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Breath Of The Wild: How To Find & Defeat A Lynel

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:00 PM

Lynel can be found all throughout Breath of the Wild, offering a level of danger that can’t even be found with Calamity Ganon.

p>Breath of the Wild redefined The Legend of Zelda, but by taking the franchise back to its origins. After decades of styling games in the likeness of A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild marked a return to non-linear progression and freedom at any costs. Hyrule is bigger than it’s ever been, as well – and arguably even more dangerous. 

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Unlike most Zelda games, Breath of the Wild offers a respectable challenge through its enemy design: the most threatening being the Lynel. Lynel can be found all over Hyrule, offering a level of danger that can’t even be found with Calamity Ganon. They’re the hardest enemies in Breath of the Wild by a wide margin and just tracking down a Lynel can be a challenge in & of itself. 

Lynel Locations

The key to fighting any Lynel is making sure Link is prepared: from a stockade of food to as many weapons & arrows as you can carry, there’s no such thing as over preparing for a Lynel. Once players have felt they’ve prepared Link enough for the task, Lynels can be found by and around the following locations:

  • Akkala Wilds
  • Coliseum Ruins
  • Deplian Badlands
  • Drenan Highlands
  • East Deplian Badlands
  • First Gatehouse
  • Gerudo Summit
  • Great Plateau
  • Kamah Plateau

Even more Lynels can be found at: 

  • Lanayru Road – East Gate
  • Laporah Mesa
  • Lodrum Headland
  • N. Tabantha Snowfield
  • North Akkala Valley
  • Oseira Plains
  • Ploymous Mountain
  • Rowan Plain
  • Second Gatehouse

While Lynels can be comfortably found at these locations, it’s important to keep in mind that they aren’t static enemies. Breath of the Wild’s Lynels are broken down into 5 variants, all with their own unique stats, spoils, and weapons. 

Lynel Stats

Since Lynels come in 5 different variants, there’s always an element of tension to encountering one. All Lynels pose a decent in-game challenge, but it stands to reason the average player would rather take on a Red-Maned Lynel than a Silver one. 

  • Red-Maned Lynel: 2000 HP
  • Blue-Maned Lynel: 3000 HP
  • White-Maned Lynel: 4000 HP
  • Silver Lynel: 5000 HP
  • Golden Lynel: 7500 HP

The more health a Lynel has, the longer the fight lasts – forcing players to use more of their resources, potentially breaking items and eating through food they’ve otherwise been saving. It should also be noted that Golden Lynels are exclusive to Breath of the Wild’s Master Mode DLC, adding another layer of challenge to an already difficult game mode. 

Lynel Weapons

Lynels can be found with one of three different weapon sets: the Lynel Sword & Shield, the Lynel Spear, and the Lynel Crusher. Lynels also carry Bows with them that fire a range of Fire, Ice, Shock, and Bomb Arrows. All three Lynel weapon variants fight slightly differently, with their own distinctions to be mindful of. 

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Any Lynels wielding the Sword & Shield can damage Link with both and generally fight up close; Spear Lynel will charge after Link often and occasionally do ground strikes; and Crusher Lynel has a close range shockwave attack that can be especially difficult to dodge. All Lynels are extremely aggressive, whip out their bow when at far enough range, and will not rest until they kill Link. 

Stasis+ Abuse

Runes ostensibly replaced traditional dungeon equipment in Breath of the Wild, albeit not on a 1:1 scale. While Link does have a Bomb Rune – keeping the classic weapon accounted for – most are unique in function. Stasis in particular locks objects into place, allowing Link to get in free hits while building momentum that’ll send his target flying. 

Runes can also be upgraded, with Stasis+ allowing LInk to freeze enemies. By keeping a safe distance in-between Rune recharges, it’s perfectly reasonable and doable to wear down a Lynel through Stasis+ abuse. The amount of uninterrupted damage Link can get in goes a long way. 

Flurry Rush & Parrying

This is easier said than done, so get ready to do some practicing. Breath of the Wild added two reflex based mechanics to spice up combat: the Flurry Rush and Parrying. The Flurry Rush can be triggered by dodging right before an attack connects while Link Parries by doing the Shield Bash within the same timing.

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Since different Lynel wield different weapons, players will need to learn the dodge windows for every variant. Lynels are also incredibly fast, making the act of Flurry Rushing and Parrying accordingly an inherent challenge. Once both are mastered, however, Lynels will start dropping like flies. 

Mounting The Monster

For players struggling to master Flurry Rush and Parrying, Lynels have a weak point that can be easily abused with arrows. Not quite a headshot, Lynels have a sweet spot on their neck where – when shot – renders them immobile. 

This allows Link to actually mount the Lynel, getting in a series of free strikes in the process. If Link already has Revali’s Gale unlocked, it’s incredibly easy to just jump into the air, trigger bullet time, and stun lock a Lynel. With enough practice and arrows, targeting a Lynel’s weak point becomes second nature. 

Eat Before Fighting

Perhaps more important than anything, make sure Link actually eats before fighting any Lynels. There are countless recipes in Breath of the Wild that make dishes which can buff Link’s speed, attack, or defense. Certain dishes also offer temporary Hearts, allowing Link to survive damage that would otherwise kill or leave him in critical condition. Make sure to experiment with the cooking system and jot down recipes that buff Link’s stats. 

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