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Best Anime Shows On Funimation (April 2022)

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:55 PM

Funimation has horror, drama, slice of life, romance, shojo, and every other genre, but what are the streaming service's best anime?

Although only available in the United States, Funimation is one of the leading platforms in the world of anime streaming. In March 2022, Funimation and Crunchyroll confirmed that the former's library will be gradually transferred over to the latter, combining to create the largest (legal) anime catalog on the internet. Regardless of this development, Funimation will continue to support its service, especially since the brand offers far more than just streaming.

Covering both new and classic anime, the service's library is absolutely stacked with goodies. It does not matter what genre someone prefers, they are likely to find a show that fits their needs. Let's take a look at the best anime series on Funimation.

Shonen and comedy anime will not be included as they have dedicated articles:

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Best Winter 2022 Anime On Funimation

The Winter 2022 anime season is finished, and it produced quite a few decent shows to ensure the year got off to a good start. As Spring 2022 prepares to get underway with series such as Spy x Family, Tomodachi Game, and Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3, all of which will be available on Funimation, let's take a final look at some of the best anime of the previous season:

Sasaki And Miyano

Japanese Title Sasaki to Miyano
Genre Romance, Slice of Life
Studio Studio Deen
Number of Episodes on Funimation 12

Romance anime are already an acquired taste, and that goes double for boy love shows. Sasaki and Miyano tells the charming tale of two high school students who fall for each other, and the show allows their relationship to naturally develop rather than indefinitely postponing the inevitable.

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Along with the romance aspect, Sasaki and Miyano is also an adorable slice of life anime. Some of the series' greatest moments simply revolve around the everyday lives of the titular characters and the way they bring out the best in each other.

Akebi's Sailor Uniform

Japanese Title Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
Genre Slice of Life
Studio CloverWorks
Number of Episodes on Funimation 12

Although overshadowed by new shows like My Dress-up Darling and returning favorites such as Attack on Titan, Akebi's Sailor Uniform has gradually cemented itself as one of the better anime of the Winter 2022 season. Inspired by her mother, Komichi Akebi attends a school wearing an outdated sailor uniform, something that allows the girl to stand out as she seeks to make as many friends as possible.

Splendidly animated and relentlessly uplifting, Akebi's Sailor Uniform is a smile-a-minute anime that captures the most timeless elements of the slice of life genre.

Best Horror Anime On Funimation

Ghost Hunt

Japanese Title Ghost Hunt
Studio J.C.Staff
Number of Episodes on Funimation 25

Horror and anime do not regularly go hand-in-hand, but there are a couple of exceptions. Luckily for fans of the genre, most of the best horror anime are on Funimation, and Ghost Hunt is the most crowd-pleasing show on the service. Split into an array of cases, each arc follows Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama as they investigate all sorts of spooky tales, and they are accompanied by a quirky cast of recurring characters.

Ghost Hunt has haunted houses, creepy dolls, and a fair amount of genuine scares. The anime delivers traditional horror fit for Halloween night.

Boogiepop Phantom

Japanese Title Boogiepop wa Warawanai
Studio Madhouse
Number of Episodes on Funimation 12

An adaptation of Kouhei Kadono's light novel series, Madhouse's Boogiepop Phantom is a challenging sit, both thematically and narratively. Following a non-linear structure, the anime is simultaneously episodic and serial, as each chapter follows a different character who are connected through a shared event. Consequently, the story can be tough to follow at times, and the episodic narratives exist to further the anime's main psychological themes.

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Boogiepop Phantom is not going to be to everyone's tastes, and that is perfectly fine. However, the series is unique enough that it should be tried by anyone who is interested in horror.

Best Slice Of Life Anime On Funimation


Japanese Title Aria
Studios Hal Film Maker, TYO Animations
Number of Episodes on Funimation 52 + 4 OVAs

Slice of life tends to be associated with the mundane, but that is not fully accurate; rather, the genre depicts the everyday lives of its characters. In some cases, this involves attending school in a quiet Japanese town while leading a life free of worries. Other times, a character's "normal" involves ferrying a gondola on another planet that has been terraformed to resemble Venice.

Aria is therapeutic. Guiding viewers through a beautiful city alongside delightful and grounded characters, the anime will heal somebody's tired mind after a stressful day behind a desk.


Japanese Title Barakamon
Studio Kinema Citrus
Number of Episodes on Funimation 12

Following a public bust up with a critic, Seishuu Handa, a talented but indignant calligrapher, is sent to a remote island by his father. Initially, Seishuu sees this as an opportunity to focus on his work, but the artist soon finds that the locales will not leave him alone. This proves to be exactly what the arrogant guy needs.

