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Better Call Saul: 10 Questions We Have Going Into The Final Season

Better Call Saul: 10 Questions We Have Going Into The Final Season Image
  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:10 AM

With the final season of Better Call Saul on the horizon, plenty of questions still needs to be answered before all is said and done.

p>The hit drama series Breaking Bad redefined television for the modern era, especially with its cathartic final season. Almost ten years later, its prequel series, Better Call Saul, is heading into its final thirteen episodes. While it'll surely be a bittersweet goodbye for fans, these episodes are bound to make TV history.

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Although the stakes are high, no fan of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul doubts the ability of showrunners Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan. Every loose end from both series is bound to be tied up in these final episodes. These ten questions involve the show's biggest story arcs that fans are excited to see resolved in the coming weeks.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

10 What Is Going To Happen To Gene?

Every season of Better Call Saul begins with a cold open that takes place post-Breaking Bad. The once smarmy criminal lawyer, played by Bob Odenkirk, is resigned to a managerial position at a Cinnabon, longing for his glory days. Shot in black-and-white, these vignettes have intrigued fans since the series' beginnings.

With each season, the story of Gene has slowly risen in stakes. The last time he was seen in Season 5, he frantically called the late Robert Forster's "Disappearer" after being recognized as Saul Goodman. However, Gene bravely hung up the call to handle it himself. What kind of trouble is Gene looking to get himself into?

9 Who Is Lalo Going After Next?

The fifth season ends with a suspenseful turn of events for the intimidating Lalo Salamanca. After an organized hit against him goes wrong, Lalo tells the only assassin left alive to inform his employer that he was killed. Noticing Nacho is missing, Lalo departs from his house, presumably to enact revenge.

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It seems obvious that Lalo's ire would be directed at Nacho, which would make sense. However, the writers of Better Call Saul are experts at misdirection, so perhaps Lalo has reason to believe that Jimmy and Kim are behind this. Either way, Jimmy certainly must assume that there's danger on the horizon from Lalo.

8 What Do Kim And Jimmy Have Planned For Howard?

The fifth season finds Kim Wexler fully joining Jimmy on the dark side. After a moment in the finale where Howard tries to persuade Kim that Jimmy is after him, Kim feels entitled to defend her now-husband. In the show's final moments, Kim proposes several ideas on how she and Jimmy can destroy Howard's career.

Suffice it to say, that things are not looking good for Howard going into the show's final season. Despite Jimmy's reservations, Kim seems serious about ruining the life of her former employer. Given all that Howard's been through, many viewers may hope he makes it out okay, though that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

7 How Does Jimmy Meet Gus?

By the time Saul Goodman is introduced in Breaking Bad, he's only a few episodes away from setting Walter White up to work for Gus Fring. However, across both shows, Jimmy and Gus have only interacted once. Furthermore, that interaction was at Gus's Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant, and neither knew the other's identity.

Jimmy and Gus are bound to have a proper first meeting in the final season. They have a common friend in Mike Ehrmantraut, whose allegiance to Gus over the past few seasons has been tested. Something big has to happen that pulls Jimmy McGill into the chicken entrepreneur's sphere of connections.

6 Which Breaking Bad Characters Will Appear?

Every season of Better Call Saul features cameo appearances by some fan favorites from the show's predecessor. Season 3, for instance, saw the much-anticipated return of Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring. Season 5 even surprised fans with the reappearance of DEA Agents Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez.

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Now that the show is getting closer to the Breaking Bad timeline, bigger cameos are bound to occur. It seems likely that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will play prominent roles in the show's final episodes. Other characters like Bill Burr's Patrick Kuby or the iconic Badger & Skinny Pete may also delight longtime fans of the show.

5 Will Jimmy Find Closure Over Chuck?

A large portion of Better Call Saul, thus far, has revolved around Jimmy's relationship with his brother, Chuck. Their conflict drove most of the early seasons, culminating in Chuck's apparent suicide at the end of Season 3. While Season 4 dealt with Jimmy's recovery (or, as it appears, lack of), Chuck's role in the show is bound to continue.

Since Chuck's death, Jimmy has remained steadfast in his journey to the dark side. He faked emotion over his brother's passing to worm his way back into practicing law, and he blew up at Howard Hamlin for offering him a job. Hopefully, Jimmy's difficult relationship with Chuck is something he can somehow come to terms with.

4 What's Next For Jimmy And Mike's Partnership?

Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut, for the most part, have almost been in two separate shows in Better Call Saul. Several times a season, they intertwine with common goals, especially towards the end of Season 5. However, their current working relationship seems already set up for the Breaking Bad timeline.

Mike's entry into Breaking Bad is not dissimilar to his entry in many of Jimmy's schemes in Better Call Saul. One of them calls the other for help, and they do it, no questions asked. However, a full season of Better Call Saul still remains for that partnership to become more or less complicated.

3 What Is Jimmy's Final Transformation Into Saul?

Despite the show nearing its conclusion, Jimmy McGill still has a long way to go before he becomes the sleazy, Bluetooth-wearing lawyer in Breaking Bad. There's certainly tragedy on the horizon for him, but how dark can it get for him to still be his cheery self around Walter White? Perhaps that change is not as sudden as it seems.

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It's possible that the persona of Saul Goodman we see in Breaking Bad is a front. Perhaps behind the scenes, Saul's slimy attitude fades away, and we get glimpses of the broken man hiding in between his dealings with Walt and Jesse. Or perhaps Saul is only a puppet for Kim, who is the real sleazeball running things.

2 Will Nacho Survive?

By the end of Season 5, Nacho chance's of survival seems slim. His role in the failed assassination attempt of Lalo is bound to have consequences. The question now is whether Nacho will escape to safety with his father, or face the wrong end of Salamanca's rage. The likely answer is, unfortunately, the latter.

That being said, Nacho's fate is bound to take viewers by surprise. Perhaps the character is due for an ending similar to Jesse Pinkman at the end of Breaking Bad. While El Camino was a great excuse to give the much-tortured Jesse some closure, perhaps Nacho riding off into the sunset to somewhere unknown is well-deserved.

1 What Happens To Kim?

When Better Call Saul began, viewers were watching how an upstart lawyer named Jimmy McGill falls from grace and becomes the morally bankrupt Saul Goodman. However, the show has evolved throughout six seasons. Now, the character viewers are more invested in is Kim Wexler, Jimmy's wife and partner-in-crime.

Given that Kim doesn't appear in Breaking Bad, and isn't even mentioned, her fate is truly one of the show's biggest mysteries. It's possible that she dies, but it's hard to imagine Jimmy recovering from a loss like that. Perhaps she's always been present during Breaking Bad, playing the role of Saul Goodman's Lady Macbeth.

Better Call Saul's sixth season will premiere on April 18, 2022 on AMC.

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