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Apex Legends: Why Newcastle May Be Bangalore's Brother

Apex Legends: Why Newcastle May Be Bangalore's Brother Image
  • Posted on 04th Apr, 2022 02:32 AM

A gigantic Apex Legends leak just hit Reddit, and one of the nine leaked Legends, Newcastle, may be related to one of the original six legends.

p>Apex Legends is no stranger to the world of leaks and rumors, with dataminers spending hours digging out even the tiniest of details about upcoming features, modes, or characters. It's often the case that a new Legend will be hinted at before release, both by Respawn itself, and by leakers who have delved into the game's code. However, this latest Apex Legends leak is on a whole other level.

Posted by a since-deleted Reddit account, the latest Apex Legends leak is of an unprecedented scale. A handful of new weapons, modes, maps, and a total of nine new Legends were all revealed by the source. While leaks should always be taken with a sizeable pinch of salt, there are quite a few aspects of this leak that seem pretty likely to come to fruition. One such aspect is the Legend Newcastle, who some fans believe could be Bangalore's brother.

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Lt. Jackson Williams, Bangalore's Brother

Over the years, Bangalore's brother has been something Respawn has teased pretty tentatively. During the first year or so of the game, Bangalore's brother was only mentioned briefly, with the only defining detail being that he was a pilot for the IMC, the corporation that Bangalore would eventually turn her back on.

Apex Legends' animated series, Stories From the Outlands, was where fans got their first real glimpse at Lt. Jackson Williams, Bangalore's brother. In the episode "Gridiron," Bangalore is seen fighting alongside her brother during the titular, pivotal battle. Bangalore (Anita Williams) becomes wounded, and begins to phase in and out of consciousness as the battle rages on around her.

As Bangalore recovers from her wounds, Jackson makes the decision to turn his back on the IMC, believing that they're no longer fighting for the right side. He takes Bangalore with him, and the two hide out in a small Outlands town. As Bangalore wakes, an IMC ship arrives, with the express purpose of taking down Jackson for his betrayal.

Rather than surrendering her brother, Bangalore wipes out the ship's crew, and the two escape the IMC. Though the events after this haven't been detailed yet, it is confirmed that at some point following their desertion, their ship gets attacked by IMC forces. During the attack, the two siblings are separated, and Jackson is believed to be missing in action. Though he hasn't been seen for years, Bangalore still believes that her brother is out there somewhere.

Is Newcastle Bangalore's Brother?

In this latest gigantic Apex Legends leak, nine new Legends were revealed. While quite a few leaked Legends had character icons, and all had their abilities revealed, the only Legend with a fully-rendered character model was Newcastle. In a leaked gameplay video, some of Newcastle's character animations were also shown, leading many fans to now believe that he'll be the next Legend heading to the game, possibly arriving in Season 13.

Though the evidence is a little light, some fans believe that Newcastle is actually Jackson Williams, Bangalore's long-lost brother. The evidence fans are pointing to include his leaked appearance, some leaked Firing Range challenges, and some leaked skins.

While Newcastle's face is obscured by a large helmet and visor, his mouth and beard can be seen, and do somewhat resemble Jackson's appearance in the "Gridiron" animated short. The leak also revealed some skins for Newcastle, including some IMC-based ones, perhaps alluding to Jackson's role as an IMC pilot during the war.

There isn't a lot to go on right now, and of course there's no official confirmation on any of these leaks, but it would make sense for Newcastle to end up being Bangalore's brother. Respawn has repeatedly teased his appearance for quite a while now, but for official confirmation, fans may have to wait until May when Season 13 is rumored to drop.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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