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Awesome Fan Art Mashes Up DOOM With Halo

Awesome Fan Art Mashes Up DOOM With Halo Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 01:50 AM

An artist renders Master Chief from the poster art of Halo Legends in the red-and-black graphical style of id Software's recent DOOM games.

p>The first-person shooter genre has a host of memorable protagonists, from 3D Realms' crass, one-liner spouting Duke Nukem to Valve's theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series. Many of those characters are also protected by futuristic power armor, be they the black-and-white nanotech suits of EA's Crysis — which recently returned in the trailer for Crysis Remastered — or the iconic green suits of Halo's Master Chief and DOOM's Doomguy.

A French artist who goes by Playbox36 created a series of images crossing over Bungie and id Software's franchises by taking Master Chief's post from the cover of the 2010 animated film collection Halo Legends and re-painting it in the iconic red-and-black art style of the marketing material seen for Doom (2016) and the recently released Doom Eternal. The result is a striking image that can be found on Playbox36's Twitter and DeviantArt accounts with multiple croppings fit to be used as wallpapers on various devices.

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The artist is heavily inspired by the long-running Halo franchise, and has a number of different takes on its iconography plastered all across his DeviantArt account. One of his series takes images from different Halo games to create posters in the 80's synthwave graphical style, while others have taken an interest in the upcoming Xbox Series X title Halo: Infinite.

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The red-heavy art style of id Software's recent Doom titles has been used to great effect when crossing over with other famous video game franchises too. When Square Enix released its Final Fantasy 7 Remake earlier this month, the official Doom Twitter account put out a recreation of the Final Fantasy 7 cover image with Cloud Strife standing in front of Shinra Headquarters but instead featuring Doomguy with his DoomBlade.

Then there was the hefty amount of Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons crossover art which flooded the Internet leading up to the two games' dual release on March 20. The trend was so prevalent that New Horizons' director and producer commented on the crossovers when talking to IGN a few days before both games came out.

Amid ongoing worldwide shutdowns and work from home policies meant to stem the spread of coronavirus, there are some concerns that Halo: Infinite's development may be impacted, which would be a huge blow for one of the landmark games Microsoft is looking to use for the launch of its next-generation console. Luckily fans like Playbox36 will always be there to bide time by showing fans what could be when crossing over franchises like Halo and DOOM.

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