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Destiny: 10 Most Disturbing Things That Happen In The Games

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:00 PM

From meeting the Hive to stealing the Cryptoglyph, the Destiny series has its fair share of disturbing moments.

p>Bungie's Destiny franchise has been known as an online-only first-person shooter since September 2014. With two base campaigns, ten expansions (with the latest being The Witch Queen released in February 2022), and twelve seasons, the games have an encyclopedia's worth of compelling storylines, character backstories, and universe lore for players to immerse themselves in.

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While the games feature meme-worthy emotes, colorful shaders, and some hilarious characters, players can find themselves in some seriously tense and disturbing situations. Every Destiny player remembers their first exotic, their first raid clear, and their first time experiencing all of these unexpected horrific moments. Beware spoilers for many narrative-based moments from the games.

10 The Exodus Black Crew

During the Red War campaign, Guardians are introduced to an A.I. named Failsafe aboard the Golden Age Exodus Black ship that crashed on the centaur, Nessus. Failsafe, having been left alone for over 500 years and having no idea what became of her crew, had developed frightening tendencies due to years of damage and self-repair to her mainframe.

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Failsafe assists the Guardian in saving Cayde-6 from a teleportation loop and preventing the Exodus Black from being taken by the Fallen. After Dominus Ghaul is defeated and the Red War ends, Failsafe tells the Guardian that she can hear her old Captain's voice in her comm systems. The Guardian finds the remains of the Exodus Black's crew and a friendly Harpy that leads them to the body of Captain Jacobson. Ghost extracts the final chilling log from the Captain's suit.

9 Meeting The Hive

The Hive are an ancient alien species that serve The Darkness and have burrowed themselves deep within the Moon while building an entire colony and hierarchy. The player's first meeting with the Hive is a creepy one.

The Guardian is tasked with heading to the Cosmodrome, based on reports that the Fallen are keeping a tight guard on the Skywatch. After defeating some Fallen inside the complex, players find a locked door that Ghost is able to hack into. After traversing the dark hallways, Ghost mentions that there is movement ahead. The radar picks something up that appears to be nearby. Turning the corner reveals a Hive Thrall, a humanoid-like symbiote, crawling up a wall just before more Thralls attack.

8 Crota's Essence

During the Last Rites mission in Destiny's The Taken King, Guardians are tasked with stealing a part of Crota's essence in order to access Oryx's Ascendant Realm. The Guardian is cloaked by Ghost as they traverse Crota's Lair. The room is swarming with Hive as they mourn Crota. After using a tomb husk to construct a bridge, the Guardian makes their way into the room where the Crota's End raid final boss fight took place.

Eris Morn and Cayde-6 instruct the Guardian to find Crota's tomb. The tomb is surrounded by four Deathsingers, Ultra Hive Wizards, and many more Hive Majors. After stealing the essence from the tomb, the Guardian's camouflage suddenly vanishes, and they are exposed to the surrounding Hive. Their only objective now is to stay alive.

7 The Exo Stranger's True Identity

The Exo Stranger, later revealed to be Elisabeth Bray, appeared as a mysterious Exo who helped Guardians destroy the Black Garden in the first Destiny campaign. She disappeared from future expansions until Destiny 2's Beyond Light, where her backstory and the things her Grandfather, Clovis Bray I, had done came to light.

Clovis I, the inventor of Exos, was Destiny's resident unscrupulous scientist and was obsessed with his research, to the point where he regarded his own family as inferior to himself. When Guardians discover the nature of the experiments and research Clovis I conducted on uploading human minds to Exos and how he treated his family, it's truly one of the most disturbing stories in the games.

6 Alak-Hul's Sunless Cell

Alak-Hul, the Lightblade, appears as the final boss in the Witch Queen strike, The Lightblade. But it was his first appearance as the Darkblade in The Sunless Cell strike in Destiny that sent shivers down the spines of many Guardians.

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Alak-Hul was imprisoned in a cell aboard the Dreadnaught after a failed rebellion against Oryx, the Taken King. Guardians are tasked with killing Alak-Hul before he can take the throne left by Oryx. Guardians are trapped in his pitch-black cell with nowhere to go as Alak-Hul is seen only by the green light of his eyes.

5 Stealing The Cryptoglyph

During the Shadowkeep expansion, Eris Morn made her first appearance since Destiny's The Taken King. Eris tasks Guardians with stealing a Hive Cryptoglyph hidden deep in the Catacombs on the moon. The Cryptoglyph is a Hive Artifact used by Hashladûn and her sisters to protect themselves from the Nightmares that the Pyramid generated.

Having learned of its existence after Hashladûn's death during the Scarlet Keep strike, Eris asks the Guardian to retrieve it in order to combat the Pyramid. After fighting through waves of Hive enemies and defeating Besurith, the Guardian retrieves the Cryptoglyph. However, Eris' communication is cut off from the Guardian and the Catacombs go dark.

4 TR3-VR Will Find You

In both Destiny games, some exotic weapons can be obtained after completing a difficult, and sometimes timed, mission. The quest Zero Hour, for the Outbreak Perfected exotic pulse rifle, introduced Guardians to an Arc-wielding robot named TR3-VR. Guarding a vault deep under the Tower, TR3-VR wants only one thing: To kill anything that happens to be in its path.

Before arriving at the final boss fight with Siriks, loyal to Eramis, players find themselves trapped in a room with a maze-like layout. Guardians must hit all four levers to open the door to the next section. This is where the trouble really begins. TR3-VR is fast, and its Arc beams will kill a Guardian instantly. The red light TR3-VR emits as he gets closer and closer serves as a reminder that death is inevitable.

3 "There Is No Light Here..."

An exotic quest, The Whisper, tasked players with completing a jumping puzzle and three Taken bosses to be rewarded with The Whisper Of The Worm exotic sniper rifle and its catalyst. It was released during the Warmind expansion, as the Hive Worm God Xol looked to gain control of the planet Mars by destroying Rasputin.

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Guardians looking to complete The Whisper are treated to a creepy moment during the jumping puzzle. As players come across a huge gap in the dark caverns below Io, Xol's booming voice rings out in one of the most frightening and unexpected moments in the game.

2 The Pyramid And The Lost Souls

The Shadowkeep expansion landed Guardians on the Moon to assist Eris Morn and introduced players to Nightmares, apparitions created by the Pyramids for psychological warfare against enemies. Nightmares appear to inflict trauma and fear in Guardians.

The first mission tasks Guardians with finding Eris Morn and securing the area for the Vanguard. As players traverse the canyons on the moon, mysterious floating red figures appear. After dropping into a cavern and approaching Eris, the ceiling opens up showing Earth and more of the red figures, revealed to be the souls of the thousands of Guardians slain by Crota during the Great Disaster. After turning a corner, the Guardian discovers a massive, distant Pyramid ship.

1 The Iron Tomb

Rise Of Iron was the final expansion of the first Destiny game and introduced players to Lord Saladin and his history with the Iron Lords. The Iron Lords discovered SIVA, a self-replicating nanotechnology, and hoped to use it to rebuild a community after the Collapse. The A.I. Warmind Rasputin believed the Iron Lords to be hostile and turned SIVA against them. The Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to put an end to the SIVA.

After the Taken War, the Fallen House of Devils discovered SIVA and unleashed it. The final mission tasks players with entering the SIVA replication chamber, only to find they must defeat the zombie-like corpses of the Iron Lords that SIVA had taken control of.

Destiny is available now, for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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