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Days Gone New Gameplay Details: Customization, Difficulty, and More

Days Gone New Gameplay Details: Customization, Difficulty, and More Image
  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 21:20 PM

A recent interview with Days Gone creative director John Garvin reveals new gameplay details involving customization, difficulty, and more for the action-adventure title.

p>Undoubtedly, many would consider Sony and Bend Studio's forthcoming action-adventure game Days Gone to be one of the most highly anticipated PS4 exclusives, as the title has the potential to reinvigorate both the post-apocalyptic and zombie genres. With this being the case, fans have been calling for as much information about the project as possible, and a slew of new gameplay details involving customization, difficulty, and more that recently became available should slake their thirst.

Several days ago, Days Gone creative director John Garvin held an interview with Game Informer, in which the former was asked myriad questions in rapid-fire succession, which has shed new light on the title's gameplay. When it comes to customization, it has been revealed that the protagonist Deacon St. John's motorcycle can be upgraded and altered insofar as its paint job, muffler, handling, and speed boosts are concerned, but the character himself cannot have his appearance altered.

Later on in the interview, Garvin touches on Days Gone's difficulty, as the interviewer simply asks whether or not the game will be tough, with the creative director confirming as much. Not much else is revealed in this regard, but it does indicate that Bend Studio intends on giving fans a challenge. Those who wish to see what kinds of trials lay ahead of them would do well to check out the first hour of gameplay.

One question that bears some delicious fruit comes from the interviewer asking Garvin if there are big cities in the game, with the creative director saying that Days Gone does feature "massive metropolitan areas like Marion Forks [Oregon]." In order to determine its actual size, Garvin is asked, "How big?" and he answers that the area contains roughly "800 people". However, it's not determined how the population will be represented in the game, whether it be through lore or an actual city of NPCs.

Garvin is asked a plethora of different questions as the interview progresses, with the Days Gone creative director confirming that players will be slowly clearing out the fog of war on the map to have the opportunity to fast travel at later points. What's more is that Deacon St. John's bike will break down in the field, and the vehicle can be lost, which will force players to get out in the field and find it again. Additionally, there will be dynamic weather patterns, a potential photo mode to come after launch, in-game stats like total Freakers killed, collectible loot, and PS4 Pro enhancements.

Finally, and potentially the most interesting detail tangentially related to Days Gone, Garvin shares that the action-adventure release will come out before The Last of Us: Part 2, which implies that he has insider knowledge insomuch as the Naughty Dog game being slated to hit store shelves next year is concerned. This is due to the fact that Sony Bend's title comes out in early 2019, but of course, with game development being a continuous and ever-changing process, the release windows for both could become different at a moment's notice. At any rate, even more information about Days Gone and The Last of Us: Part 2 ought to come to light during Sony's PlayStation E3 2018 press conference next month.

Days Gone is currently scheduled to release at some point in early 2019 for PlayStation 4.

Source: Game Informer

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