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Dead Rising 4 Video Details Fan Requested Changes on the Way

Dead Rising 4 Video Details Fan Requested Changes on the Way Image
  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 17:20 PM

Capcom announces a new update for Dead Rising 4 that introduces plenty of fan-request updates, ranging from better physics to more intense Maniac battles.

p>Frank West's return in Dead Rising 4 may not have met the sales expectations that Capcom was hoping it would, but that isn't to say the game was bad - it just wasn't as good as many fans had expected it would be. In a rather direct response to this, Capcom community manager Jeffery Simpson has just announced that several fan requested improvements have now found their way to Dead Rising 4, with the studio having taken fan input directly and polished areas it would have otherwise perhaps not focused on.

The studio had already listened to post-launch fan feedback and upped the difficulty for the game a month after its release, and the upcoming update will continue to provide plenty of other high-impact new changes: for example, Maniacs (the human enemy 'boss fights' littered around Willamette) will now all carry weapons unique to their horrifying personalities. This adds plenty of flair and challenge to each fight, along with an enticing new reward in that Frank can commandeer these weapons for his own use once he defeats their owners.

Gamers can take a look at a highlight reel of the new improvements below:

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The studio is also introducing 6 distress call missions to the game. When Frank is notified of a stranger in danger, he must rush to their aid and help with whatever unique task they require. Once this task is complete, Frank will have to escort the hapless survivor to safety. Lending a hand to these otherwise doomed strangers will earn players unique twists to existing in-game outfits, assuming the rescued party survives the process.

The team is also creating more responsive physics, which may be the most direct response we've seen yet to this video lamenting the loss of the 'little details' as the series progressed. Capcom states that it has also made several improves to zombie AI, controller responsiveness, mission tuning, weapon balancing, and horde awareness. The result is intended to be a more cohesive experience, all of which will be arriving on December 5.

Dead Rising 4 is out now on Xbox One and PC, and releases on December 5, 2016 for PS4, when the fan-requested content update also drops.

Source: Capcom

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