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Control Story Trailer Channels Alan Wake Horror

Control Story Trailer Channels Alan Wake Horror Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 03:50 AM

Remedy Entertainment's new story trailer for its action-adventure game Control shows how the developer is revisiting themes from Alan Wake.

p>Control, Remedy Entertainment's 2019 action-adventure game, is ready to show off its horror inner leanings. Monday morning Remedy released a new story trailer for Control, more an exploration of the game's atmosphere and unsettling tone than its structured storytelling. The trailer's reality-bending content also hearkens back to one of Remedy's past cult hits, Alan Wake, with how it seems to be toying with the player's perception.

Trailers for Control up until now have largely focused on protagonist Jesse Faden being introduced to what's called the Oldest House. The  Oldest House is a building run by the Federal Bureau of Control and hides a paranormal secret at its heart. While Jesse is at first only searching for her brother, Dylan Faden, who the FBC kidnapped as a young boy, Jesse is quickly caught up in a disaster at the Oldest House that has unleashed an otherworldly force known as the Hiss.

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This new trailer trends more toward the psychological. Faden is listening to a man talk about a dream. The man may be her brother, Dylan, but it isn't clear. He's dreamt of the Hiss breaking free and humanity split between being terrified and welcoming. Meanwhile the imagery on-screen flashes between confusing, abstract, and often unnatural scenes. The trailer closes with a scene featuring Faden, calm, having a gun placed against her own head.

Fans of Alan Wake will be certain to find something to be excited with from the trailer. Whether it's the dichotomy of light and dark or the way that the protagonist seems to be struggling with knowing what is real and what isn't, the parallels are clear. While Alan Wake's Lovecraftian Dark Presence may be different than Control's alien Hiss, both threaten a loss of identity and control. Both games challenge their protagonists to explore a labyrinth, to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

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Players will discover just what Control is and isn't when the game launches, but there appears to be much more to it than first impressions indicate. This new trailer shows deeper influences like Alan Wake or even the Dead Space franchise, with its Black Marker and Isaac's loose grip on sanity. It's less surprising to hear that Control game director Mikael Kasurinnen has compared the game to a Stanley Kubrick film.

One thing that's significantly different for certain though is that Control's gameplay is near incomparable to Alan Wake. Control will have fast-paced, gripping action, a stark contrast to the slower pace of Alan Wake. The player will have several powers including levitation and telekinesis, as well as a powerful gun named the Service Weapon.

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Control releases August 27 on PC,  PS4, and Xbox One.

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