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Chainsaw Man: 8 Things You May Not Know About Power

Chainsaw Man: 8 Things You May Not Know About Power Image
  • Posted on 26th Sep, 2022 13:10 PM

These interesting trivia tidbits about Chainsaw Man's Power may come as a surprise to some fans of the popular manga and anime series.

p>Blood Fiend and Denji's best friend, Power is easily a Chainsaw Man fan favorite. Power may be a bit rough around the edges, but, at the end of the day, she'll always do what it takes to keep those she cares about safe and sound (especially her cat!). However, aside from Power's small flashback about her cat Meowy, fans didn't really get to see too much of Power's past and full story.

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With Power being as popular as she is, it's only natural that fans find themselves wondering if there were any small details about her that may have been missed on the first read or watch of the series. Here are some interesting trivia tidbits about Chainsaw Man's Power that some fans may not know.

The following article contains major spoilers for Chainsaw Man

8 She Can Transform If She Ingests Too Much Blood

It's known that in the Chainsaw Man world, devils get their strength and power from ingesting blood. It's essential for Denji and Power to drink blood every now and then to maintain their strength as devils to fight off any threats. However, something curious happens to Power when she ingests too much.

After Power had apparently had a bit too much to drink, Denji noticed that she sprouted extra horns the following morning! According to Makima, this can be dangerous, and if Power continues to ingest too much blood, she could continue to transform. Power doesn't seem to make this a habit as Makima has stated that if it becomes an issue, they'll have no choice but to "drain" Power of the extra blood to keep her at a manageable form.

7 Her Cat Has Two Different Names

No matter how hard a studio tries to keep a new animated series as faithful to the original manga as possible, there will always be a few details that get tinkered with in the end. Power's little feline friend that she protects throughout the series actually has two different names thanks to the wonders of different languages and translations.

While names are usually kept when translating an anime script, Power's cat Nyako was given a new name in the English translation of the manga. "Nyako" may sound like a cute name but stems from the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound that cats make and doesn't have the same pun in English. In Japan, the word for "meow" is "nya/nyan" so it was only fitting that Nyako was then changed to Meowy in the English translation due to localization.

6 She Had Two Surprising Sources Of Inspiration For Her Personality

In a 2020 and 2021 interview, Fujimoto revealed that Power's personality was inspired by Eric Cartman from South Park and Walter Sobchak From The Big Lebowski. Eric Cartman is known as an incredibly immature, angry, and self-absorbed young child which doesn't seem too far off from Power herself.

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Meanwhile, Walter Sobchak is a Vietnam War veteran that tends to be passive-aggressive and rather stubborn when dealing with any kind of conflict. He's known to be rather reckless and obnoxiously confident in himself and his skills which definitely shows in Power's overall finished character.

5 Her Full Devil Form Is Only Seen Once

Much like Denji, Power's full devil form has only been unleashed once throughout the series so far. It seems as if Makima is the only enemy powerful enough to force both Power and Denji to go all out in battle.

In Power's Blood Devil form, she still maintains a (fairly) humanoid stature with four arms and all of her limbs discolored, and has a triangular head with sharp teeth and cross-like pupils. Power's Blood Devil form also has an open rib cage, and, much like Denjis' full Devil form, Power also has exposed intestines that she wears near/around her neck area.

4 It's Implied That She Had Romantic Feelings For Denji At One Point

Over time, it becomes increasingly clear that Denji isn't attracted to Power romantically. He cares for her deeply and one could even say that Denji loves Power since he was willing to do whatever it took to take care of her when she was unwell. However, it was all in a very platonic way.

Denji, as girl crazy as he is, didn't feel anything special when he was caring for Power; likely because he eventually began to see her as a sister figure rather than a love interest. However, it is implied that at one point, Power did have romantic feelings for Denji but ultimately accepts that Denji didn't reciprocate her feelings and decides that Denji would earn the grand title of her first dear friend.

3 Her Name Originated From The Christian Angelic Hierarchy

There are many biblical references within the Chainsaw Man series as the story deals with devils, it's only natural that angels are incorporated as well. Power's name comes from the second hierarchal sphere of heavenly governors. The angel hierarchy is split up into three different tiers: heavenly councilors, heavenly governors, and heavenly messengers.

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The second sphere consists of dominions, virtues, and powers, which is the origin of Power's name. Meanwhile, Dominions is likely a reference to Makima's status as the Control Devil, known as the Devil of Domination or Dominion.

2 She Has Only Made One Contract

Almost every main character in the series has made at least one contract with the exception of Power, at least until the end of Makima's arc, that is. Power is a Blood Fiend and doesn't need to rely on another devil to help her out when fighting on the job.

However, nearing the end of Makima's arc, Power finally makes her very first contract with Denji, sacrificing herself, and giving up her own life for him to have the strength to finally beat Makima once and for all. Her only real term for Denji was that he tries his best to find her again after her reincarnation and befriend her once again. Hopefully, this is a hint that Power will make a surprise return one day later in the series!

1 Her Breast Pads Ranked 25th On The Popularity Polls

Power is a clear fan favorite as she took first place in the first Japanese popularity poll and came in third in the second popularity poll. However, it seems as if something that belongs to Power also made the popularity polls!

In one scene where Power decides to fulfill her promise to Denji and allow him to finally touch her breasts, she admits to using breast pads to appear bustier than she actually is. Apparently, the fandom loved her little gag so much that her breast pads placed as high as 25th in the second popularity poll!

Maybe one of these days, Power's breast pads will surpass Kobeni's car that took 4th place!

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