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Crusader Kings 3: How To Increase Prestige Quickly

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:11 PM

In Crusader Kings 3, Prestige is essential to growing one's empire. Here's how to quickly increase your reputation in the game.

p>There's no denying that money and military power are both extremely important in Crusader Kings 3. A character's reputation, however, proves to be just as important in the medieval world. As such, players should never discount Prestige when formulating their calculations. A ruler who fails to generate sufficient Prestige is doomed to the dustbin of history in Crusader Kings 3.

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As with gold, garnering large amounts of Prestige relatively quickly is the ultimate strategy. Nevertheless, pulling it off can often be easier said than done. Characters who are already well-equipped to lead their country should find that accumulating substantial Prestige in their lifetime is a highly achievable goal. Just use the following strategies to accomplish the task.

Updated April 2, 2022 by Mark Hospodar: Crusader Kings 3: Console Edition has finally been released, giving even more players the opportunity to experience the popular medieval simulator. Alongside wealth and territorial conquest, players can't ignore the finer points of gaining prestige in CK3. After all, a king is nothing without prestige! This guide has been expanded to incorporate a few more points regarding prestige gain in CK3.

8 Create New Titles

Depending on the player character's starting position, creating new titles is something that can be done quite early in a game. Adding new titles to a ruler's resume guarantees a significant increase in Prestige. It will cost some gold, but a new title is well worth the price.

Loftier titles grant more Prestige to the person creating them. Obviously, kingdom and empire-tier titles are more prestigious than counties and duchies. Players should amass as many titles as are within their means. A word of warning, though. Be sure to grant some titles to one's vassals, in order to avoid penalties and general resentment. Keeping the vassals happy is important.

7 Call Hunts & Hold Feasts

One of the most straightforward ways of garnering Prestige is through Decisions. Once players have a bit of gold saved up, they should get into the habit of enacting regular Hunts and Feasts. Doing so will fire some event chains, after which the player stands to gain easy Prestige.

It's worth noting, however, that these events don't guarantee success every time. Players can actually lose Prestige if things don't pan out well. The cooldown period for both these events is 5 years, so a little bit of patience is required for this method.

6 Winning Wars & Raiding Lands

Unsurprisingly, winning wars can do a lot for a ruler's public image. Whether offensive or defensive, emerging victorious from a conflict is a great way to boost Prestige and potentially expand the realm at the same time. By a similar token, coming to the aid of an ally in their war will also boost Prestige, assuming the player character actually contributes something to the war effort.

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For cultures that are allowed to do it, raiding also offers a simple method of gaining Prestige. The best part is that players can raid foreign lands without having to resort to full-scale war. Besiege a holding, plunder the loot, and skedaddle before the enemy knows what hit him. Not only does this boost Prestige, but nets riches as well.

5 Focus On Fashion At The Royal Court

Crusader Kings 3's Royal Court DLC, as its name suggests, overhauls a king/emperor's court. Along with it come new opportunities to increase one's Prestige. A Royal Court can be customized in several ways, one of which is through various Amenities.

Focusing on Fashion at the court grants a bonus to Monthly Prestige gain. At Level 5, this buff translates into a +8% Monthly Prestige gain! Granted, fans will have to put some work into achieving this outcome, but the rewards can be worth it for players hungry for ever more Prestige.

4 Construct Buildings That Grant Prestige

Players who prove thrifty with their finances will have plenty of extra gold for construction projects. Upgrading a county's structures, as well as building brand new ones at regular intervals, is highly recommended. Prioritizing buildings that grant further increases to Monthly Prestige gain is a sound strategy in this regard.

Many buildings grant Monthly Prestige bonuses. A player's options will often depend on researched Innovations, Culture, Religion, etc. However, if fans are willing to make the requisite investments in time and gold, they will find that every little bonus to Monthly Prestige quickly adds up.

3 Arrange Beneficial Marriages

It's difficult to overemphasize the importance of marriage in Crusader Kings 3. If players wish to gain a hefty amount of Prestige for their character or their heirs, then arranging a beneficial marriage is highly recommended. This strategy typically involves marrying above one's current station in some manner.

For example, if the player's dynasty is relatively obscure, try marrying into one that's already famous. Marry a member of the Carolingian or Salian dynasties. Or, if one's character is a lowly count or duke, try arranging a marriage with the relative of a king or emperor. Not every offer will be accepted, but there's plenty to gain from the Prestige and the promise of future title claims.

2 Focus On Diplomacy

Out of all the five core attributes, Diplomacy is the most important if choosing to prioritize Prestige. When selecting a Lifestyle Focus, it's beneficial to select Majesty, which imparts an extra +1 Monthly Prestige. This Focus can easily start paying dividends in a short time and works well with the other strategies outlined above.

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In addition, the August Perk Tree provides some useful bonuses for Prestige accruement. Firm Hand grants +1 Monthly Prestige per dread. Praetorian Guard also gives +2% Monthly Prestige per Knight in the ruler's service. Consider giving one's primary heirs a Diplomatic education, to set them on the right path early.

Spouses & Chancellors

When seeking to maximize Prestige through the Diplomacy skill, it's best not to forget about one's spouse. A spouse with a high Diplomacy stat can contribute 50% of their skill for the player character's benefit. In the case of Diplomacy, this can be done through the Court Politics task. A higher overall Diplomacy stat for the player character means more Monthly Prestige.

By the same token, a player's Chancellor can also help with Prestige accruement. Through the Foreign Affairs task, a Chancellor generates +0.05 Prestige per Councilor Skill. In other words, a Chancellor with above-average Diplomacy can garner more Prestige for the player while this task is active. Rulers shouldn't be afraid to rely on those closest to them!

1 Become The Chancellor For Your Liege

Depending on the setup, a player may not always be an independent ruler. Nevertheless, answering to a higher authority isn't always a bad thing. One surefire way to gain a nice chunk of Prestige regularly is by becoming the Chancellor for your liege. Player characters who are proficient in Diplomacy are likely to get an offer for this post.

Alternatively, even if a character isn't very good at Diplomacy, overlords may still offer someone a Council position if the player character is a Powerful Vassal. Either way, becoming a Chancellor nets a steady stream of Monthly Prestige. Being a Chancellor for a Count results in +0.5 Monthly Prestige, a Duke +1 Monthly Prestige, a King +2 Monthly Prestige, and an Emperor +3 Monthly Prestige.

Crusader Kings 3 is currently available on PC, macOS, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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