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Bizarre Elden Ring Invasion Ends in Explosive Death for Everyone

Bizarre Elden Ring Invasion Ends in Explosive Death for Everyone Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:10 PM

An Elden Ring player invades another world only to find themselves at the center of a creepy ritual that ends in the explosive death of everyone. 

p>Elden ring’s invasion mechanic is a series staple of FromSoftware games since Demon’s Souls on the PS3. It allows invaders to enter the games of other players to attack the host of that world. In every FromSoftware game certain areas have become hotspots for these invasions. However, knowing Elden Ring's hotspots allows host players to set up elaborate traps for invaders.

FromSoftware games have a reputation for difficult gameplay, combined with dark and hostile worlds with only a few sparse oases of safety. It's strange then just how many players use Elden Ring’s PvP purely for comedy, trying to delight and surprise exactly one other random person playing the game.

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This is what happened to Reddit user ShirouOgami69 when they invaded a team of three co-op players on the narrow mountain ridge that leads to Mountaintops of the Giants. Confronted with three players dressed the same and wildly emoting in the distance, the Reddit user immediately understands this isn't going to be a proper fight and so, playing along, allows the three players to surround them while blowing incessantly into trumpet hammers that aren't doing anything.

The Invasion then takes a sudden turn from harmless strangeness into fiery explosions as all three of the host players drink in unison from their Flasks of Wondrous Physick. This flask can be one of Elden Ring's most useful items as its effects can be customized, and clearly the host players flasks are equipped with the rarely used ruptured crystal tear. This causes all four players to explode sending each of them flying off the edge of the mountain. The immediate response from the comments of this post is that it gives extremely “Midsommar vibes” in reference to the ritual performance of the three host players.

The Interactions between silent strangers in Elden Ring is an intriguing look into how players will attempt to communicate with limited ability to do so, though most interactions in the game are fairly straightforward. Outside a boss gate co-op, players will almost always send a respectful emote to the other player or at least a few flurried crouches/blocks that all basically mean “good luck.” With invasions the game only gives the objective to fight each other, with no limits on when and how. This means invaders in Elden Ring often meet with bizarre and unexpected tactics.

Co-op players setting up traps for invaders In Elden Ring is nothing new, but as the game grows in popularity more players will become familiar with the tricks associated with each PvP area. Creating an elaborate cultish show for a player before exploding everyone might not be a very tactical way to deal with an invader, but it is certainly not something they’re likely to have seen before.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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