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Doom Eternal Gets Funny New Hipster Archvile Skin

Doom Eternal Gets Funny New Hipster Archvile Skin Image
  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 02:20 AM

Series 2 of content in id Software's Doom Eternal includes special skins like camo armor for Doomguy and a hipster guise for the Archvile.

p>Loyal Doom Eternal players have been ripping and tearing through all the demons of hell for nearly a month now, and id Software is incentivizing those fans to keep coming back by releasing seasonal content to unlock. The second series of goods, released Thursday under the title "Coffee & Camo," is headlined by a hipster skin for one of Doom Eternal's hardest enemies: The Archvile.

By unlocking this skin through experience points earned by doing just about everything the game has to offer, players will get to encounter every Archvile in a way they never have before. The hipster skin gives Doom Eternal's demon slicked-back hair, a mustache-and-goatee combo, rings to wear over each of its blade-like claws, and a pair of suspenders over a black t-shirt brandishing the classic Doom cover art. Not only that, it will appear in a coffee shop kiosk called "Hell's Cup Coffee."

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While Archvile's skin is the stand-out addition in this series of content, which will be available until May 14, a few other things are available at the same time. A camo-patterned armor set for Doomguy completes the other half of the content series' title, but there's also a "Toad King" skin for the horrific Pain Elemental as well as new skins for different weapons.

While the sheer existence of a hipster Archvile is a unique selling point in its own right, no doubt lots of players will be more interested in the weapon skins they can use to express themselves while demolishing NPCs and other humans in the game's multiplayer modes alike. Some of the arsenal available to Doomguy has taken on a life of its own, with players recreating weapons like the DoomBlade.

Though the game had a highly-anticipated launch alongside Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Doom Eternal has received a somewhat more mixed reception than its beloved predecessor Doom (2016). High-profile players like rapper and producer Ice-T complained that he "hated" the emphasis placed on platforming over sheer murderous crusading soon after it came out.

Those complaints have not stopped many players from diving wholeheartedly into id Software's latest venture. One player has speedrun Doom: Eternal in just 31 minutes, and anyone that dedicated should be more than apt to come back for a little more ripping and tearing now that a hipster Archvile is waiting to be unlocked.

Doom Eternal is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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