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EA Explains UFC 4 Star Ratings

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  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 08:30 AM

The star rating system for UFC 4, the new feature used to rank fighters, is explained in detail by EA before the release of the game.

p>One of the many changes coming to EA Sports UFC 4 is the rating system. In the previous title, fighters were given ratings based on numerical attributes. This year, UFC 4 is adding a star rating system to help players understand the strengths and weaknesses of fighters.

This year, fighters will be given a star rating from one to five based on overall ability. Fighters also will have a star rating based on stand-up, ground game, health, and moveset. However, EA is not completely removing numerical attributes. Players can still access all individual stats of fighters including attribute categories for clinch and ground striking based on the UFC's new clinch and ground game system. EA will also separate the speed and power attributes by punching and kicking.

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EA is implementing the star rating system so that players will be more inclined to choose different fighters in UFC 4. The star rating system will combat fighters being overused based on overall stats and will simplify fighter attributes. One of the complaints about UFC 3 was the lack of balance between some of the top fighters. Some stats do not affect gameplay as much as others, so the stars will help group together attributes that give a sense of what the fighter's strengths and weaknesses truly are.

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UFC 4 is changing many aspects of the franchise for the better. Apart from gameplay changes, the star ratings for fighters will help balance the game and give players an easier way of evaluating fighters. With the many combat improvements coming to UFC 4 and the new star rating sytem, players should be able to take advantage of each fighter's strengths even without being a hardcore UFC fan.

UFC 4 launches on August 14 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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