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Anthony Mackie Lands Role In Upcoming Twisted Metal Series

Anthony Mackie Lands Role In Upcoming Twisted Metal Series Image
  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:50 AM

Anthony Mackie was chosen to portray the role of John Doe in the live-action adaptation of the popular game franchise Twisted Metal.

p>Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions are working on a live-action adaptation of the popular video game Twisted Metal, and the lead actor has just been selected. Anthony Mackie, who was recently crowned as the next Captain America in the Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is the chosen one and will be seen taking on the lead role of John Doe.

A report published by Deadline confirms that the actor will not just be starring in the upcoming Twisted Metal series, he will also be an executive producer. It was first revealed back in 2019 that Sony was interested in developing a Twisted Metal series based on the popular games, and those plans were confirmed in February this year, but Mackie’s casting reaffirms that the wheels are definitely in motion.

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The Twisted Metal live-action series has previously been referred to as an action-comedy about a “motor-mouthed outsider offered a chance at a better life.” This outsider happens to be Mackie’s Doe and there is obviously a catch associated with the offer. He will have to deliver a package, the contents of which remain a mystery, across a “post-apocalyptic wasteland.” According to Deadline, insiders say Sony TV and PlayStation Productions are "extremely high" on the half-hour show and a plan is being developed to take the series to buyers soon.

This world will not be easy to traverse through, as Doe will have to face off against other drivers in armed vehicles, one of which will be the franchise’s signature ice-cream truck Sweet Tooth. This sounds quite similar to the scenarios in the Twisted Metal games, as their main focus was always on vehicular combat. The games allow players to select a vehicle and an arena and then engage in battle with other drivers while using a large variety of weapons. The last person standing is obviously the winner.

The creators of the Twisted Metal live-action series are keeping all other details related to the plot a secret, and it remains to be seen how closely Mackie’s Doe will be based on the character from the games. There is no confirmation on when the series could potentially premiere or even begin filming.

In February, the plans to create the live-action Twisted Metal series were confirmed by Sony and it was revealed that Netflix's Cobra Kai writer Michael Jonathan Smith had been brought on board as writer and executive producer. Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are also associated with the project, which could hint towards a similar sense of humor being brought into the series.

Twisted Metal is in development at Sony Pictures Television.

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Source: Deadline

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