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Demon's Souls Remake Has Interesting Implications for Bloodborne 2

Demon's Souls Remake Has Interesting Implications for Bloodborne 2 Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 05:30 AM

Demon's Souls was revealed at the Future of Gaming PS5 event, but its existence on the next gen console could mean great things for Bloodborne 2.

p>At the PS5 Future of Gaming reveal event, the Demon's Souls remake was shown to be coming to PS5. While long time fans of the Souls series are no doubt thrilled for the game, its existence on next generation consoles has some potentially exciting implications for Bloodborne 2. This game will be the first Soulsborne game on a next generation console, so it will be paving the way for others to follow. Could this be the first signs of the long awaited sequel to FromSoftware's extremely popular Bloodborne game that fans have been practically begging for since the game first released?

Bloodborne served as a departure from the Dark Souls trilogy, sending players into a new world with new technology while maintaining that same eerie atmosphere that the Souls games are known for. Yet, despite the game being over five years old now, there has been no word on a sequel. Demon's Souls is being remade from scratch by Bluepoint Games, and is now confirmed to be making its debut on the PS5. Though it may be wishful thinking, this bolsters the possibility that Bloodborne 2 will release for the PS5 as well.

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FromSoftware and Bluepoint Games

It should be said that, although Demon's Souls was originally made by FromSoftware (the developer of the SoulsBorne games), the remake is being developed by Bluepoint Games. Because of this, it can't be said for certain whether Demon's Souls being on the PS5 means that FromSoftware will revisit the Bloodborne series. Rather, this acts as a sort of test run for a Souls game on next generation consoles. FromSoftware will likely pay close attention to how this game performs in order to see whether or not its age old formula translates to the PS5's new architecture well.

For those unaware, Bluepoint Games is the same developer responsible for the Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4. The company was praised for being able to faithfully recreate that game's chilling atmosphere and emotional moments while mitigating or outright removing the clunky aspects of its PS2 era control scheme. Demon's Souls is not quite as old, as it released on PS3 initially, but the same thing will apply here. Those that played the original Dark Souls will recall just how awkward the controls were, and Demon's Souls is often considered worse than that. Bluepoint Games will, in all likelihood, clean it up and make the experience feels smooth and flawless, setting a precedent for future FromSoftware titles.

Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne is also similar to Demon's Souls in that it is a PlayStation exclusive. Some feel as though Sony made a mistake with the initial launch of the Souls franchise with Sony, and this acts as a way to rekindle that relationship. Bloodborne itself was incredibly popular, selling over 2 million copies in its first year, so a sequel seems inevitable, especially considering the high demand from fans for it. More likely than not, it has been put on the back burner simply because FromSoftware is busy with other titles.

FromSoftware is currently working on Elden Ring, its latest offering, and recently released the very popular Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Once development on Elden Ring wraps up, it is very possible that FromSoftware will revisit Bloodborne, especially if Demon's Souls goes well. Either way, the PS5 should be bringing exciting things to the SoulsBorne franchise.

Demon's Souls is in development for the PS5.

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