegas' Mirage Theater as part of the Aces of Comedy series. “'Don’t Look Up' is the name of a movie? More like don’t look down the barrel of Alec Baldwin's shotgun,” Schumer said, recalling the cut joke. “I was kind of feeling myself…and then all of a sudden, Ali was making his way up (A reference to Will Smith playing Muhammad Ali in the legendary athlete's biopic)... And it was just a f****** bummer. All I can say is that it was really sad, and I think it says so much about toxic masculinity. It was really upsetting, but I think the best way to comfort ourselves would be for me to say the Oscar jokes that I wasn’t allowed to say on TV.”

According to Schumer herself, she also had controversial jokes about Joe Rogan (regarding his stance on COVID vaccines) and James Franco (regarding his sexual assault allegations) that she was also advised not to use during the Oscars. She later used this material for her comedy set just days after the Oscars were hosted. Clearly she believes that perhaps the jokes she had were better used in a setting with a normal audience rather than one filled with celebrities.

It's times like these where the notion that comedy is subjective comes into play. Schumer has a point that it can come off as somewhat hypocritical that her controversial jokes would be seen as offensive enough that they shouldn't be used at an award ceremony while a one-sided physical altercation over a joke is perfectly permissible by masses everywhere. Even if Smith was defending his wife above all else, violence was not the right way to handle the situation. A joke by comparison is not nearly in the same ballpark no matter how controversial it might be.

However, where this gets confusing is that Schumer also said that she was "traumatized" by Smith slapping Rock but also thinks someone being tragically killed on a movie set by accident can be construed as a laughing matter. That's where she loses all sympathy. She is well within her rights to make whatever joke she likes as a comedian, but to make it out like the slapping incident was so awful for her while brushing off what those on the set of Rust had to go through comes off as insensitive and inconsiderate on her part.

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Source: Variety

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