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Batman and Spider-Man Have Weird Face Off in Viral Video

Batman and Spider-Man Have Weird Face Off in Viral Video Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 04:40 AM

In an unexpected turn of events, Batman and Spider-Man face off via each other's theme songs on a video from Twitter that is going viral.

p>If these dark times weren't hard enough, even the caped crusaders are struggling to make ends meet.

The two comic giants, Marvel and DC comics, have been at each other's throats for years. Whether it comes to which company has the better comic books, animated shows, or even live-action superhero movies, the question of who is better has had the comic book community divided for years on end.

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Now, thanks to a Twitter user by the name of Rex Chapman, fans can add which superheroes have the better theme song to that list of pros and cons. Chapman posted a comedic video on Twitter that showed people dressed up as both Batman and Spider-Man facing off with each other's theme songs on a street corner, asking for money.

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The video starts off with Batman sitting by himself on a guitar case with a ukelele jamming out to his popular theme song from the original tv show starring Adam West. Then, as if out of a fever dream, Spider-Man appears out of nowhere on a unicycle playing his theme on the bagpipes trying to outplay Batman and win over the crowd.

Spider-Man taunts Batman and circles around him, trying to steal the people's attention by having flames shoot out of his bagpipes near the end. If that wasn't entertaining enough, Spider-Man also hit Batman with some web action silly string at the end to pour even more salt on his wounds. In this battle, it is clear that Spider-Man came out victorious given Batman's reaction at the end.

Perhaps Batman just needed some more prep time if he was going to win this fight. However, no matter what side fans land on, we can all admit that this was a fun, playful interaction between the two heroes that don't need to be analyzed any further. Its times like this that are important not to fret over little things like petty rivalry in order to fully enjoy the simple pleasure this video brings. There will be other days to come when Batman can earn some more "Bat Tips" to help offset the financial crisis Wayne Enterprises must be having right now.

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