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Bayonetta 3: Pro Tips For Viola's Combat

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  • Posted on 19th Nov, 2022 15:40 PM

Viola's combat in Bayonetta 3 is very distinct from that of the title character. Here's how to master her fighting style.

p>Bayonetta 3 is a stunning action-adventure game that will leave players enthralled. The main star of the show returns with a new look and an alliance with fellow Umbran Witch, Viola. The two must battle their way through enemies at an almost non-stop pace to stop the Singularity, and the damage this mysterious foe's group is causing.

While players don't get to choose when they play as Viola in Bayonetta 3, they'll still need to know how to properly use her character when the time comes. Knowing her abilities, demons, and weapons will go a long way toward making the most effective runs with this character. Once she is introduced, players will receive a tutorial on her basic functions, and then they'll be cut loose to develop their skill at using her character on their own. These tips will make the process a lot smoother.

6/6 Viola's Introduction

Viola will be introduced to players in Chapter 5, where the full tutorial for using her skills and attacks is presented. She has many differences from Bayonetta, and her controls will different things. Players will have to remember what each button does as they switch between the two characters.

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For Viola, the standard attacks are as follows:

  • X Button (mashing): perform quick slash combos
  • X Button (holding): perform special strike
  • A Button: perform blade techniques
  • Y Button: throw four darts
  • ZL Button (holding): throw the katana and summon Cheshire, who will fight alone while Viola fights barehanded
  • R Button (holding): block with the katana
  • R Button (parry): use as an enemy attacks to parry and activate Witch Time

5/6 Select The Right Skills

When players reach Chapter 7, Viola's Skill Tree will be unlocked, and they can begin selecting the skills they want for her. Choosing the right skills will enhance her abilities in combat, making her a formidable character, despite not being a full Umbran Witch. First, players should unlock My Name Is. It will take Viola's darts to a new level by charging them with magic and causing them to explode.

The second skill to unlock is Hungry Hi-Hat. This is most effective against enemies that try to keep Cheshire pinned down, but it also allows Viola an advantage when she is fighting bare-handed. The third skill to unlock is Bass Boost. It offers similar fighting options as Hungry Hi-Hat, but focuses more on range. These two skills can be used in combination, or Bass Boost can be used as a viable replacement for Hungry Hi-Hat.

4/6 Use Viola's Infernal Demon

Unlike Bayonetta, Viola only has one Infernal Demon she can summon. Despite this, Cheshire can be used to players' advantage. He is a big hulking demon that can block a significant number of attacks, allowing Viola to get in close. Keep in mind that while Viola can fight independently of Cheshire, unlike Bayonetta and her demons, she will also be fighting barehanded. However, it is a good time for Viola to employ her darts.

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Using Cheshire can be beneficial when there are many lesser enemies with a stronger enemy. This demon is very effective at opening the lesser enemies to torture attacks, helping Viola rank up her combos. Then they can make easy work of the main event.

3/6 Activate Witch Time To Neutralize Enemies

Like Bayonetta, Viola can activate Witch Time. This ability will slow time, allowing her to attack the enemies around her while they are nearly immobile. Activating this ability is often a saving grace, letting Viola smash her way through enemies without mercy.

To enable Witch Time, players must perfectly parry an attack with the R Button. It can be a challenging move to master, but with practice, players will find themselves taking advantage of this ability frequently. An expertly timed block resulting in Witch Time activation can mean the difference between life and death.

2/6 Using Viola's Weapons To Her Advantage

Viola's main weapon is a katana, the Mab Dachi. The story behind the blade is that Queen Mab, queen of the faeries, ordered its creation. There is a charm hanging from the hilt that represents her Infernal Demon, because Cheshire inhabits the katana. She can either slash at her enemies or send her weapon firing out at them, only to return like a boomerang.

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Viola also has a secondary weapon, Bull Kiss. This is a set of magical darts. They can be thrown like regular darts, or players can use them like missiles by holding the Y Button, depending on the circumstances. Viola's true power to turn into a faerie will be revealed in the later stages of the game, at which time she will have more powerful attacks.

1/6 Use Bayonetta's Accessories As Needed

Throughout the game, players can purchase accessories for Bayonetta that have different functions. They can become essential pieces of her outfit that increase abilities, increase damage inflicted, and increase rewards received.

While Bayonetta is the star of the show, Viola can wear any of her accessories with no restrictions. This can significantly boost her abilities, allowing her to have more success in battle, especially when she is fighting barehanded.

Bayonetta 3 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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