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ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley Changed The Narrative of Solo-Developed Games

ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley Changed The Narrative of Solo-Developed Games Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:55 PM

With Haunted Chocolatier on the horizon, Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone's lone development process has become rather fashionable for the indie scene.

p>With the success of Stardew Valley, lone developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone saw acclaimed for his ability to craft a game that was not only a charming distraction, but one that was full of content. The dozens of hours that it takes to create, nurture, and uphold a farm with crops and plenty of livestock; all while making a home for one of Stardew's available bachelors or bachelorettes; are some of the most engaging hours that can be spent with an indie game. Barone's efforts don't end there though, as he continues to make the game better and more full with each new update.

The announcement of Haunted Chocolatier in October 2021 shows a game with an art style and vibe similar to that of Stardew Valley. With both titles being made by the same creative mind, fans are excited to see the new title release. Barone's lone creation was admired, and has helped change the way many see solo-developed games. What was once cause for hesitation is now an intriguing thought, as titles made by such a small 'team' allows for one creative vision to come through in the final product.

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The History of Solo-Developed Games

Games crafted by a lone person weren't anything new by the time Stardew Valley arrived in 2016. Titles like Fez by Phil Fish, Thomas Was Alone by Mike Bithell, and the wildly successful Undertale by Toby Fox set a high standard for independently made games. Each are truly innovative, offering unique mechanics and experiences that highlight just how good a project can be when it's free from the restrictions of publisher expectations and outside influence.

However, one person's vision doesn't always wield fantastic results, as seen with Howard Scott Warshaw's infamous video game adaptation of the film E.T: The Extra Terrestrial. Time constraints were a huge factor in its failure. With Stardew Valley's announcement in 2012 and release in 2016, ConcernedApe's four-year development cycle was thankfully far more than the five weeks Warshaw had.

Stardew Valley is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

The time it took to make Stardew Valley did not go to waste. Including a wide range of activities and a gameplay loop that lends itself beautifully to long play sessions and pick-up tendencies, Stardew Valley takes dozens of hours to get the full experience, not to mention the litany of interesting mods that can change Stardew drastically. Fans are still playing the game years after its release, finding new ways to create a successful farm, woo the local townsfolk, and discover all the game's subtle secrets. ConcernedApe isn't the first to forge something unforgettable, but the game's longevity means it will likely stay with players.

Haunted Chocolatier will reuse some features from Stardew Valley, but expands on the formula with more dialogue options, a new setting, and an emphasis on combat. It's exciting for fans, but it also shows ConcernedApe's dedication to his craft, bringing players something new instead of a half-baked follow-up. In an increasingly crowded space of solo games, the way Barone has approached development has undoubtedly been to the benefit of the consumer and other developers. Stardew Valley shows that a lofty vision combined with hard work can pay off, and the ConcernedApe icon, as well as publisher Chucklefish, are now considered signs of quality.

Barone is not only one of the most beloved solo developers, but his success with Stardew Valley means each project he's working on is met with anticipation befitting any AAA release. Haunted Chocolatier is already garnering fan theories, and it has yet to even receive a release date. Barone set the gold standard, not just for independent games, but the farming simulator genre itself, besting the likes of even its inspirations like Natsume's Harvest Moon. The impact ConcernedApe has had is huge, and with so many more games being created by just one person on the horizon, players have much to thank him for.

Stardew Valley is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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