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Apex Legends Player Comes Up With Interesting Change to the Game’s Evo Shield System

Apex Legends Player Comes Up With Interesting Change to the Game’s Evo Shield System Image
  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 06:40 AM

One fan of Apex Legends suggests an overhaul for the game's knockdown shields and helmets, similar to previous changes made to Evo Shields.

p>With each new competitive season, Apex Legends continues to revise and innovate on the massively popular hero-based battle royale through new gameplay mechanics and changes to both characters and existing mechanics. Season 12 saw the return of the popular Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up and added Mad Maggie to the game's roster of over twenty unique playable Legends, among many other changes. Recently, one passionate fan of the battle royale game suggested a change to a core mechanic of the game that would fall in line with other similar reworks.

When Apex Legends announced a major overhaul of the game's shield mechanic back in Season 4, removing loot-based armor in favor of the 'Evo Shields' which level up as players deal more damage, the change was met positively by fans of the game. Rather than players just being rewarded for lucking into stronger armor as loot, players would now be given the opportunity to earn higher shield numbers by excelling in combat and dealing big damage. The shield rework was a massively popular addition to Apex, and fans have requested similar changes to other aspects of the game's defensive mechanics.

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A recent post from Reddit user IntelligentImbicle to the Apex Legends subreddit proposed similar 'Evo'-based changes to the game's helmets and knockdown shields, suggesting that players could be allowed to start with both at the beginning of a game and upgrade them based on their Evo Shield level. The suggested change, however, would not touch Gold helmets or knockdown shields, as the game's highest tier of Armor comes with special effects like golden helmets providing increased recharge on abilities or knockdown shields giving players the ability to self-revive.

The idea of players starting a match with certain items wouldn't be the first time Apex Legends has put forward the idea of giving players a simple starting loadout, as Respawn has experimented with the idea before. Apex's popular Locked and Loaded game mode starts players with a handful of low-tier items and completely removes gray rarity loot, allowing players to only find stronger equipment and gear themselves up much faster than in standard games. A similar change to helmets and knockdown shields would remove two lower-tier loot drops from the pool of potential upgrades.

Apex Legends is entering an exciting time as the game moves into the third year since the popular battle royale debuted. Alongside Season 12 launching with Mad Maggie last month, Apex Legends Mobile recently launched pre-registration for the highly-anticipated mobile version, with players in some regions of the world already able to play with a limited regional launch coming late last month. Alongside rumors of new maps and numerous leaks detailing future content, Apex Legends looks to have plenty in store for its fans in the near future.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One with a Mobile version available in select regions.

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