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Elden Ring Fan Creates Impressive Ranni Pixel Art

Elden Ring Fan Creates Impressive Ranni Pixel Art Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 17:35 PM

Elden Ring features a cast of memorable characters, and with Ranni proving particularly popular, one fan shares some pixel art based on her.

p>While out exploring The Lands Between, Elden Ring players can come across plenty of characters that will assist them on their journey. One such character is Ranni, who has one of the most memorable questlines in all of Elden Ring.

Players first meet Ranni the Witch when she offers them the spirit calling bell at the start of Elden Ring, which is a useful item that allows them to use summon ashes in combat. Later, she can be found in her tower while exploring Liurnia, and if players are willing to become loyal to her, they will get to fight some unique bosses and interact with memorable figures like Blaidd and Iji. Given that completion of the quest allows players to unlock one of Elden Ring’s most unique endings, many will want to experience it to get the most out of the game.

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Outside of providing a standout questline that provides gamers with the excellent Dark Moon Greatsword as a final reward, many also appreciate the unique character design of Ranni The Witch. Alongside blue skin, long hair, and a massive hat, there are some otherworldly features about Ranni. The most obvious of these is that she has four arms, with all her hands on display most of the time. On top of this, her ghostly form can be seen leaving the doll, which makes her look different from all the other characters in the game.

This standout design likely contributed to Redditor pixelianska wanting to make art based on the character, and like their username suggests, the Ranni art in question is pixelized. Ranni looks incredible in this form, though, as the piece is full of detail. The Elden Ring fan art sees Ranni’s unique outfit captured, with her one eye opened as she looks toward the screen. Her ghostly form can also be seen clearly, something that was likely tough to pull off through pixel art.

With her big hat seen clearly and her four arms present in the middle of the piece, the artist nailed Ranni’s look and is deserving of all the praise they are getting thus far. Not only does the post have over 5,000 upvotes from the Elden Ring community, but many of the comments praise the art style used. In particular, Cricky92 calls it the best Elden Ring art they have seen yet, while Agossss98 makes it their new wallpaper - proving how much pixelianska’s fellow Tarnished love the piece.

With Ranni being the daughter of Radagon and Rannala, her place in the game’s lore could not be any more important. As such, more fans will likely honor her with more art as time goes on, though this pixel art will surely remain unique.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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