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Elden Ring Player Gets Flamethrower Enemy Into Godrick Boss Fight

Elden Ring Player Gets Flamethrower Enemy Into Godrick Boss Fight Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 23:00 PM

An Elden Ring player decides to forgo the normal spirit summoning system for the Godrick boss fight, calling in a flamethrower for help instead.

p>The summoning system in Elden Ring can be an essential part of survival for some players as they go up against the game's brutally difficult bosses like Godrick the Grafted. However, one player has forgone both the option to summon other players or the AI-controlled spirits and managed to pull the Maneuverable Flamethrower enemy type into the boss arena.

Unfortunately, this isn't exactly a case of a player finding a new set of Spirit Ashes that lets players summon a Maneuverable Flamethrower across any fight. Instead, it would appear that the player has modded the enemy into the fight in a way that isn't normally available when playing Elden Ring as intended by the developers.

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In a video shared to the YouTube channel shaan7030, the player can be seen entering the boss arena for Godrick the Grafted before summoning what initially appears to be the Noble Sorcerer. However, it becomes quickly apparent that the Spirit Ash has been modded when the Maneuverable Flamethrower erupts into the boss arena and begins putting up an impressive fight against one of Elden Ring's tougher early bosses. Impressively, this standard enemy also manages to perform wonderfully against Godrick, making it through both fazes of the fight and pulling out a win right at the end.

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According to the description of the original video, the Maneuverable Flamethrower was also given a significant boost to its own health reserves, helping to keep it alive for the entirety of the fight. Regardless, the damage that the enemy manages to deal to the boss is still impressive considering that players are meant to survive a fight against the fire-breathing tanks in the next location after defeating Godrick. So, while this might not exactly be how most players can beat Elden Ring's Godrick the Grafted, it does remain interesting to note that a little more vigor could be the difference between a regular enemy surviving the boss fight.

The modding community around From Software's latest release has already begun growing as more and more players start tampering with the game's systems. From putting Elden Ring's Tree Sentinel on Thomas the Tank Engine to swapping different NPCs out for Spirit Ashes, there are few limits for how players can mess with the game. What these modders continue to create while messing with Elden Ring could go a long way to keeping this already dominating title relevant as players wait for whatever the developer has prepared in the form of future DLC.

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