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Elden Ring: 10 Best Armor To Negate Holy Damage & Where To Find Them

Elden Ring: 10 Best Armor To Negate Holy Damage & Where To Find Them Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:40 PM

With a huge number of magical and holy creatures roaming The Lands Between, it's important that players are well suited for the challenge.

p>In Elden Ring, the average Tarnished will come across many enemies in The Lands Between that can deal incredible amounts of holy damage. Whether they serve Destined Death or have been blessed by the Erdtree itself, they have the power to kill many who would seek to strike down the demigods.

Thankfully, there are ways to get around enemies that fight with this particular form of elemental damage. The most important is being properly armored for the job. Found in places ranging from Caelid to Leyndell these pieces of armor are sure to protect Tarnished from the strongest incantations dealt by gods and men.


Godskin Noble Bracelets

A relatively early to mid-game armor piece for the Tarnished's arms can be found on the bridge approaching the Divine Tower of Liurnia. To acquire them, the player needs to defeat the Godskin noble guarding the entrance to the tower.

The Tarnished can defeat it quite easily by waiting for his roll attack. When the boss battle starts, the player can move back to the beginning of the bridge. If the Tarnished is lucky, they can dash out of the way to angle his roll up the stairs and off the railing, so he falls to his death. After this, the player will get the bracelets, which boast an impressive 3.4 holy damage negation.

Tree Sentinel Gauntlets

These are found in the home of the Erdtree, just outside Leyndell, Royal Capital to the east in Auriza Hero's Grave. To get the gauntlets, the Tarnished need to destroy the chariots in the ramped room by colliding them into each other. To do this, continue through the area until the player reaches a pillar of fire. Hit this pillar, and it will spawn a third chariot further down.

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If the Tarnished teleports back to the site of grace at the start and goes back to the room with the multiple chariots, they should now collide. The Tarnished will be rewarded the gauntlets, along with an Ash Of War called Ground Stomp. The Tree Sentinel Gauntlets are even better than the Godskin Noble Gauntlets for resisting holy damage, as they have 3.5 damage negation.

Godskin Apostle Bracelets

The best arm-based armor for resisting holy damage can be found at the bottom of the Divine Tower of Caelid. To acquire these bracelets, descend the inside of the tower and defeat the Godskin Apostle waiting in the basement.

He is a powerful boss for the Caelid area with a lot of mid-range attacks, but he can be quite weak to a lot of multi-hit spells and attacks due to his weak poise. This should give Tarnished an opportunity to get critical hits in. Once he is defeated, he will also drop a massive 96,000 runes along with the bracelets, which will give Tarnished a 3.6 damage negation to holy damage. Acquiring this item early will really help with the late-game content.


Godskin Apostle Trousers

For leg-based armor, a good mid-game piece to ward off holy damage can be found along with Godskin Apostle Bracelets in Divine Tower of Caelid. Many have speculated as to why there are these creatures comprised of nothing but skin locked away in certain locations in The Lands Between. Through item descriptions, players can learn that they were sealed away after being stopped by Maliketh, the half-brother of the queen.

If the Tarnished manages to defeat the Godskin Apostle in Caelid and acquire the trousers, they will be happy to find that it has a whopping 7.9 holy damage negation. This certainly proves useful against enemies in areas beyond like Liurnia or the Mountaintop of the Giants.

Tree Sentinel Greaves

The Tree Sentinel set is among the best in the game for many stats, including holy damage reduction. Found along with the Tree Sentinel Gauntlets in Auriza Hero's Grave, they offer 8.1 negation for holy damage, which is understandable considering the Sentinel's place in the hierarchy of The Lands Between.

The Tree Sentinels still have some power of grace given by the Erdtree, which explains why they are so good at stomping Tarnished into the dirt every time the player runs up to them, only surpassed by the monstrously strong Draconic Tree Sentinel. It is recommended that players get well-equipped before fighting one of them.

Silver Tear Mask

It's well known within the Elden Ring community that one of the best Spirits to summon is the Mimic Tear. After all, what's better than one Tarnished? Two Tarnished. So naturally, it would be a stylish choice to have a helm that matches one's favorite Spirit.

The Silver Tear Mask can be acquired when the Tarnished defeats the Mimic Tear boss in Nokron, Eternal City. This helmet has an excellent 5.3 holy damage negation. But be warned, while this helmet massively enhances the wearer's arcane stat by 8, it will also reduce the Tarnished's physical damage. Therefore, the Tarnished will probably want to give this one a pass if they are playing a Strength build.

Envoy Crown

Found in one of the last Legacy Dungeons in the game, this bizarre headpiece can boost all bubble-based skills in addition to giving a large holy damage negation boost. Specifically, the Envoy Crown can be found in Miquella's Haligtree, which can be accessed via the north of the Consecrated Snowfield.

When the Tarnished first arrives at the Haligtree Canopy, the Crown is found on a corpse at the end of one of the longer branches in the nearby vicinity. It offers 5.5 holy damage negation, surpassing the Silver Tear Mask.


Lionel's Armor

One of the strongest pieces of armor in the game, unsurprisingly, is incredibly effective against holy damage. The Tarnished can find Lionel's entire armor set in the Leyndell capital city near the lower capital church site of grace on a bed. This set of armor is perfect for strength builds and as a result, this armor is also one of the heaviest available.

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With this armor, which provides 13.5 holy damage negation, Lionel The Lionhearted certainly proved his worth when helping the player during the Radahn Festiva. This character also has interesting lore implications due to his relationship with Fia, The Deathbed Companion.

Finger Maiden Robe

If a lowly Tarnished has ever wanted to be just like the Finger Maidens, whi help with the guidance of the Two Fingers, it would also be good to know that their robe massively negates holy damage. The Finger Maiden Robe can be found inside the Church of Inhibition, north of the Frenzied Flame Village, the armor set can be found directly behind the site of grace.

This robe negates 13.8 for holy damage, and makes an excellent addition to an Intelligence or Faith build's arsenal. It would also be excellent if players want to look more like Melina and be fashionable when exploring The Lands Between.

Crucible Tree Armor

Probably the most effective way of protecting oneself against holy damage in Elden Ring is by equipping the Crucible Tree Armour. The entire set can be found in the Deeproot Depths, which can be accessed through the Siofra Aqueduct after defeating the Valiant Gargoyle and resting in a coffin.

Specifically, they can be found in a chest behind Crucible Knight Siluria, one of the most honored among the intimidating crucible knights. Regardless, defeating Siluria is definitely worth it because the Crucible Tree Armor is the most resistant single piece of armor for stopping holy damage. Its negation sits at 14.5, as expected of a knight who served Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

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