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Deus Ex Developer May Be Working on Multiplayer Game

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  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 18:40 PM

A job listing on Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal's website suggests that the company could be hiring for the production of multiplayer support in an upcoming game.

p>Eidos Montreal is a studio on the upswing. The developer played a major role in revitalizing the Deus Ex franchise, which garnered the team a lot of praise and respect in the industry - so much so that Square Enix entrusted it with a major role as a central developer in the blockbuster Square Enix and Marvel partnership. While that partnership has yet to bare any fruit in terms of video game releases, however, it appears gamers might have gotten a hint of what is to come thanks to Eidos Montreal's website.

Eidos Montreal's job postings section seems to suggest that the company is hiring for a major project, and that it will involve multiplayer support of some kind. Specifically, Eidos Montreal is looking for someone to "support development teams to integrate and use multiplayer features", while familiarity with PS4 and Xbox One development is also required.

Given that the Deus Ex series is on hiatus for the foreseeable future, the list of projects Eidos Montreal could be hiring for is pretty small. The developer is known for crafting incredible single-player experiences, and it is unlikely any of those are being adapted to multiplayer functionality right now - which leaves, predictably, the upcoming Avengers game that is slated to be one of the first projects completed in the Square Enix and Marvel partnership.

That being said, this is simply speculation based on what would be a logical approach to the development of such a major title. There's also the chance that the hiring is in reference to the rumored Eidos Montreal Guardians of the Galaxy game - that universe, and its central protagonists, would certainly lend themselves pretty well to multiplayer features.

Time will tell what Eidos Montreal has in store for gamers in the future, but the notion that a mostly single-player studio will finally be taking its high quality of craftsmanship and applying it to multiplayer features is an exciting one that should make for some interesting news developments in the coming months.

Source: Eidos Montreal

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