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Chainsaw Man: 8 Things You May Not Know About Makima

Chainsaw Man: 8 Things You May Not Know About Makima Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 03:25 AM

The villainous Makima in Chainsaw Man is both fascinating and mysterious. Here's what fans may not know about her.

p>Makima is by far one of the most popular characters in the entire Chainsaw Man series. Despite her status as a cruel villain, readers and viewers continue to always support her and maintain her status as a fan favorite. Makima is incredibly mysterious and often difficult to read, so it's only natural that fans want to know more about her.

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Her true identity was kept a secret for a good portion of the series, so there are quite a few small details that some audiences may have initially glossed over or missed entirely. Here are some trivia facts about Chainsaw Man's Makima that some fans may not have already known.

Disclaimer: Major spoilers ahead!

8 Her Character Came From Two Main Sources Of Inspiration

Makima's character was made with the inspiration of two other anime characters; Benten from The Eccentric Family and Haruko Haruhara from FLCL. Benten, being a magical being that is feared by others, has her own feelings and issues that "lowly" regular human beings could never even begin to understand. Benten and Makima both have these very complex, unique emotions that stem from difficulties that humans could never truly relate to; making a clear line that separates them from the rest of humanity and those around them, unable to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Meanwhile, Haruko from FLCL is where Fujimoto states that Makima inherited her manipulative side. Both Haruko and Makima are unpredictable characters that aren't scared to act as selfishly as possible, as long as it means they can achieve their goals in the end.

7 She Is The First Of The Four Horsemen To Appear In The Series

According to Makima, there are a total of four devils that still remember the names of the devils that were once devoured by the Chainsaw Devil. These four devils are known as the Four Horsemen and are some of the most powerful devils of all.

The Four Horsemen may be grouped together by title, but all are after the Chainsaw Devil for different, personal reasons. Makima is the very first of the Four Horsemen to appear in the series, as the feared Control Devil. So far, audiences have only met Makima and Yoru, the War Devil.

6 Her Eyes Are A Hint About Her True Identity

Many fans were immediately taken by Makima ever since her first appearance (just like Denji). Many fans gravitated toward her, despite her coming off as a bit suspicious or even untrustworthy. There is one particular thing about her character design that makes her seem absolutely mesmerizing: her eyes.

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Makima has large yellow eyes with red glowing rings within them that look eerily similar to a hypnotic spiral optical illusion. This swirling pattern is often associated with putting people under hypnosis, hinting at her ability to control/hypnotize those around her.

5 She Has A Hidden Easter Egg Hidden In Her Name

The etymology of Makima's name serves as yet another little hint towards her true identity and genuine motives. The katakana (a Japanese lettering system) of Makima's name may seem a bit nonsensical at first, however, the first half of her name "maki" comes from the word "makita". Makita is a Japanese power tool manufacturer that is well-known for its branded chainsaws.

This is a nod to her true identity as the Control Devil and how she stated that she had always been a big fan of the Chainsaw Devil and idolized his power and status as a devil that consumes the identities of other devils.

4 Her Control Powers Extend Past Human Beings

Makima, as the Control Devil, isn't limited to controlling and manipulating the human beings around her, but much, much more. Makima can control just about anyone or anything that believes they are inferior to herself; this extends to devils, fiends, hybrids, and even animals. In one scene it's shown that she can "borrow" the hearing of many small animals in order to keep track of any targets of interest.

She can also control entities while also manipulating certain aspects of their personality; such as when Quanxi reappeared (seemingly under Makima's control) and acts very affectionately towards Makima instead of hostile like she had been prior.

3 She Owns A Framed Illustration Of Paradise Lost

It seems as if the Chainsaw Man series loves hiding important clues that serve as foreshadowing about the plot. The daunting painting Makima has hanging in her hallway is one of the Illustrations of Paradise Lost by French 1800s artist, Gustave Doré. This particular work is the twelfth illustration in the series and depicts the fall of Lucifer.

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The story of Lucifer is one of a fall from grace; an angel in the good graces of heaven, banished to earth and turned into a devil himself. Much like how Makima was feared as one of the most powerful devils of all time, she had eventually fallen from her pedestal, much like Lucifer, due to her pride. Despite her immense power as the Control Devil, one of the Four Horsemen, she still sought more power, wanting the Chainsaw Devil's power in order to rule the world and essentially become a god; this act of pride then lead to her ultimate downfall.

2 She Owns A Total Of Seven Dogs (Eight, Including Denji)

Being the cold, manipulative devil of domination, it seems a bit out of character for Makima to have a soft spot for animals that many would assume are "beneath" her. However, after revealing that Makima had always longed for a family, feeling truly loved, and building genuine relationships with those around her, it made perfect sense that Makima enjoyed coming home to wildly affectionate dogs every night after doing all the dirty work on her job.

While many of her dogs are unnamed (so far), it is revealed that she perhaps has a sweet tooth as she has two dogs named Tiramisu and Custard. It is eventually revealed that Denji does go on to take care of all of Makima's dogs after her passing, however, in one scene, Denji is seen with eight dogs instead of the original seven! Perhaps two of the dogs were in love and gifted Denji with a new pup as a thank you for their adoption.

1 She Placed 2nd In Both Japanese Popularity Polls

Japan loves their popularity polls and keeping track of which characters are the favorites and which ones fans need more time to get to know. Despite her suspicious behavior and the revelation of her true identity and motives, Makima still placed second in both popularity polls.

Losing to Power, but still sitting pretty in the top three, it's clear that fans aren't too upset about Makima's devious intentions and attitude. Or perhaps fans simply sympathized with poor Makima in the end, feeling sorry for her inability to establish meaningful connections with those around her. In the end, her pretty face also probably helped convince fans to forgive her right away.

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