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Call of Duty Fan Creates Awesome Painting of Zombies Mode

Call of Duty Fan Creates Awesome Painting of Zombies Mode Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 07:10 AM

A Reddit user uploads amazing artwork to commemorate the art design that can be found within the Call of Duty Zombies mode.

p>Call of Duty has been one of the most successful series in gaming over the past decade. While new modes like the extremely popular Warzone keep players entertained, the Zombies mode in the Call of Duty franchise is perhaps its most beloved.

Call of Duty Zombies has almost become its own game. There are tons of players who skip out on the multiplayer or campaign and jump straight into Zombies' endless hours of content. Whether it's shooting for high scores or working through the games' wonderful stories and easter eggs, the Zombies mode has a cult-like following that can't get enough of the fun.

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When a game has a following that loves the content, many like to create artwork to show off their appreciation. One Reddit user recently uploaded a gorgeous piece of artwork to do just that. Kino Der Toten is one of the favorite levels in the COD Zombies games, first appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The artwork by Reddit user u/amadeuschaves is beautiful. It perfectly encapsulates Kino Der Toten, which means Cinema of the Dead in German. The digital painting has a watercolor feel to it, and is the details, right down to the teammate who needs a revive and the number of perks the player has, are remarkable.

While Call of Duty may not be the first place people go to when thinking of the best artwork in gaming, the Zombies mode is an area where the developers seem to stretch their creative legs with detailed, gory, and often mesmerizing work. The fans certainly appreciate the work that goes into Zombies, and recreating pieces of the game with artwork of their own is just one way that becomes evident.

There are rumors that the next Call of Duty will remake the TranZit map from Black Ops 2. While that isn't confirmed yet, some would prefer the more intimate levels like Kino Der Toten. While TranZit was massive, with varied areas and different tasks that needed to be completed, Kino Der Toten was claustrophobic and small, which is more of the classic Zombies feel.

Call of Duty 2020 has a ton of potential for Zombies. Like a zombie's love for brains, the fans seem to have an insatiable appetite for COD Zombies. Because players didn't get a Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, they are that much more eager to get some new content.

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