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Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta Registration Opening Soon

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  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 18:30 PM

In addition to debuting the first Trunks gameplay trailer at EVO today, Bandai Namco announces that Dragon Ball FigherZ has a Closed Beta 'coming soon'

p>Bandai Namco made the most of today's EVO Championship Series 2017 hype, revealing that the Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta was coming soon. Dragon Ball FighterZ wasn't part of EVO's main event this year, but two side tournaments using the game's E3 playable demo were exceedingly popular. So it wasn't a surprise when the crowd erupted in cheers as Producer Tomoko Hiroki stepped on-stage. The Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta is coming soon, and more fans are looking forward to it than ever.

Hiroki wasn't able to share too many details regarding the forthcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta, but she did have some. The beta's release date remains nebulous, but registration for the beta is just a week away. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can register starting July 26, with no news regarding a PC beta just yet. That likely implies the beta is at least a month away in order to give players adequate time to register, but could certainly fall to later this year.

Tomoko also snuck in a detail that carried with it more weight than it first seemed. The Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta will include 9 total playable characters. Considering that the current roster, including the recently announced Trunks, sits at 7 characters, that means there are at least two roster announcements forthcoming before the beta arrives. It also means that the beta will be an updated version of the game from the E3 demo, perhaps including more stages and features.

With a bevy of video game conventions forthcoming, Bandai Namco could take any number of opportunities to make roster announcements for Dragon Ball FighterZ. San Diego Comic Con is in less than a week and would be a great place for a Dragon Ball announcement. Gamescom is in late August and always has a substantial Bandai Namco presence. Then the Tokyo Games Show is in late September in Bandai Namco's backyard.

It has been a great EVO 2017 for Dragon Ball FighterZ, especially considering the game was first shown at E3 less than two months ago. With the wildly popular side tournaments, the reveal of the first Trunks gameplay trailer, and now the reveal of a forthcoming Closed Beta, the hype is certainly mounting.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting early 2018. Look for a beta registration page for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to open on July 26.

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