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Attack On Titan: 8 Questions The Final Season Part 3 Needs To Answer

Attack On Titan: 8 Questions The Final Season Part 3 Needs To Answer Image
  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:05 AM

After the incredible Final Season: Part 2 finale, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

p>Attack On Titan has delivered yet another incredible finale, filling in the gaps of the four-year time jump. It shows Eren's character arc in more detail as his resolve strengthens for what he sees as the only option, wiping out all life outside the island of Paradis. Eren's character arc has now surely been cemented as one of the best in the entire medium.

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While it has been an absolute rollercoaster to see all the beloved characters change to war-hardened individuals over the last decade of the anime's run, the last episode of The Final Season: Part 2 leaves us on yet another cliffhanger. So while we wait for the end of it all, these are some of the biggest questions still left unanswered.

9 Will The Scouts Be Able To Fly Using The Airship?

When we last saw the Scouts along with Reiner, Gabi, Peick, Annie, and Falco, they seemed determined to use the airship to reach Eren in his Founding Titan form before he had a chance to destroy all of humanity outside of Paradis Island.

However, they haven't had a chance to test the airship by the final episode, and it will take at least half a day to get it ready before take-off on the continent that is currently being destroyed by colossal titans. So we are still unsure if The Rumbling will reach them before they can take off. Is there any other way of reaching Eren before he destroys everything?

8 How Many People Will Join The Assault To Stop The Founding Titan?

With the Founding Titan destroying everything, it's understandable that many characters will be beaten down and have their loyalties stretched to the absolute breaking point. It's fascinating to see the different members of the Scouts and titan-shifters rationalize whether they should help or not.

Understandably, many of the Marley-Paradis coalition would not want children like Gabi and Falco essentially going on a suicide run, but others like Annie may not feel like they owe enough to their nation to die trying to save it.

7 Will The Founding Titan Be Able To Destroy Everything?

We have seen that Eren in his Founding Titan form has been unstoppable against any that would try to stop The Rumbling. The most recent finale has shown all the world's combined navies being annihilated by the wall of steam brought by the colossal titans.

But logistically speaking, how specifically would The Rumbling be able to flatten an entire continent? Is Eren conscious enough in his Founding Titan form to direct The Rumbling towards threatening military targets like airstrips? Or will the colossal titans consume the continent in a single directionless wave?

6 How Many People Will Be Able To Escape The Rumbling?

We have seen that many Subjects of Ymir have heeded Eren's proclamation that he will wipe out all of Marley through The Rumbling. We know of many characters that will likely try to flee, like Annie and Reiner's families or even children of other nations that will see the oncoming wall of steam.

Many are eager to see these loose ends tied up in The Final Season: Part 3 as the anime has many beloved side characters that fans will want a fitting conclusion for and hopefully not under a colossal titan's foot.

5 Will We See Levi And Zeke Fight Again?

Arguably one of the greatest scenes in the entire medium was when Levi first attacks the Beast Titan. The thunderous music that accompanied Levi's every strike was incredible to see and fans of the show would love to see them go another round.

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Although it seems to be up in the air if they ever will, it would be anticlimactic if Levi never gets to fulfill Commander Erwin's final order. But it's ambiguous as to where Zeke Jaegers' physical body is and how they would have a full bout as Beast titan vs scout. Hopefully, that plotline will have a satisfying conclusion in The Final Season: Part 3​​​.

4 How Will The Founding Titan Defend Against An Attack?

As we have seen in previous seasons, while large titans appear to be very intimidating, that often comes with the drawback of delivering slow attacks and poor defense. Bertholdt and Armin's Colossal titan can defend itself by ejecting a massive amount of scolding steam by evaporating its body, but we do not know if Eren's founding titan has that ability.

Whilst he is fairly impenetrable from the ground, it seems as if he could be incredibly weak from an attack from the air. Marley has shown how devastating an attack from the air can be, maybe the scouts could try something similar to get the upper hand unless Eren has an ace up his sleeve in the form of Ymir.

3 Will The Scouts Be Forced To Kill Eren?

Mikasa and Armin have made it very clear that they want above all else to talk to Eren and try to stop his genocide. They believe that Eren will listen to the only people in the world he holds dear. However, he seems to have an unwavering opinion that the only way to protect them is to wipe out all enemies.

It seems that the likelihood of the Scouts having to kill Eren is tied directly to whether they can establish any form of peace between the two nations. But due to the atrocities committed on both sides of this conflict, that ray of hope seems to be dwindling, which may leave Armin and Mikasa with an incredibly hard choice.

2 What Will Be The Aftermath Of The Rumbling?

The aftermath of the Rumbling may vary wildly depending on the actions of the Survey Corps. Many speculate that nobody will survive, Marley will never recover and peace for Eldia will be established on a flattened continent. On the other hand, if anyone survives then serious humanitarian and political decisions will need to be made to ensure the survival of Marley.

Above all else, The Rumbling will certainly affect the social hierarchy of the Eldians living in Marley if there are any survivors, and we may see new power dynamics emerge. This is in addition to how The Rumbling will affect those it meant to protect in Paradis. Eren's actions will change the fabric of their society, and it will be fascinating to see how many of them will follow Floch's path of fascist devotion toward Eren.

1 How Will It All End?

The fates of characters we've seen grow over the last decade will be fully adapted in 2023. While many already know the ending through the Attack On Titan manga now finished it will be interesting to see how Studio Mappa will adapt The Final Season: Part 3.

Some of the most compelling character arcs in television history like Eren, Zeke, and Reiner show how war is fueled by a cycle of violence that impacts children in the worst ways. Anime-only fans will unfortunately have to wait a little longer to see if any of the characters will find some semblance of peace at the end of it all.

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