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Batman Arkham 2020 Wish List

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  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 08:50 AM

With the reported reveal of Batman Arkham 2020 taking place in August, here's a few things that would be nice to see in the next title.

p>Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated games of the year hasn't even been revealed yet, as reports indicate that Batman Arkham 2020 will be announced at DC Fandome in August. While this would typically mean the game wouldn't release until 2021, some are suggesting that it's a November release.

Ultimately, it remains up in the air until DC Fandome comes around, as this may not even manifest for a number of reasons. Still, here's a few things that would be nice to see when and if Batman Arkham 2020 is revealed.

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Playable Bat-Family

There's a lot of rumors out there about the game, and one of the most prominent is that multiple members of the Bat-Family will be playable. Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, Batwoman, Catwoman, or even the Signal and more would be a fresh take to the gameplay, especially if they were as prominent—or nearly as such—as Batman. It's no where near confirmed, but it would go a long way for the new game, especially if it were the soft reboot or full reboot many are expecting it to be.

The balancing act between gameplay and character development must be maintained in Batman Arkham 2020 as well. That's to say that previous games have often focused on Batman and his broken psyche, and it would be harder to do that while giving equal attention story and character-wise to the aforementioned Bat-Family. At the same time, they shouldn't be relegated to background roles that are just short stints of playability, although it remains to be seen how prominent these characters are.

Nemesis System

When Shadow of Mordor first released, many praised its Nemesis System with some games thereafter adopting a similar model. Because of the sheer number of enemies Batman has, the Nemesis System would be a great way to introduce smaller enemies that Batman has to face off with, while keeping the story focused on the primary antagonists. Instead of relegating all enemies to sidequests (though there should still be some bigger faces running amok), smaller enemies could be introduced via this method.

Some rumors allege this Nemesis System includes the GCPD, which at first glance would be strange for Batman, but not if one of the teased symbols by WB Games actually represent Amanda Waller as many think. She could be coordinating the GCPD to hunt down Batman and adding them to this Nemesis System, but other named villains, Talons (from the Court of Owls), and more could easily help fill a sizeable and enjoyable Nemesis System.

"Brother to Brother," "Wayne to Wayne," and "Owl to Bat"

If there is anything to be said about Batman Arkham 2020, it's the overabundance of information related to the Court of Owls, who do appear to be the primary antagonists. One member, or rogue member to be precise, is Lincoln March. He was trained to be a Talon but takes a left turn, eventually being set up to become Mayor of Gotham. In a surprise twist that Batman denies, Lincoln March claims to be his brother and that his real name is Thomas Wayne Jr.

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March was kept in a Wayne-ran hospital after a car accident, making him severely weak and with his parents dying before he was able to recover. This led to his relationship with the antagonistic Court, but since Batman never tests his DNA, Batman can't conclude whether it's true or not. March is adamant, but Batman believes his parents would have told him about his brother either way. Nonetheless, if Batman is indeed going up against the court of Owls, facing off with his brother/Owlman would be a strong rivalry akin to that of the Arkham Knight.

More Bruce Wayne

While past Arkham games have not shied away from diving into the pysche of Batman, the man behind the mask has had significantly less impact. One thing the Telltale Games did well was balance the playboy vigilante lifestyle of Wayne, making his real life and his alter ego consistently clash. Doing so in the next Arkham game could raise the stakes and bring Gotham to life, in a manner not unlike Marvel's Spider-Man.

Having Gotham evacuated due to a city-wide threat or a holiday makes sense story-wise, but at the same time, it makes Gotham feel stale. With the Court of Owls often acting from the shadows, there's not a better time to emphasize that shadow than to have players completing tasks as Bruce Wayne during the day, which could include more personal looks into his life, his relationship with Alfred and the Bat-Family, and his operations at Wayne Enterprises. Watching Batman and Owlman go at it would be an epic moment for the game, but watching Bruce Wayne and Lincoln March try to pull the rug out from one another in a living Gotham would add a lot of nuance to that moment.

The DC Universe

If WB Games is indeed rebooting Batman, it should go big and go wide. It's no secret that Marvel is expanding its presence following the success of MCU, and this is translating to games with Marvel's Avengers. More Marvel games are also reportedly in the pipeline, and a Marvel Gaming Universe seems like it's right around the corner. DC shouldn't follow behind but instead use this game to set up a greater DC Universe, especially if a Suicide Squad game is also in the works.

Even if it were just a tease of something bigger, seeing correlating hints between a new Batman game and a Suicide Squad game could lead to a proper Superman game as well as an eventual expansion into the Justice League or even Batman vs. Superman storylines (outside of the Injustice fighting games). It would be interesting to see if this went so far as to perhaps include Superman as a secret boss, thus revealing his DC game design for future iterations, but that may be dreaming too big. Nonetheless, the sky's the limit if WB and DC were to seize it.

Batman Arkham 2020 may be revealed at DC Fandome in August.

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