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Baki: 7 Best Fights In The Anime (So Far)

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:30 PM

The Baki Hanma anime on Netflix has taken off, giving fans well needed fights. Here are some of the better fights in the anime.

p>The Baki Hanma legacy continues as the Anime series flourishes on Netflix; with a new season and a crossover with Kengan Asura on the way, fans will have their hands full. The next season of Baki will be one of the series' best, with it exploring the prehistoric man arc and bringing Pickle, one of the most dangerous fighters, to life.

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While Tekken is also slated to release soon with the newest season of Baki, Until the new season is released, the previous seasons of Baki has a large amount of martial arts madness to hold fans over. Looking back on the previous seasons of the anime, several fights rose above the others to become memorable bloodbaths. From face-ripping action to completely one-sided massacres, Here are the best fights from the Baki anime so far.

7 Shunsei Vs. Baki

During the great Raitai tournament, this match was over before it started; Shunsei vs. Baki was proposed as a match between two descendants of monstrous fighters. Shunsei had a lot to prove, being the son of Kaku Kaioh, a legendary Chinese fighter earring the title of Sea Emperor. Unfortunately, Shunsei had the misfortune of facing Baki as his body had just been revitalized from being poisoned, and the Hanma Blood running through his veins was in full effect.

Eager to please, Shunsei’s first mistake, other than stepping into the ring, was charging in aggressively. In three incredibly accurate and powerful blows, the fight was over in the blink of an eye, with Baki leaving Shunsei on the ground.

6 The Ogre Vs. Kaku Kaioh

Similarly, the fathers of Shunsei and Baki would now face off against each other in the Raitai Tournament. Yujiro Hanma, the Ogre and strongest creature on the planet, would fight Kaku Kaioh, the Sea Emperor, and a man of great martial strength at over one-hundred and twenty years old. This fight started with the fighters feeling one another out, but before long, the battle ramped up, and both martial artists demonstrated fantastic skill.

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Kaku Kaioh was true to his name, landing powerful blows causing the Ogre to bleed. But as the fight went on, Yujiro was revealed just to be savoring the taste of combat. Yujiro soon used his Demon Back technique, preparing to end the fight. Unfortunately, in an exchange of blows, Kaku Kaioh had stopped responding, and upon an examination from a doctor, it was revealed that he simply died of old age on the spot.

5 Retsu Vs. Jakku

Retsu Vs. Jaku was an interesting match; Retsu, up until this point, had been portrayed as the calmest and deadliest fighter in the series. However, when faced with the peculiar and odd disposition of Jakku, one could not be certain of the victor. From the start, the tricks from Jakku kept Retsu on his guard, but in terms of skill, the two fighters seemed to be equals.

It was not until later, when Jakku resorted to cheap tactics that Retsu felt insulted and lost his calm demeanor. A strike to the spine forced Jakku to engage, and Retsu landed a powerful straight hand strike to Jakku's nose, knocking him out cold instantly.

4 The Ogre Vs. Sea King Ryu

Perhaps the most one-sided fight in the series, at the start of the Raitai Tournament, The Ogre was to face off with Sea King Ryu, a martial artist that even Retsu saw as an equal. Sea King Ryu had been portrayed as a gifted master of martial arts, earning respect from even Alai Jr. But as the match started, the Ogre Yujiro Hanma, being the anime villain that he is, wasted no time in showing the gap in skill, power, strength, and speed between the two.

Yujiro disgraced the master by ripping his face apart and handing it to his students. While the fighter tried to reclaim some bit of pride and once again rise to face the strongest creature on earth, it was a failed effort as Yujiro but the Sea King down for good with a final blow.

3 Hanayama Vs. Speck

In one of the best fights during the first season of Baki, Speck is sidelined in an attempt to attack Baki on the street. Hanayama interferes and drags Speck away to fight him himself. Speck brags and uses every dirty trick he can as the two of them exchange blows; being the tank of a fighter that he is, Hanayama endures the onslaught of cheap strikes and turns the tables on Speck with little effort.

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Speck attempts to reclaim some leverage by using firearms and grievously wounds Hanayama, gaining the upper hand and going in for the kill. But Hanayama is the strongest yakuza member in all of Japan, having single-handedly taken down a rival organization with nothing but his bare hands having an incredibly high pain threshold. Hanayama takes the gunshot full force and recovers with enough strength to plant Speck into the ground and then carry him to the authorities.

2 Oliva Vs. Guevara

Oliva vs. Guevara is the warm-up to Baki, the son of the Ogre, taking on Oliva the unchained, but the bout between the two is nothing to look down on. Guevara has a lot to prove with the pride of his entire people riding on his shoulders; he seeks to defeat Oliva to earn his laundry list of privileges while still being a maximum-security inmate. As both monsters meet in the yard, the entire prison is in attendance, even the warden. The two agree to a rag hold; the first to let go of the rag or allow it to slip from their grip admits defeat.

The fight slowly devolves into an exchange of blows, with Guevara pulling everything out of his arsenal to put the mass monster down. In a final stare-down, Oliva prepares to take off the kid gloves and deliver a serious blow to Guevara. The exchange is violent, nearly catastrophic as Guevara ends up implanted in the hard ground beneath his feet, having nothing but a fever dream as Oliva emerges victorious.

1 Oliva Vs. Baki

Oliva and Baki is the main attraction of the most recent season of Baki. The unchained, unstoppable Oliva, who contains a mountain of muscle in a compacted human body, faces the son of the strongest creature on earth. The final fight starts with a vicious brawl from within Baki’s cell. Olive seemed too much for the young adversary; every strike and blow dealt to the behemoth seemingly did not affect Oliva.

It was only after Baki utilized a new skill, focusing on his speed, that he was able to knock the unchained legend out cold, but only for a short time. Eventually, the tricks and techniques fade, and the match resulted in a brawl, a test of endurance, playing Oliva's own game. Baki’s drive and craving to meet his father on the battleground pushed him to push Oliva against a wall and then break through that wall earning him the most challenging victory he’s gained so far.

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