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Bridgerton: 10 Best Quotes From Season 2

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  • Posted on 04th Apr, 2022 02:32 AM

The second season of Bridgerton brought a wealth of new and memorable quotes. These are the best of the bunch.

p>Some were a little hesitant regarding the success of a second season with the absence of what could be recognized as Bridgerton's main characters. However, the second season has brought a new lease of life into this heartwarming and hilarious show as viewers revisit the Ton and explore the antics of the new marriage season.

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Along with these antics come some quotes that will be stuck in many fans' minds for years to come. Some of them are funny, some were the beginning of a rather complicated romance and some allowed many to see what these characters really think, feel, and believe. The release of Bridgerton Season Two brought a plethora of wonderful quotes, here are some of the best.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

10 "I Was Sharpening My Knives. For All Of You."

One of the first things fans and readers heard from Lady Whistledown after her hiatus was referencing the fact that she was "sharpening my knives" in preparation for the upcoming season. Instantly this sends fans and members of the Ton into an excited yet nervous state, wondering what she has in store.

It's the first time many get to hear from Lady Whistledown after finding out her true identity and really sets a precedent for what will occur throughout the second season. It throws everyone straight back into the drama of the Ton perfectly.

9 "This Is The Season The Viscount Intends To Find A Wife."

The relationship most of the Bridgertons have with each other means their household could be the focus of an entirely different show and would be one in which most fans never stop laughing. They all love each other but are filled with their own stubborn ideas and constantly argue with each other trying to change such ideas.

So, when Lady Violet Bridgerton announces, against her son's wishes that he wants to find a wife, it's undeniably hilarious. Anthony being swarmed instantly by tons of women he'd already rejected before talking to them was a sight many longed to see. It was the perfect punishment for him interviewing and disliking every eligible woman.

8 "Have You Found A Wife Yet? Or Are You Planning On Offending Every Young Girl Until There Are None Left?"

Watching Lord Anthony Bridgerton interviewing every poor girl in the Ton is almost laughably sad. He seems desperate to avoid looking for a love match and seems to terrify all the young girls he comes across.

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That combined with the hilarious words shared throughout all the Bridgerton boys makes any scene with them all present a joy to watch. This is where certain golden quotes come out that sum up the entire idea of the season without the need to expand. It definitely made most fans chuckle, if not for Anthony's hilarious reaction.

7 "I Take Issue With Any Man Who Views Women Merely As Chattels And Breeding Stock."

While it may have been incredibly entertaining to watch half the women in the ball come swarming around Anthony after his mother's less-than-subtle reveal, many began feeling that the women were really struggling to have any sort of personality or say in who they married.

This thought was made much worse after watching Anthony and his friends discuss what they are looking for in a wife. Thankfully, the saving grace comes in the form of thrilling strong-willed Kate. Watching her berate Anthony and attempt to force this stubborn man to see a different perspective was a joy to see.

6 "When You Are Invisible You Can Have All Of The Entertainment You Like Without Any Of The Expectations Popularity Brings."

Being the Wallflower can be both a blessing and a curse. For Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton, it's predominantly a blessing, but that doesn't make some of the interactions fans see with Penelope a little sad.

Nevertheless, when she explores how she can slip away into the night without people knowing or caring, many viewers end up wondering how they didn't see her being Lady Whistledown before. It's the kind of line that fits Penelope perfectly, both in a good way and in a bad way as viewers watch her try to make herself visible to Colin.

5 "Perhaps If The Queen Abandoned This Absurdity That Is The Diamond, We Would See That A Woman Could Be So Much More."

Some viewers, critics, and fans of Bridgerton season one were a little hesitant to see the next season. After all, without the two main focuses and the same sort of plotline seeming to occur, many were wondering what would be new. In fact, so were the characters in the Ton, often remarking how they wondered if Lady Whistledown would report on anything else.

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Much to many people's surprise, including Eloises', she began writing about something new. Something that could turn the Ton on its head and change the tide of the story as a whole. This was where the plot begin to widen and the story began to thrive.

4 "Beating You Feels The Same As Any Other Win, But Somehow Smells Sweeter."

While the complicated loves stay the same, many aspects of such a theme never fail to entertain. Just like The Duke and Daphne's complicated relationship that started with personal gain, then went into resentment which sprouted into love, Anthony and Kate's tumultuous relationship brings fans an endless amount of joy.

Their chemistry is like a breath of fresh air and is made clear during the races. It's the first time viewers really get to see the characters for how they would be, were the burden of class on their shoulders. The competitiveness between the two allows anyone to see what this season will be about.

3 "Edmund Was The Air That I Breathed. And Now There Is No Air."

Learning more about Edmund Bridgerton allowed for a more in-depth reveal into the minds of this wonderful family. Not only were many enabled to understand the heartbreak Lady Violet Bridgerton went through ten years before the first season.

However, it also enables many to learn about why Anthony Bridgerton thinks and acts the way he does. This line explores the hole Edmund left in their family's lives and the daily struggles each of them goes through in his absence.

2 "It Is Not A Man’s Title Or Appearance That Will Woo You. It Is His Mind And Spirit That Will Court Yours."

Spanning from the more feminist approach this season of Bridgerton seems to impart, the introduction of Kate and Edwina has been a welcome change. Especially with what Kate seems to say in response to the traditionalist views both men and women have in the Ton.

This sort of quote throws viewers into the series and forces them to see how much Kate will change the Ton and explore a different way of marriage, one that actually involves love.

1 "Your Character Is As Deficient As Your Horsemanship."

The beginning of the season where Kate and Anthony are racing along on their horses is one where many fans instantly see the spark. It may not be a bright burning spark or one that just gets stronger than there, but it's definitely viable.

That sort of flirtatious banter the two have makes this season unique and brings a lot of memorable moments to this wonderful period drama. Especially when Kate begins berating Anthony for his questionable words and even more questionable character when approaching marriage. It's a line many will struggle to forget.

Season Two of Bridgerton is available on Netflix.

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