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Dragon Ball: 8 Things You Might Not Know About The Great Saiyaman

Dragon Ball: 8 Things You Might Not Know About The Great Saiyaman Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:55 PM

While fans are divided on what to think about The Great Saiyaman, he's a pretty interesting character, given some of these facts.

p>Dragon Ball Z is a series that is full to the brim with both great and horrible ideas. It's a testament to the legendary nature of the show that its popularity never wavered, even with the series featuring some really odd moments that were hard to understand. One particular moment came right after the Cell Saga, where a now-adult Gohan was moonlighting as The Great Saiyaman in his spare time.

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This moment in Dragon Ball Z is pretty divisive, with many fans understanding Gohan's lack of training given the peace this world has experienced. However, other fans feel that The Great Saiyaman was just one of the many ways in which this character was ruined post his peak during the Cell Saga. Whatever the case may be, there's no denying that The Great Saiyaman is a pretty interesting character, especially given the following facts that most people might not know about this character.

8 Pan And Mr. Satan's Reactions To The Great Saiyaman Look Are Pretty Mixed

Pan's reactions to the Great Saiyaman Suit have been pretty mixed throughout the series. As a kid, she finds his look to be pretty hilarious... although the same isn't true in the Dragon Ball games, where her dad's superhero look embarrasses her greatly.

Meanwhile, Mr. Satan's opinions have differed across the games only, with the character actually digging the look of this attire in most games. The Xenoverse titles are the only exception, where Mr. Satan finds these suits to look absolutely horrid!

7 Pan, Goten, And Trunks Wore A Suit In Dragon Ball Online's Timeline That Resembled The Great Saiyaman

Dragon Ball Online is a forgotten chapter in the canon storyline that is pretty interesting. One of the more notable moments in the game comes when Pan, Goten, and Trunks have to disguise themselves while trying to fight against the Frieza Force in Age 820.

It's a pretty unique series of events, although most people question the legitimacy of this event following the events of Dragon Ball Super. Regardless, the idea of the new generation of Z Fighters having to disguise themselves using hilarious Great Saiyaman Suit lookalikes is hilarious.

6 The Great Saiyaman Went Super Saiyan For The First Time In Dragon Ball Super

Given how much time Gohan has spent as The Great Saiyaman, it's hard to believe that this character hasn't transformed in his costume at least once. There was that moment in the tournament, but he wasn't wearing his patented helmet, so it might as well not count.

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Gohan's first Super Saiyan transformation in the full outfit of The Great Saiyaman came in Dragon Ball Super, albeit during a filler arc. It's a pretty neat moment, although the impact of a Super Saiyan is definitely lessened when viewers can't see the iconic golden-blond hair.

5 It's Possible That Gohan Is Repressing His Past Trauma With This Alter Ego

The Great Saiyaman is objectively goofy, with Gohan's flamboyant poses being extremely over-the-top at times. While most people write this off as nothing more than the series' attempt at humor, other fans have formulated more sinister theories.

Keep in mind, that Gohan has been exposed to vicious battles, severe beatdowns, and life-threatening injuries from an early age. Given the sheer extent of the trauma this character has faced over time, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that The Great Saiyaman could be an elaborate way to mask his trauma.

4 Gohan Had A Watch That Helped Him Transform

Most people don't remember this detail, mainly since The Great Saiyaman arc was slightly forgettable in Dragon Ball Z. After fighting off some bank robbers, people started commenting on the existence of a Golden Warrior in Gohan's school.

To dodge any suspicion, Gohan asked Bulma to construct a suit for him that could hide his identity while he's fighting criminals. Bulma came up with a watch that could instantly suit Gohan up in his Great Saiyaman get-up with the press of a button.

3 He Had To Change Part Of His Outfit To Enter The World Martial Arts Tournament

Another detail may people don't remember during The Great Saiyaman arc stems from the outfit change Gohan made during this arc. Since armor wasn't allowed in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Gohan decided to change his armor to something more suitable instead.

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He removed his helmet and wore a combination of a white bandana and sunglasses instead to hide his identity. It was a unique outfit change, although it backfired when Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan in a fit of rage after seeing his girlfriend being beaten savagely. This led to the bandana and sunglasses falling off, revealing his true identity for everyone to see.

2 He Wears This Alternate Outfit In The Movies As Well

It was clear that Gohan's Great Saiyaman outfit was altered to adhere to the rules of the tournament. However, the movies decided to milk this alternate look for all it's worth.

As a result, Gohan rocks this changed outfit during the movies Fusion Reborn and Wrath of the Dragon. It makes for a fresh change of pace, especially since Gohan doesn't really play a focal role in these films anyway.

1 Only Three Characters Really Find The Suit To Be Appealing

The Great Saiyaman outfit has been the butt of many jokes across the series. Almost everyone in the series views this outfit negatively, with three characters being an exception to this rule.

Gohan, Bulma, and Videl are the only three characters who have consistently liked the look of this suit. Videl goes so far as to wear an alternate version of this suit while helping Gohan fight as The Great Saiyaman!

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