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Hilarious and emotionally satisfying, Barakamon accomplishes a lot during its short runtime. Not only does it do a stellar job of establishing the culture of Goto Islands, but the anime guides Seishuu through a brilliant arc while also introducing a wide roster of three-dimensional characters. If someone is trying to introduce a friend to slice of life, Barakamon is the anime to pick.

Technically, Barakamon is a comedy, but the anime is an even better representative of the slice of life genre.

Best Drama Anime On Funimation

March Comes In Like A Lion

Japanese Title March Comes in Like a Lion
Studio Shaft
Number of Episodes on Funimation 44

Drama is such a vague concept that hundreds of shows could theoretically slot into the category, however, March Comes in Like a Lion is the definitive dramatic anime. Just to be clear, the show is not melodramatic or relentlessly sad; in fact, it has its fair share of lighthearted moments. That said, the anime's depiction of depression, bullying, and self-hatred is fantastic.

Rei is a young shogi player with a bright future, however, he is also social awkward and tends to isolate himself from everyone around him. Over its two seasons, March Comes in Like a Lion explores Rei on a psychological and emotional level, all the while introducing a myriad of nuanced characters who shape the protagonist's development without sacrifice their own lives.

Death Parade

Japanese Title Death Parade
Studio Madhouse
Number of Episodes on Funimation 12

Quindecim is a bar that exists outside of time and space, and its purpose is to decide who of the recently deceased deserves another chance or to be wiped out of existence. Governed by Decim, two people enter the bar and engage in some type of contest, the winner of which is awarded reincarnation.

Along with exploring the Quindecim's behind-the-scenes mechanics, Death Parade largely follows an episodic format at it dives into the lives of the story's competitors. Unsurprisingly, this is one intense anime.

Best Sci-Fi Anime On Funimation

Cowboy Bebop

Japanese Title Cowboy Bebop
Studio Sunrise
Number of Episodes on Funimation 26

By this point, it is almost a cliché to mention Cowboy Bebop in a "best of" list. It is the anime equivalent of saying Citizen Kane is the greatest movie of all time; nevertheless, a boring pick is deemed as such because it is usually valid. Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime on Funimation because it is among the greatest shows of all time, and its brilliance has not diminished at all over the last two decades.

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Throughout its 26 episodes, Cowboy Bebop delivers unforgettable standalone storylines and deep character studies for the main crew, all of which receive satisfying conclusions. The anime's music, visuals, and writing are all top-notch.

A Certain Scientific Railgun

Japanese Title A Certain Scientific Railgun
Studio J.C.Staff
Number of Episodes on Funimation 73

Kazuma Kamachi's A Certain Magical Index light novels are awesome, but its anime adaptation is a bit all over the place. While the first two seasons are passable interpretations of a great story, the anime's third series is a rushed mess that leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily, someone does not need to like or even watch A Certain Magical Index to enjoy A Certain Scientific Railgun, a spin-off that eclipses the main show in just about every way.

Set in Academy City, the anime follows Mikoto Misaka and her closest friends (or enemies) as they hang out, take part in festivals, and investigate conspiracies involving clones and human experimentation. Outside a few filler arcs, it is mostly riveting and entertaining stuff, and that includes a season 2 storyline that is a genuine contender for the best arc in anime history.

Best Shoujo Anime On Funimation

Fruits Basket

Japanese Title Fruits Basket
Studio TMS Entertainment
Number of Episodes on Funimation 63

Funimation has both the 2001 and 2019 adaptations of Fruits Basket; while the former has its moments, the latter is a far more enjoyable and complete experience. The homeless but still optimistic Tohru Honda moves in with the Sohma family, a highly respected group that hide a rather unique secret. It does not take too long for Honda to develop close friendships with the family's members, forming relationships that drive growth for everyone involved.

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Gorgeously animated, beautifully written, and narratively satisfying, Fruits Basket is one of the best anime on Funimation regardless of genre or demographic.

Kaleido Star

Japanese Title Kaleido Star
Studios Gonzo, G&G Entertainment
Number of Episodes on Funimation 51

A somewhat lesser-known shoujo anime, Kaleido Star is a character-driven drama set within a circus trope. Sora Naegino makes her way to the United States to pursue her dream of joining the eponymous Kaleido Star, a journey that has a rough start and hardly gets easier as things proceed. Although there are some fantastical elements, the 2004 anime predominantly focuses on the challenges faced by young performers seeking to survive in an industry that has little time for failure.

The characters make this anime, as they feel like real people rather than archetypes. The first season is stronger than the second, although the latter is still enjoyable and picks up steam nicely as it goes along.

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