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Dr Disrespect is Getting His Own Mountain Dew Game Fuel Flavor

Dr Disrespect is Getting His Own Mountain Dew Game Fuel Flavor Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:50 PM

Dr Disrespect and Mountain Dew both confirm the Championship Citrus Cherry flavored Game Fuel that's for sale for a limited time only.

p>Dr Disrespect regularly livestreams to a large YouTube audience, with many following him from Twitch when he was banned from the platform. The YouTube streamer has offered a wide variety of merchandise over the years and that's no different with his collaboration with Mountain Dew Game Fuel which has the two-time emblazoned on a new can.

Popular livestreamer Dr Disrespect recently confirmed on his Twitter account that his audience can order the official resealable Dr Disrespect Mountain Dew Game Fuel can as of now. Many Dr Disrespect fans are familiar with his commonly worn black and red outfit being complimented by similarly colored animations and streaming sets, and the Game Fuel can offers the same theme, with his name and logo featured underneath his profile. The Doc wears his usual red vest and muscle shirt in the image used on the Game Fuel can, and he gazes sternly towards the Mountain Dew logo with his trademarked Oakley glasses.

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Like many other Dr Disrespect announcements in the past, the Game Fuel reveal came alongside a well-produced video showing the resealable can from various angles and highlighting it with explosive animations. One part of the video shows a row of these Mountain Dew Game Fuel cans rotating in unison, while another shows a big poof of reddish smoke pluming from behind the can as if it emanates Dr Disrespect's essence. Dr Disrespect's Mountain Dew Game Fuel can is only available for a limited time, and it will cost fans $24.99 for a 12-pack.

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This Game Fuel flavor celebrating Dr Disrespect is called Championship Citrus Cherry and the cherry-flavored drink includes caffeine and theanine to help "improve accuracy and alertness." Just like his past Gfuel flavor, the Mountain Dew Game Fuel also includes things like vitamin A and B and has a low calorie count of 90. Going beyond the ability to reseal their drinks, Dr Disrespect fans that purchase this Game Fuel drink can also expect a no-slip grip for their Call of Duty: Vanguard victory sips.

This isn't the first gaming-related beverage that Dr Disrespect has been endorsed by as the two-time was featured on a flavor of Gfuel like Ninja was recently. Dr Disrespect used to adorn each tub of Black on Blackberry Gfuel purchased by gamers in need of fuel, but now the mixture comes with standard imagery which shows why the two-time was able to secure a new drink sponsorship. While this Mountain Dew Game Fuel has been confirmed as a limited edition, it's currently unclear when it will become unavailable, but some YouTube livestream viewers are still unable to order the 12-pack depending on their region.

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