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  • Posted on 19th May, 2022 04:45 AM

Wondering which Assault Rifles you should run with in Call of Duty: Mobile? This guide will detail the best and worst of them.

p>Call Of Duty: Mobile has come a long way since its release back in 2019 and has continued leading in the world of mobile gaming. There are many features in the game that make it more enjoyable than your typical mobile offerings, and its various game modes and weapons put COD: Mobile in a class of its own.

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As with any other shooter game, there are different classes of weapons. From assault rifles to deadly sniper rifles, there are plenty to go around. Assault rifles have classically been a safe go-to for series veterans, and the trend holds true in the franchise's mobile iteration. Let's take a look at the best assault rifles the game has to offer as well as some of the worst. Though all weapon stats can be increased with the right attachments, we'll be looking at them based on their stats without attachments.

Updated August 27th, 2021 by Robert Ugwu Obinna: Over the several seasons of COD: Mobile, various weapons have been updated while some new ones were introduced. With these many changes, it has been made certain that no weapon will hold the top spot for too long. Some assault rifles have been nerfed and removed from the article entirely, though there's always a chance that they could make a comeback in upcoming seasons of COD: Mobile. If one hopes to continue dominating matches in the game, then it's essential to be up to speed with these changes.

10 AK-47

The AK-47 might not be the best according to the numbers, but it's definitely not to be overlooked. The difference in stats compared to other assault rifles isn't really that much, and it is respectable in most areas. The Ak-47 offers 33 Damage, 67 Accuracy, a solid Fire Rate of 55, and a range of 58.

When it comes down to Mobility, the AK-47 rifle is as mobile as they come as it has a rating of 74. Any player can feel confident while using this gun in any game mode. With a little upgrade, it will definitely hold its own against the rest.

9 Man-O-War

This is yet another powerful weapon to use in COD: Mobile. With its three shots to kill potential, the Man-O-War definitely dominates in those medium and long-range gunfights. Its stats are quite similar to that of the ASM10. The Man-O-War's Damage is 37, while it boasts an Accuracy of 69, a Fire Rate of 50, and a Range of 56. Though its range is just slightly higher than the ASM10, this difference is negligible.

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Even without attachments, this gun poses a threat to every opposing team member. When wielded by a pro player, it can be quite bothersome.

8 Type 25

While this gun has one of the highest numbers among assault rifles when it comes to Fire Rate, the Type 25's Range and Accuracy are both of its Achilles' heels. With its range being 47, this gun has one of the lowest scores of all the assault rifles in this area. It has a Damage of 24 and an Accuracy of 49 (which is also the lowest of all the assault rifles).

Though the Type 25 tries to make up for all this with a Fire Rate of 67, it falls short on the most important aspects.

7 HVK-30

This is one of the funnier-looking assault rifles in COD: Mobile. This intimidating gun falls short in the areas one would expect it to excel in. At 23, its Damage is desperately low. Its Accuracy is 55 and its range is 51.

What really sets it apart is its Fire Rate of 71. With all these in mind, it's a wonder this gun is still one of the best-performing weapons in the game, but facts are facts. The HVK-30 is still being used to dominate in ranked matches as well as the battle royale.

6 Peacekeeper MK2

The Peacekeeper is a really versatile weapon that fits different plays styles, from passive to aggressive gaming styles. With 26 Damage, 58 Accuracy, 50 Range, 65 Fire Rate, 82 Mobility, and 54 Controls, the Peacekeeper is not to be underestimated.

This weapon can even be used in place of SMGs due to its incredible mobility to rush enemies, and the Peacekeeper intimidates almost every assault rifle when it comes to mobility. This gun can quickly make any pro player into a menace during matches.

5 ASM10

This rifle checks all the boxes for the best assault rifle experience. It has a Damage of 34, Accuracy of 72, Fire Rate of 55, and a Range of 48. These figures are quite high compared to some other assault rifles in the game.

The gun's accuracy varies at different distances depending on the player, but most can agree that this gun is almost unstoppable in close range — especially when the player using it lands a shot first. Its only drawback is mobility. Opponents using this gun should be approached with the same gun and a good plan. Otherwise, it's best to avoid them.

4 CR-56 AMAX

Though it was released not too long ago inside of COD: Mobile, the CR-56 AMAX has worked its way to the top, being among the best assault rifles in the game.

This gun comes with 25 Damage, 50 Accuracy, 51 Range, 51 Controls, a Fire Rate of 71, and a great Mobility rating of 76. The latter two stats make the CR-56 AMAX one of the best assault rifles in COD: Mobile.

3 DR-H

This gun was once considered to be the best assault rifle in COD: Mobile, but perhaps its biggest disadvantages were its magazine size and its weight. When it comes to stats, the DR-H offers 32 Damage, 63 Accuracy, 57 Fire Rate, 57 Controls, 79 Mobility, and a Range of 64.

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While it can only carry 20 bullets at a time and tends to put its users in dire straits when it runs out of juice in front of an enemy, the DR-H is still pretty lethal in close-range combat.

2 AK117

The AK117 falls among those assault riffles with a very high Fire Rate, although this weapon is very simple to use because of its easy-to-control recoil. Consequently, players can absolutely rely on this weapon to win gunfights.

The AK117 has 25 Damage, 62 Accuracy, 45 range, 46 control, 75 mobility, and a fast Fire Rate of 77. This weapon is best used for close to medium-range gunfights because there are assaults rifles that beat it when it comes to long-distance shootouts.


This is by far the best assault rifle this season in COD: Mobile. With a high rate of fire and fast kill time, the AS VAL takes the top spot amongst other assault rifles in the game.

It has a Damage of 28, an Accuracy of 44, and a decent range of 50. Furthermore, the AS VAL has a Fire Rate of 80, mobility of 83, and a control of 47. With these great stats, this gun makes for an excellent SMG substitute while fulfilling its role as an assault rifle.

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