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Elden Ring: 7 Best Armor To Negate Fire Damage & Where To Find Them

Elden Ring: 7 Best Armor To Negate Fire Damage & Where To Find Them Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:10 PM

Players looking to protect themselves from fire damage should consider obtaining these useful armor sets. Here's where to find them.

p>Fire and Souls games have always had a successful marriage. And despite Fire being but a mere mistress in Elden Ring, it's still a rather important mechanic in the game. Fire damage is no joke and it can easily catch an overconfident Tarnished off-guard. Anything from the Magma Wyrm boss or even the dragons to those torch-wielding commoner enemies are bound to add fuel to the fire.

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Luckily, there are ways to minimize the burn degree in Elden Ring. Armor is the most available and the least disruptive method of protecting oneself against Fire damage. Some players can probably guess an armor set's fire protection from appearance alone. Those flammable rags won't do; for better fireproofing, these armor sets ought to keep the temperature down.

7 Preceptor's Set

  • Fire Defense Value: 29.1
  • Physical Defense Value: 13.5
  • Poise Value: 8
  • Weight: 15.9

It's not just a good armor against Magic but also when fighting enemies that love to burn their victims. The Preceptor's Set is Preceptor Seluvis' armor. Despite being mere cloth, it's actually a great countermeasure against elemental and magic damage in Elden Ring.

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Getting one is quite the headache though since the Preceptor Set can only be obtained from Seluvis' corpse after he gets killed by assassins near the end of Ranni's questline. Killing him prematurely won't yield the armor set, sadly. So in order to get this armor for sure, make sure to attend to Ranni's questline with the help of this guide and periodically check back with Seluvis in Seluvis' Rise in the Three Sisters area of Caria Manor.

6 Noble's Set

  • Fire Defense Value: 29.2
  • Physical Defense Value: 12.4
  • Poise Value: 4
  • Weight: 14

It's not the best armor when it comes to taking hits but it soaks up elemental damage and magic pretty well for something so light. The Noble's Set is also rather simple and unobtrusive as far as armor sets go. The individual pieces can be mixed and matched without much of an aesthetic fuss.

Getting it is also simple. Players can head over to the northernmost part of the Altus Plateau. They can grab the armor set near some dancing women which is also near a windmill located north of the Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace (the one with the large broken bridge north of Altus Plateau).

5 Scaled Set

  • Fire Defense Value: 30
  • Physical Defense Value: 36.7
  • Poise Value: 58
  • Weight: 38

Now for heavy armor. Well, not so heavy as the Scaled Set is still quite light and manageable compared to others in its weight class. It's no slouch despite the lower weight as the Fire defense for the Scaled Set is quite stellar. All those scales in the armor give the wearer quite an advantage as they add up to all the defense. Overall, it's a well-rounded armor with little to no drawbacks.

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To get it, players will have to go to the Volcano Manor and join the Recusants by talking to Tanith and agreeing with her (just play along). Tanith will then give players a letter detailing an assassination target (it's on the table in one of the locked rooms). Players can simply follow the marker on the map and kill Old Knight Istvan (the target) to obtain the Scaled Set.

4 General Radahn Set

  • Fire Defense Value: 30.7
  • Physical Defense Value: 41
  • Poise Value: 60
  • Weight: 41.6

One simply can't go wrong with General Radahn's armor set. Like the Scaled Set, it's also one of the most well-rounded armor sets in the game. The weight is also manageable and it has better poise compared to the Scaled Set. Of course, the physical defense is stellar since a demigod wore this armor.

Obtaining it is easy. Radahn is semi-mandatory and is just wandering on the beach overlooked by Redmane Castle. Players can simply walk into the castle and join the Radahn Festival to get a free ticket to the concert where Radahn gets dogpiled by a bunch of weaker warriors. Once Radahn is defeated, players can head back to Enia in Roundtable Hold to buy his armor.

3 Lionel's Set

  • Fire Defense Value: 32.4
  • Physical Defense Value: 38.3
  • Poise Value: 79
  • Weight: 50.7

There's nothing middle-of-the-road about this armor set. Lionel's armor, apart from being well-rounded both literally and figuratively, is also built for players who like to tank hits like a sumo wrestler. The armor's defense values thus favor lots of Fire protection along with an impressive amount of physical.

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But the real star here is the poise value. This protects the players from getting staggered by torch-wielding enemies. Players can find the armor on the bed next to the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital. It's on the streets on the ground level, near the main street of the city.

2 Tree Sentinel Set

  • Fire Defense Value: 37.5
  • Physical Defense Value: 41
  • Poise Value: 60
  • Weight: 45

The Tree Sentinel set is the very armor that the Tree Sentinel wears but sadly, he doesn't drop these shiny gold duds. Players will have to go to the Auriza Hero's Grave dungeon in Altus Plateau to the east outside the inner walls of Leyndell, Royal Capital. Unlocking this dungeon requires a Stonesword Key.

Getting the Tree Sentinel Armor is also hard and doesn't involve a boss fight but rather, dismantling the chariots through a puzzle. Players will have to drop down to the floor openings along the chariots' paths to find the passage that leads to the puzzle that can destroy the chariots. Once they have solved this puzzle, the Tree Sentinel Set is automatically given.

1 Fire Prelate Set

  • Fire Defense Value: 43.5
  • Physical Defense Value: 42.2
  • Poise Value: 86
  • Weight: 58.8

For maximum fire protection where the armor might as well be made out of asbestos, the Fire Prelate Set is the best. It also has impressive poise and physical protection that should more than appease tanky builds. The downside is that the armor is quite unsightly (subjective. of course).

To get the altered version of the set, players can head to Fort Laeidd in Mt. Gelmir which is to the west of Altus Plateau (bottom of the volcano/mountains), and kill the Prelate enemy (the large ones). Another location is in the Mountaintop of the Giants, specifically in Guardians' Garrison; there's another Prelate enemy in that area that drops the armor set.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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